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I mainly write supernatural fic. Bottom Dean. I would say all the time, but then I wrote something where he kind of switches. Fine. Subby Dean who bottoms 99% of the time. I seem to write an awful lot of abo, and I have a spanking kink.

The fics range from fluffy G to filthy R, so you are reading at your own risk! I warn as thoroughly as I can, and do read the warnings! I have a master post at the top of my page.

If you are reading I am assuming you are over 18 and have read the warnings.

If I have added you it is because I want to read your fic! no need to add me back - I tend to update more on AO3 anyway, but the idea is to have my completed pieces here :-) Even though I am super shy, I try to comment on stories that I read, because I know how nice it is getting feedback. So sorry if it is weird posting on something you wrote years ago...

Although Dean is my first love, I kinda multi ship. Wincest, Destiel, and Wincestiel would be my first love, but I love poly relationships, and most of the angels (well, the nice ones. or snarky ones. you know what I mean)!

I don't abide with ship or character hate. Dislike of a character is acceptable. Even I have characters I dislike.
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