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Masterpost | Chapter 2

Dean sighed and pinched his nose. He hadn’t heard from Sam since… he couldn’t actually remember when. It must have been at least two years, though. Although Dean had regularly checked on his little brother, he hadn’t actually gone and seen him… Sam had made it very clear that he didn’t want anything to do with him. Despite this, Dean had been almost ready to cave, and to see if he could make a place in Sam’s life again, but then his own took a strange turn. The last six months had made it harder for him to sneak away for any length of time. But now… Now dad was missing and Dean had a responsibility to Sammy.

They’d done the weekend hunt, and that was supposed to be it. Familial duty done. They had different lives, different responsibilities.

He’d even been about to split up with Sam, find dad on his own, when things had changed for both of them.

The Jess thing had happened.

And Sammy wasn’t ok.

And if Sammy wasn’t ok, Dean wasn’t ok.

“So can you help me? Please Dean? I know that I haven’t been the best brother, but you know I would have been there if you needed me. Right?”

So how could he leave his brother like that? He couldn’t. And his other responsibilities, well, they would just have to understand. Or not. He thought of ringing and trying to explain… He even ran through various conversations in his head, but really? There was no way to explain this. It was never going to fly. And Dean did feel bad. He’d made promises. But…

He ran his hand over his face before smiling at his brother.

Sammy always came first. Dean was used to leaving things behind. Except for Sammy. And this was Sammy.

“Sure Sammy. Of course I’ll help. It’s what family does.”

And if a little part of Dean felt guilty, well, he could ignore it.

And maybe he should change his phone number.


It was harder than he thought, traveling like this. With dad he’d had no choice, but coming back to it after being settled? It was hard. Being on the move all the time made him edgy, and he’d forgotten what a pain in the ass it was, covering everything up.

Back to the daily grind of the suppressant-body wash-blocker routine. Dean shrugged to himself. Nothing else he could do. Moving around without them was just asking for trouble. The things he did for family.

Dean was rubbing on the beta scent when there was a pounding on the bathroom door.

“Dean! How long does it take you to get ready??”

Dean scowled at the door. “I’ll be out in a minute, Princess Samantha!”

A quick glance ensured that all the meds were packed away, and he opened the door, waving Sam in with a flourish.

“Please enter, your majesty!”

Sam shot him a bitch face, but that was what little brothers did.


Most of the time it went well. There were a few accidents, a few mistakes. Dean missed things more than he thought he would. But they were both surviving. Sam was a pissy bitch, but what was new?

“Fuck Dean! If you had just moved a bit quicker we would have both been ok!”

“You go act as bait. What? Why? Because Dean, I’m a better shot that you. Go now. Hurry up.”

“Did you have to jump off the bridge Dean? Couldn’t have waited five minutes?”

Yeah. Sam complained a lot. But Dean didn’t mind. Bitching him out was better than curling up in a depressed ball in whatever hotel room they were staying in.


Some days just sucked.

“Fucking alphas!”

Sam raised his eyebrows. He thought the cops had been normal cops. Perhaps a little overbearing, but that came with the job.

“A little sensitive, Dean? Jealous of the alphas?”

Dean threw him a dirty look. “Seriously? You think that’s the problem? Not that they’re rude, dismissive, and downright difficult? No, Dean, no! The problem is you, not the dick alpha cops.”

Sam had the grace to look appropriately bashful. “Sorry, man. I guess…” He shrugged. “I didn’t think there was a problem.”

This was greeted by the slam of the bathroom door.

“Hey. Dean? Dean? It’s my turn to go first!”

Sam scowled at the door. It certainly wasn’t princess Samantha at the moment.


Sam was lying on the bed, staring at the door thoughtfully as Dean stepped out of the bathroom.

“You’ve changed.”

He glanced at his clothes. “I wasn’t wearing that suit a moment longer, Sam. I don’t know why we don’t just buy comfortable ones. How many times this month have we had to wear them? Too fucking many.”

Strolling to the fridge he grabbed a beer, and turning, tossed one at Sam. Who caught it, and just played with it, still staring at Dean.

“I meant your personality. Before you were… I dunno. More aggressive? More competent?”

Dean spat out his beer. Sam made a face.

“Gross, Dean!”

“What the fuck? Are you saying I can’t do my job, Sam? You, who’s been out of the game for two years?!”

The best form of defense was attack. Dean was caught off guard, but luckily his mouth still worked. As a stream of insults poured from his mouth, his mind went into overdrive. Dammit! When had Sam started paying attention? Sam had been so wrapped up in his grief, Dean could’ve been walking around in heat, and Sam wouldn’t have noticed. Dean had been trying all the traditional ‘get a reaction out of Sammy’ methods – from whipped cream for shaving cream, to gluing his hand to his computer - and got nothing. So he just gave him his space. A little too much, if he’d missed Sam returning to world of the living.

A roll of the eyes and a small huff was the only response. “It isn’t a comparison Dean. I didn’t even say you were worse. Just that you were different. Only you would take less aggressive as an insult.”

Typical Sam, remembering things the way he wanted. “And less competent?”

Sam blushed. “Yeah, ok. I didn’t mean to say that. But that’s not the only difference.”

Dean felt his adrenaline spike. Did Sam know? What had given him away? Just being less aggressive meant nothing. Was it the cops? Dean had just called alphas dicks. Which they were. Even a beta would have noticed. Maybe Sam took that as a personal insult? Dean hadn’t called Sam an alpha dick. He scowled. Yet.

Dean had always been good at keeping his secrets. Not that this was a secret. And he wasn’t really hiding, more…. misleading. But he had a good reason. Sam interrupted Dean’s silent panic attack.

“Before I left. For Stanford I mean, you were out every night, picking up anyone who looked back. And now, we’ve been on the road for six months and you haven’t even made eyes at anyone.” Sam smirked suddenly. “Is it me? Worried that no girl is going to want your beta goodies with an alpha around?” Sam grabbed his crotch.

“Seriously Sam? Did you just grab you’re junk? And call them goodies? I think you’ve changed more than me!” Ok, this was ok. Sam hadn’t guessed. “And no, nothing like that. Are you saying you want me to go out and have fun?” Dean paused. “Sammy! You sly dog! You’ve found someone to spend some quality time with.” Dean’s face split in a grin. “Little Sammy, growing up!” He grabbed his brother, pulling his head down and ruffling his hair, ignoring the growls. “Just go to her place!”

“Dean! Please!!”

And that was pretty much the end of the argument. Dean hated himself for it, but the double whammy of begging and puppy dog eyes got him every time.

“You could have just asked.”

So against his better judgment, he went out, he got drunk. He may have hit on women, but he definitely got arrested. And that was when things really went downhill.


“So when I asked you to stay, you actually blew off your alpha?”

It was the fifth time he’d asked, so Dean just ignored him.

“I can’t believe you Dean! You could have said something! I would have understood!”

Dean scowled at the wall. “I’m my own fucking person, Sammy. I can make my own decisions without any help from my little brother.”

Sam snorted disrespectfully. “Really, Dean? Running off without a word to your alpha was a good idea? You’re an omega. A claimed omega. You can’t even sign yourself out of jail. They’re contacting your alpha. Fuck, Dean! You have an alpha! If Jess had taken off… I would have killed whoever she was with. And I’ve been dragging you across the goddamn countr—“

Dean jumped up. “Stop. Right. There. I’m an adult Sam, who is capable of making their own decisions. I chose to come with you. I knew what my options were, and I chose. You’re family Sam. And that’s important. I’ll always look after you!”

This didn’t seem to appease Sam, who looked more stressed. “Oh god, Dean. And I sent you out as bait! You could have died! And I yelled at you!”

Dean couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Sam was yelling at him now.

“Sam. Listen to me. I’m a hunter. Being a freaking omega doesn’t change any of that!”

But it did for Sam. Hardwired into Sam’s alpha brain was the need to protect omegas – any omega. Even if he hadn’t known they were an omega. Because now he did. And his brother? His family? He felt terrible. Like he’d let him down. Sam turned the puppy dog eyes on Dean. He couldn’t believe he had treated his precious omega brother like this.

The precious omega threw his flannel straight at Sam’s face.

“Seriously, Sam? Nothing has changed since yesterday.” Dean sniffed. “Except I maybe smell a bit more. Bastards won’t let me use my beta wash.”

Sam suddenly jerked forward. “Dean! Yesterday… you didn’t…”

Dean stopped in the middle of sniffing under his arm. Yeah, there was a little more omega scent going on. The blockers would be completely out of his system in the next hour or so. Damn things had to be taken regularly – miss one and it took a week to get the pheromones back under control.

“Didn’t what?

Sam looked incredibly pained. “I told you to go out and… well…”

“Get laid? Fuck a chick? Or maybe you thought I would be out there getting fucked by the beta boys.”

It didn’t seem possible, but Sam looked even more pained.

“Did you?”

“Yes Dean. Did you?”

The gravelly voice came from behind them. Sam jumped up, placing himself physically between the unknown threat and his brother. Dean tried to neaten his hair, before turning around with his most charming look.

“Hi Cas! Long time no see!


Sam didn’t even notice he was growling. He didn’t even realise he’d moved to cover Dean: one hand kept Dean behind him, the other held out in front as he assessed the threat. Dean was tense, but the new alpha (Cas? Dean called him Cas?) was relaxed, arms crossed in front of him. He had a slight smile on his face, although a rather stern look in his eye. The alpha was much smaller than him, he even looked to be smaller than Dean – shorter, and less muscled. Though that meant nothing in terms of strength. He could probably pick Dean up one handed. Before Sam could interrogate him, one of the officers came bustling in.


Both Sam and Dean looked up.

“Ah yeah. Right. Dean Winchester? Your alpha here just signed you out. You’re lucky we’re not pressing charges… but, well.” He cleared his throat. No one liked being firm with omegas. It was instinctive to coddle them. Even though yesterday the whole precinct had come down on Dean like a ton of bricks, today? Today he smelt like omega, even if he looked the same. Omega scent just did that, softened up the alphas around them. He cleared his throat again. “We’re releasing you into your alphas care. Sam Winchester? Just get out of here.”

With a sigh of relief, Dean went to retrieve his flannel. He turned to leave, but Sam was still blocking his way.

“Uh? Sam? We can leave now?”

Sam growled. “I don’t know this alpha, Dean. I’m not letting you walk away with someone I don’t know.”

The officers’ expression fought between approval and disapproval. The alpha brother was doing the right thing, protecting his omega from unknown threats. But…

“Mr Winchester?”

Again, both heads turned towards him. “Mr Novak has all the papers. I…”

It was such an uncomfortable situation. He couldn’t force Mr Novak to show Dean’s papers to the alpha Winchester. It would make life easier…

“Sam? It is Sam, isn’t it?”

That was Cas. Who hadn’t said much. Yet. Dean’s hand twitched, grabbing at the back of Sam’s shirt when Cas spoke, although he quickly dropped it. He wasn’t some pansy-assed omega! But he was feeling surprisingly clingy… shit! Blockers! He hadn’t taken one. It wouldn’t send him into a heat – yet – but he was going to get more clingy and softer and omega like.

“I understand you hadn’t seen Dean for a few years?”

Sam nodded jerkily.

“I know you are important to Dean. It’s not my intention to take your brother from you – or you from your brother. You two have been travelling, yes.” Although it was phrased as a question, it wasn’t. “I’m not sure what your plans were, but Dean is now coming with me. We have a guest bedroom, should you like to visit.”

“Cas, no!”


The voice was soft, but like a whip crack. Dean shivered a little and pressed himself into Sam’s back. Cas focused his attention on Sam again.

“As I said, you are welcome to stay in our home. However, Dean and I will be having numerous… discussions… regarding his behavior over the last few months.”

Dean’s ass clenched. These discussions weren’t going to feel good. And if he knew Cas (which he did) it was going to be at least daily discussions. Fuck… he wanted Sammy to come home, but he didn’t want him to see him all omega like.

“If you find you are uncomfortable witnessing that, then we will find you alternative accommodation.”

Sam eyed him narrowly. “Why are you being so nice? You don’t know me, and I have just been dragging your…” he felt Dean kick him in the ankle, and he cleared his throat. “Dean around the country. I got him arrested for Christ’s sake!”

“Hey, Sammy! Not on your head.”


It was that voice again. Dean pushed in front of Sam, and glared at Cas.

“What? If you’ve already signed me out, let’s go.”

There was silence in the room. Before Cas heaved a sigh. He looked at the two other alphas present.

“Excuse me.”

He reached out and grabbed Dean’s arm, pulling him until he could grab the other. Holding him, he just looked at him. Dean glowered, until he couldn’t look Cas in the eye any more. Cas looked… disappointed.

“I’m disappointed Dean.”

Dean tried to wiggle away. Fuck. Not now!


“Do not interrupt.”

Dean went silent. Sam may have perfected the puppy dog look, but Dean was no slouch. Although Cas was shorter than him, he somehow managed to look up at him, from under fluttery eyelashes.

Sam was speechless. He’d never seen Dean like this. It was… endearing. And weird. Weirdly endearing.

Cas sighed. He looked around, then dragged Dean over to the bed. He sat, pulling Dean across his lap. Which was when Dean really started fighting.

“Cas! No! Not here!”

Dean’s pants were pulled below his ass (which everyone could now appreciate. And yes. Such a luscious ass was only found on an omega), and Cas started spanking hard and fast. Dean twisted and wiggled, and swore and threatened and then begged. But Cas didn’t stop until the omega was lax and crying over his lap. He promptly pulled Dean up, one arm cradling him, the other rubbing slow, soothing circles over his back. The other men in the cell looked away, pretending the couple had privacy, but listening to Cas soothe Dean.

“It’s ok sweetheart, it’s ok. I know it’s going to be hard being back at home, but you know I love you.”

When Dean’s sniffles had finally stopped, Cas looked at the floor, then his mouth tightened in distaste. He lifted Dean’s chin with one finger and looked him in the eye.

“I am going to talk to Sam now. You are not going to interrupt. I want you in the corner with your pants down.”

Dean looked horrified. Dean was horrified.


A finger came down sharply on his nose. “Dean. I am perfectly happy to put you right back over my knee. The only reason you are not kneeling at my feet is I don’t have a pillow for you.” Cas looked thoughtful for a minute. “I can see I am going to have to start traveling with one. Now. Corner.”

Dean felt like crying. It was the blockers. Or lack of them. They were sending his hormones haywire. One dirty look at his alpha, who just raised an eyebrow that promised retribution later, had him shuffling over to the corner.

Cas watched him go over. He didn’t let it show on his face, but inside there was an indulgent smile. Dean was bright and beautiful and everything he wanted. Well, a bit more obedience wouldn’t go astray, but they would be working on that.

He walked back across to a shocked Sam.

“I won’t apologise. If you choose to stay with us, you will be seeing a lot more like that. The invitation is meant whole heartedly, but I must be blunt. Dean is in a lot of trouble. He left without telling me where he was going, he has ignored all my calls and messages, and I am sure he would have continued evading me, had you not been arrested here.”

Sam went to speak, but Cas held up his hand. “Dean is right, in that you are not responsible. I would hazard a guess that you did not know he was an omega?”

Sam nodded. “I had no idea. Not until they told us that you had been contacted. And then,” Sam made a helpless gesture. “He just never seemed like an omega. He doesn’t act like one, and he doesn’t – didn’t – smell like one.”

Castiel’s brows came down in quite a threatening frown. “He hasn’t smelt like one? Dean!”

Dean snarked from the corner. “Either I’m quiet or I can talk. You can’t have it both ways.”

Sam winced as Castiel strode towards Dean, quickly bending him over his hip and applying a half dozen very firm swats to his already pink backside.

“Do you really think now is the time to be pushing me?”

Which is pretty how Sam thought Dean’s alpha would take Dean’s comments. Sam was fascinated by this new alpha: he’d just come in and taken control of Dean. And sure, Dean had bratted him, but if Dean really didn’t want to do something, it took a lot more for it to happen. Sam wanted to get to know Cas better – fuck! Sam quickly scented the air. And yep. This was his brothers mate. Sam looked rather worriedly at Dean: alpha mates legally had a lot of power when it came to their omegas. An alpha would have to overreach by a very large margin public standards for there to be any repercussions. Cas seemed to be a steady sort… not prone to violent outburst. But even the most even alphas had their breaking points. Based on their very short acquaintance, Sam didn’t think Cas was the type injure his omega. But he didn’t seem the type to put up with a sassy omega either.

So far, Sam was right.

“Answer the question, Dean.”

Dean refused. He knew he was already in trouble. He knew Cas knew. And admitting it would probably lesson his punishment, but Dean was feeling embarrassed and more than a little pissed off. He was a grown man, a hunter and he had just been spanked like a naughty little pup.

“You are a naughty little pup, Dean. My naughty little pup.”

So. They’d been in each other’s company less than half an hour, and Cas was doing the mind reading thing.

A tentative voice interrupted. “Mr Novak?”

Cas turned towards the policeman. To be honest, he’d forgotten he was there.

“Uh, I don’t want to cause trouble for Dean,” (and Dean gnashed his teeth. If he didn’t want to cause trouble, he would keep his fucking mouth shut. Fucking dick alpha cops! And what was with the first name? As soon as people knew you were an omega, suddenly they were talking down to you. He would have said, well yelled, something, but Cas’s hand was on his neck. He was way too close for Dean to argue with the cops.) “but we do have his belongings here.”


“Uh… mostly it is what you would expect, but there are omega scent blockers, beta wash, and birth control pills.”

The hand around Dean’s neck tightened. “I see. Thank you.”

Castiel released Dean and walked back to Sam.

“As I was saying, I don’t blame you. And I know that some of Dean’s poor behavior has been because he missed you. We live in Portland, and you are welcome to join us. However, I will be managing Dean as I have since we were mated. And I will not alter how I do this because you are there.”

“Ah – that’s fine!” Sam stuttered out.

“You need to think about this seriously, Sam. I am quite…,” Cas paused, before choosing a word he obviously disliked, “traditional in the way I run my household. You won’t be able to interfere, even if you don’t like what I am doing.”

Sam blushed. Fuck. Of course. That was one of the reasons Dean was in the corner now. Aside from the fact that he had pissed off his alpha, it was to show Sam what he could expect. And a traditional alpha? Jess had been Sam’s omega (Jess! His heart still ached), but they had pretty much been equals. Dean’s alpha… how the fuck did Dean end up mated to a traditional alpha?


In the end Sam decided he would stay with Dean and Cas. It didn’t have to be long term, but he didn’t have a home right now. And if he was honest? He was very curious about Cas. And Dean. He’s new omega brother.

Castiel was in the precinct picking up Dean’s belongings. Sam had already signed his out. Dean was pouting.

“It’s fucking unfair! It’s my stuff! Why can’t I get it?”

Sam didn’t bother responding. He agreed - Dean definitely had a point, but he wasn’t going to go against Dean’s alpha.


“Dean. I’m not going to argue with your alpha.” Shit! Was that his voice! He even sounded firmer!

Dean obviously heard it too, because he glared at him. “You do remember what we were doing, right? Searching for dad? You don’t think we should, y’know, find him!” Dean’s face brightened. “Oh you smart boy, Sammy! Is that why you are coming back? So we can take off when we…”

Dean’s speech was interrupted by a heavy hand on his shoulder.

“Cas.” Sam nodded at the alpha.

Dean was turned in Cas’s arms. And, yep, there is was, Alpha Red Eyes. Dean instinctively bared his neck and Cas’s mouth came down hard. Dean winced as he felt Cas’s teeth pierce the skin. The coppery tang of Dean’s blood seemed to sooth the alpha, who nuzzled the mark, licking the blood.

Cas grabbed the back of Dean’s neck and dragged him to the back of the car, placing Dean’s belongings in the back.

“Sam? Would you like to place your bags in the back?”

“Sure. Thanks… Cas?”

Cas turned. “We haven’t properly introduced ourselves.” He switched his hold on Dean’s neck, holding the now free hand out. “Castiel Novak.”

Sam took the proffered hand. “Castiel. Right. Sam Winchester.”

Both men glanced at Dean. Who was studiously ignoring them both. Sam smiled and shook his head. How could he have not seen that his brother was an omega? The lips, the hips, the brattiness. He snorted.

“Thanks Castiel. Are we ready to go?”

Sam went to the back door, but stopped at Castiel’s voice.

“Dean, in the back please.”

Dean’s head spun round. “You’re fucking with me.”

Castiel’s face tightened, but he repeated himself pleasantly enough.

“In the back please.”

“Cas! It’s my fucking car! Sam can sit in the back!”

Dean stalked to open the front door, but Castiel was there before him.


Dean stopped. Sam wished that he owned that tone of voice.

“If you choose to open that door, I will strip you naked, bend you over the front of the car, and spank you until your bottom is bright red. I will then place you – naked – in the back on your knees, and despite my dislike at playing chauffer, I will ask Sam to sit back there to make sure you stay in place.”

Sam caught his breath. He could see his stubborn big brother wavering. A glance at Sam, and he stood down. Sam honestly thought that if he hadn’t been there to witness the humiliation, Dean would have pushed it. Although, if Sam hadn’t been there Dean would have gotten the front seat.

Wouldn’t he?

Masterpost | Chapter 2


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