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Title: A Traditional Family
Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel, pre Sam Winchester/Gabriel, previous Sam/Jessica Moore
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel Novak, Gabriel Novak
Rating: R
Warnings and Kinks:
Omega!Dean, Alpha!Cas, Alpha!Sam, Omega!Gabriel, Omega!Jess, omega verse consent issues, dub con, previous non con, non graphic abuse, Child Abuse Mentioned, shaming due to status, Bottom Dean, Top Cas, Public Sex, Spanking, Domestic Discipline, Collars, leashing, consensual power exchange within an lack of consent environment, brotherly concern, Marking, Kneeling, Panties, corner time, Pet Names, lack of autonomy, Crying Dean, Discipline, Light Dom/sub, Dom Castiel, Sub Dean, Biting, mild bloodplay, Orgasm Denial, Coming Untouched, Barebacking, Knotting, Light Sadism, spn!au
Summary: Sam never knew that Dean was an omega. So finding that out in a jail cell in St Louis was a surprise. So was finding out his brother was mated to a very traditional alpha. Despite his misgivings, Sam comes to stay with his brother. But it's a going to be a tough road to accepting Dean's lifestyle...

a/n: this fic contains consensual power exchange, is domestic discipline based, and has a lot of spanking

nsfw art AND fic links under cut )
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Art Title: Christmas Shenanigans
Artist: [ profile] chef_geekier
christmas shennangans

Fic Title: Their First Christmas
Word count: 5800
Rating: M
Warnings/kinks: fluff, schmoop, costumes, references to sex, naked parts,
Summary: Castiel wants to have a normal, human Christmas. His mates think Heaven is probably the better option, but really? Once he turns the Puppy Dog Eyes on them, Christmas on Earth it was. Gabriel attempts… something. Lucifer doesn’t really get it. And Castiel does his best to make it the best Christmas ever. And what do you know, he does.

Many thanks to [ profile] kiltsocks, [ profile] yonku and relucant for the beta-ing and cheerleading!

a/n: when I first saw [ profile] chef_geekier’s art I knew I wanted it. It was cute, and had angels. I don’t write a lot of Lucifer, but I can see him being an awesome big brother, and I wanted to write that. And she captured Gabriel’s sass. The word needs more Gabriel sass. [ profile] chef_geekier, thank you for your encouragement and your seriously cute art! I hope I have done it justice!


Castiel checked his list - twice - before be presented the idea to his brothers )


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