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Title: The Many Bitchfaces of Sam Winchester
Author: majesticduxk
Artist: winchesterchola (ART POST)
Rating: PG
Pairing: GEN (Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester)
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Mary Winchester, OCs, Jessica Moore, Bobby Singer, Gabriel (the trickster)
Tags/Warnings: canonical death, but not all canonical deaths, show level violence, spn au, canon verse, canon divergent, brotherly relationship, angst, misunderstandings

Summary: Sam's always had a way with words. Dean's always admired it, respected it. But what he can do with a single facial expression? That's pure genius

a/n So many thank you’s are required! Thank you to my wonderful artist, wincesterchola for the amazing art!!! HUGE thank you to @deadmockinbirds, @whataboutthefish and @ambersagen for the cheerleading and readthrough, and a MASSIVE thank you to @whiskygalorefor the superfast and excellent beta under incredible time constraints. You are a goddess <3 And of course thank you to Wendy, for running this fantastic challenge.
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Title: Home is Where the Hand is
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: M
Word Count: 2450
Kinks/Warnings: omega!dean, alpha!sam, omega verse, spanking, nonsexual spanking, crying!dean, uncertain!dean, domestic, traditional abo, otk spanking, implement: hand, no sex
Summary: There’s an adjustment period to every relationship. Sam’s is willing and able to help Dean adjust to the change in theirs.

a/n this was written the spn_spanking challenge with the prompt “stability/instability’. Many thanks to CinntaxError for the super speedy beta. Any remaining mistakes are my own. I don’t own the characters, but I sure enjoy playing

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It Tastes Better on Your Tongue
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Gabriel
Rating: T
Word count:
Warnings/kinks: fluff, humour, tongue kissing, pie
Summary: for dennyismydestiel’s prompt: what about some silly or sweet debriel? like happy bickering over something absurd

~o~ )
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spnsnake_part 1

Title: Coils of Love
Part 1: Baby Coils
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester
Rating: T
wordcount: ~2700
Tags/Warnings: wincest, hunting au, cuddles, crack, snake bondage, case fic, were!snake, this is not John positive,
Summary: Stubborn to the core, Sam pushes to come hunting. Unfortunately it doesn’t go well: on his first hunt Sam is injured,
(based on a kinkmeme prompt)
a/n: I have to thank seafoxfire for the cheerleading and the gorgeous art to inspire me, and whitmerule, for reading through, as well as dreamsfromthebunker and deadmockingbirds - you all and making this so much better. All mistakes are my own. I don’t own the characters.


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Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel
Rating: T (the linked pictures are M)
Kinks/Warnings: humour, fluff, body jewellery, glitter, crack,craft
Summary: Cas wants to do something special for Dean.

a/n: This is a gift for bendoverandbiteyourgag.
thank you to dreamsfromthebunker and deadmockingbirds1 for the read through, and alessarial

This fic is rated T HOWEVER it contains pictures of naked penises, taking the rating up to an M/R. You have been warned

a/n: and also an entry for spncoldesthits.

the title is taken from François de la Rochefoucauld (French classical author, leading exponent of the Maxime, 1613-1680)
“Great and striking actions which dazzle the eyes are represented by politicians as the effect of great designs, instead of which they are commonly caused by the temper and the passions.
It has nothing to do with the fic, but I looked up quotes about dazzling


Castiel squinted )
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Title: Animal Affinity
Rating: T
Pairings: pre destiel, pre dean winchester/castiel
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel
Kinks/Warnings: animal transformation, humour, loss of control, fluff,
Summary: Dean and Cas get changed into dolphins. And surprisingly? This isn’t a bad thing.

a/n: this is my piece for the Destiel RBB. I had never written anything like this before, so I want to thank psynatural – both for the art, the inspiration, and the support!

I definitely know more about dolphins now!

Also a huge thank you to accidentally_sherlocked for the initial beta and to pod7et, for the final beta and all the enthusiasm and encouragement!! And to angrysouffle for the brainstorming and pats on the back when all was dark

animal affinity title


It wasn't surprising he hadn't noticed )
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Artist: [ profile] chargetransfer
Author: [ profile] majesticduxk
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel, Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore
Rating: T
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Gabriel, Jessica Moore, Cassie Robinson, Benny Lafitte, Chuck, Amara, OCs
Kinks/warnings: serial dating, au, bartender!dean, humour, mild angst, family relations, barista!castiel, previous Dean/Cassie, previous Dean/Benny, previous Dean/Amara, fluff, unadulterated fluff, romance, family, humour,
Summary: Dean gets caught in a pair of sparkling eyes. But he is not going to date a customer again. It’s just not happening.

a/n This was written for the Destiel Reverse Big Bang. Many thanks for my wonderful artist, chargetransfer, for the inspiration and seriously cute art!
Also many thanks to angrysouffle and smightymcsmightersonfor the cheering! muchos gracias! And a thousand and twelve thank yous to shipperslist, whose excellent feedback has made all the difference. Thankyou to the mods for organising the challenge!


You got dumped again? )
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Title: Keep Me Safe in Your Feathered Embrace
Rating: T
Warnings: show level violence, near death experience, blood, mild angst, mild humour
Spoilers: none
Word Count: 2100
Summary: Prompt 2 - Preferably on a case and anywhere post season 5 - We've a Zeke situation where Cas needs to heal Dean from the inside, wackiness ensues.
Castiel uses Dean as a vessel temporarily and is able to exercise seraph powers. Control can be swapped at Cas's discretion. Jimmy is dead after the chunky soup incident, store his body anywhere. Please keep sex relatively minimal to non-existent.

Dean? )
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Pairing: Dean/Cas/Sam, Wincestiel
Rating: T
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bobby, Benny, Ellen, Garth, Alastair, Rowena, Azazel,
Kinks and Warnings: omega!dean, alpha!castiel, alpha!sam, hurt!dean, hurt/comfort, show level violence, minor character death,kidnapping, omega verse, were!verse, shifting, no sex ,pack dynamics,
length: ~7000
Summary: for the prompt Dean gets kidnapped by rival pack cause he’s an Omega and they need more pups cause their pack is shrinking and Dean’s hurt in fighting off advances and his Alphas come in and rescue him, pissed off that the rival pack dared take and hurt /their/ Omega.

Then they take Dean home and comfort and care for him, snuggling him and lots of fluff and comforting :3

a/n: I kinda didn't fill all the prompt, but this is my first Wincestiel, and I am ok with that :)


Kidnapped )
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Title: Blue lines of happiness
relationship: sam/dean
Rating: pg
kinks/warnings: mpreg, mpreg!dean, fluff, schmoop, established wincest
summary: Prompt: Dean finds out in a Walmart bathroom that he's pregnant. He's very excited when he comes home to his spouse and tells him the good news. Cue his spouse treating him very well because he's so proud he finally put a baby in Dean who wanted it for so long. ;) (The finding out part isn't important and if you want to keep it short and sweet you can just start with Dean telling his spouse and then they get it on)


Of course he could go home and do it there )
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Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: T
kinks/warnings: drug use, smoking, kissing, humour, fluff,
summary: It's Dean's first time smoking. It isn't Sam's.

Extra cookie for blushy, happy Dean, trying to keep his cool, rock and roll, badass older brother posturing, then happily falling apart in Sam's arms.

a/n: OH GOD I FORGOT THE SHOTGUNNING I AM A TERRIBLE PROMPT FILLER. but I still had a good time writing it.


Of course I've done this before! )
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Title: Sam's not on my mind
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean, (unrelated wincest), Bobby/Ellen
Characters: Sam Campbell, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Kevin, Bobby, Ellen, Mary Winchester, Castiel, OC
Kinks/Warning: amnesia, fluff, tooth rotting fluff, based on a movie, swearing, mild angst, mild mpreg, humour, slapstick violence, humour, slapstick humour, mpreg, mpreg references, mild mpreg

Synopsis: Sam has dreams. Dreams that don't involve his boat sinking on the other side of the island. Pissed off at the coastguard, he ends up at a rickety local diner and suddenly Sam has only one goal: to woo Dean. The problem? Dean can't remember Sam. Ever.
But Sam's up to the challenge, to somehow make a Sam shaped space in Dean's life.

a/n. I AM SO SORRY! I know this was an mpreg challenge, and mpreg ended up being such a tiny part of it. I did not choose a good movie for writing for this challenge, although I still did have a lot of fun. I hope that it is at least a little enjoyable! Unbeta'd due to disorganisation.

CHAPTER 1: In Which Our Heroes Meet )
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Title: Savage Dragon
Pairing: Sam/Dean (unrelated)
Rating: PG
kinks/warnings: manhandling, possessive!sam, sam has a head buddy, character death prior to story
Prompt 32: They call him the Savage Dragon: Rordan Sarkany, knight of the Order of the Dragon, charged with tracking and destroying those who let their dragon blood turn them into beasts. In the wilds of Hungary, Rordan hunts one such creature--along with fellow warrior Kira Bethlen.

Both Rordan and his inner dragon desire Kira...and she can't resist Rordan's dangerous allure. But even if she succumbs to their attraction, can she ever forgive him for slaying her beloved brother?

Summary: Dean wished he could overlook his attraction for the Dragon who killed his brother. After all, what sort of man would forgive such an act?

a/n: this is my second piece for the meant to be challenge. It's been a blast, to be honest! A huge thankyou to shipperslist for making this even better <3


The initial meeting had not gone well )
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Title: Accidentally Pregnant
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Characters Dean, Castiel, John, Mary, Sam, Zachariah, Jess
Rating: T
Word Count:
Warnings: mpreg, passing mention of abortion, john and mary are not good parents, implied bottom!dean, implied top!cas, arranged marriage
Prompt: Two months ago Irena and Vincenzo spent a heady week together. Their connection was instant, deep, strong. Yet it could never last--she was destined to marry another. Now Irena is pregnant and alone. Vincenzo has never forgotten Irena. When he hears of her plight he takes control the only way he knows how--by offering marriage!

Life in Vincenzo's Mediterranean palazzo seems idyllic--but Vincenzo is about to discover that the tiny baby inside Irena belongs to him...

Summary: Dean is being forced to marry a man he doesn’t love for a business merger. But rather than listen to him, his parents ship him off to Fiji where he can’t cause trouble. It’s a luxurious prison, but a prison nonetheless. Until he meets Castiel. He decided to indulge, create some memories to warm his cold loveless, marriage. Unfortunately, that isn’t all Cas leaves him with…


It wasn't like he didn't know it was going to happen )
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Title: To The Captains Quarters, Mr Winchester
Pairing: Victor Henriksen/Dean Winchester
Characters: Dean Winchester, Victor Henriksen, Sam Winchester, Kevin, Castiel, Gabriel, Zachariah, Alastair
Rating: T
Warnings and kinks: red dwarf!au, implied spanking, crack, humour
Summary: There’s only one way resident trouble maker Dean Winchester is going to stay on board the Red Dwarf. Luckily, it’s a way Captain Victor Henriksen can get behind.

a/nThis is my fic for the rare pairs challenge! This month the prompt was (inspired by/reference) another fictional universe. I went with Red Dwarf.


Would Third technician Dean Winchester please report to the Captain’s office. )
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LJ name: [ profile] majestic_duxk
Recipient: [ profile] jokerindisguise
Title: Sweet Sixteen
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: T
Any warnings: ABO verse, fluff, teenagers

Summary: Dean and Castiel have been friends since they were pups. It's a friendship that will last a long time.

a/n: this was written for the spnspringfling. It was a lot of fun to write! This is pure and unadulterated fluff. You have been warned.

Mary Winchester and Naomi Novak were relieved when they found themselves pregnant at the same time )
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Title: Always there for you
Rating: PG
Pairings: Cas/Dean
Other characters: Sam, John, Mary, Chuck, Becky, Michael, Lucifer
kinks/warnings: abo, alpha!cas, omega!dean, spanking, over the knee spanking, hand spanking, fluff, puppy piles, cuddles, implied physical fighting, mild angst, pre-slash, humour,
Word Count: 1914
Summary: Dean didn’t expect to be an omega. He didn’t expect his best friend to be an alpha. And he sure as hell didn’t expect his best friend to want to have anything to do with him

Note: the spanking scene has not been discussed between the two, and could be viewed as dub con. However, Dean has no problems with it at all.
I don’t mention an age for them but I thought them to be 16-18. They are still at high school. There is some very minor touching, and some sexual responses, but the boys don't do anything.

also... I have no idea about this! I have really wanted some fluffy young omega!dean, and happy families, and all that sort of thing. But I'm not very good at it yet. Don't worry! I am going to get better.

They'd grown up together )


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