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Chapter 9 | Chapter 11

It had been a few weeks and things had pretty much settled down. Dean was still getting his promised morning and evening spankings, but most days that was all he got. Sam was now used to the sight of either Dean’s pink, naked behind, or (as was more frequent, now that he was behaving the way Cas wanted him to), panty glad behind. And Cas (or Dean, to be honest he wasn’t sure who chose the panties) seemed to like lacy and frilly. Sam had to smile indulgently. They really did suit Dean.

But seeing more of their day to day interactions… Sam couldn’t help but wonder. He could understand Cas’s firmness at the start: Sam would have been feeling the need to assert his dominance too. But why wasn’t it easing? While Sam had come to respect Cas, and the fact that Cas’s word was law in the house, he had to admit that he struggled with the amount of control that he exerted over Dean and Dean’s life. Like… the not working. There had never been a time in their life when Dean wasn’t doing something – be that hunting, or hustling or… well, Dean had managed to fill his time. And now Cas was making decisions about things that Sam thought that Dean would be the one making decisions about. Would have wanted to make decisions about.

He only brought it up with Dean once. He hadn’t even been confrontational, but Dean got defensive, and angry, and ended up picking a fight with Castiel – a fight that ended with a tearful and apologetic Dean. Sam’s punishment had been having to sit through the conversation that followed the spanking. It had been illuminating.

“Care to tell me what that was about, Dean?”

Dean had been sitting on Cas’s lap, nose in the crook of Cas’s neck. He’d raised his face to glare at Sam, but Cas had cleared his throat, giving Dean a bop on the nose. Dean rubbed it resentfully, turning his glare on Cas. Cas frowned, one had coming down to cup Dean’s rosy bottom warningly.

“I’d get rid of the attitude, puppy.”

Dean looked away, but didn’t stop frowning.

“I know you’re unhappy with Sam, but you are responsible for your own actions, Dean.”

Sam felt a little bit guilty. But only a little. He’d asked Dean one little question: he hadn’t realised that Dean would get so upset. Or act so fucking childlishly.


Cas held up a hand. “I will talk to you presently, Sam.” And now didn’t Sam just feel like a whipped puppy! “Don’t think that I am impressed with you either. But you haven’t been acting like an untrained pup.”

Dean made a sound of disagreement. Cas grabbed his chin, forcing Dean to look at him.

“You think you’ve been behaving like an adult, Dean? Sam upset you, but he didn’t make you act in such a disrespectful manner. Sam didn’t talk back. Sam hasn’t been cheeky, disobedient, and difficult.” Dean blushed, but Sam felt his cheeks colouring too. Once again he was responsible for getting his brother in trouble. Great alpha he was turning out to be. He’d just wanted to understand why Dean was doing it. Nothing in their past had made Sam think Dean would be content being a chattel. And yet here they were. And Sam had obviously put his foot in it again. He couldn’t help the guilt pouring off him.

Dean turned his glare back on Sam. “If you’re gonna stink up the fucking room feeling guilty, don’t say anything in the first place!”

Barely had the words left Dean’s lips before he was once more ass up over Cas’s lap, the rhythmic sound of Cas’s hand on Dean’s ass filling the air. Dean wasn’t taking it lying down. Well… he wasn’t taking it quietly.

“It’s not fucking – ouch! Fair, Cas! Sam started it and I’m supposed to - ouch! Stop! Just put up and shut up? I don’t – ow! Fucking think so!”

Castiel paused. “No one is asking you to ‘put up and shut up’, Dean. What I ask, or rather demand, is respect and obedience. To me. And to Sam. Because I make the rules – not Sam. And even when you are mad at him - or me,” Castiel added on a warning growl, “You are expected to follow the rules. That means at all the times, Dean.” Castiel punctuated his words with a series of hard smacks. “Not just when it suits you.”

His hand stilled, and he sighed deeply. “I’m disappointed, Dean. You’ve been doing so well. You’re behaviour had improved markedly, and now, one upsetting but well intentioned question from your brother, and you regress to this level?”

Shaking his head sadly, Castiel continued. “You know this isn’t acceptable Dean. But don’t worry, pup. I’m here to help you remember how to behave.”

Castiel didn’t bother lecturing any more. For the next few minutes the only sounds to be heard were the ‘smack’ of hand on butt, and an increase in the volume of Dean’s sounds – from grunts and whimpers, culminating in pleading tears.

“Sorry! I’m sorry, Cas! I’ll be good! I’ll be goooooood!”

A few more hard spanks and Dean was pulled upright. He threw his arms around Castiel’s neck, sobbing his apologies into his chest. Castiel’s arms came round him, pulling him close, one arm securely around his waist, the other rubbing slow soothing circles on his back. Despite feeling terrible, Sam couldn’t stop the smile that stole across his face – he’d seen Dean in this position a lot. Comfort in the familiar, he thought to himself.

“You are my good pup, Dean. Always my good pup.” Cas’s deep voice filled the space. “I don’t always like your behaviour, but you’re always my good boy. Now,” and Cas’s voice shifted from soothing to firm. “I know you were upset, but that is not how to deal with it. What will you do next time?”

Instead of answering, Dean grumbled, turning his head and snuggling in against Cas. Sam couldn’t help but note that Dean was still glaring at him. Rolling his eyes, Sam waited, as Cas shook his head, before grasping Dean by the shoulders, pushing him back.

“When I ask you a question, you answer it, Dean. You obviously need some time to think about this. In the corner sweetheart, and don’t even think about arguing.” Dean had puffed up, ready to say something, but he quickly reacted to his alpha’s sharp voice, settling down and wincing as his tender buttocks settled against Cas’s thighs.

“Good boy. I want you in your corner, thinking about how you should have responded to Sam. I want five examples of things you could have done when I call you out. And Dean? You will not like the repercussions if you do not have five examples.”

Dean stuck out his lower lip, slow tears spilling down his cheeks. Cas just leaned in and licked his tears away. “In the corner, pup.”

Sliding off Cas’s lap, he paused to pull his panties up. Cas stopped him.

“Leave them down, sweetheart.”

“But, Cas, why?” Dean started to complain, but was quickly interrupted.

“The fact that I have told you should be enough.”

Castiel frowned as Dean sighed loudly but slowly obeyed. He shuffled across to his corner, radiating insolence with every step. Sam had to admire the pink ass, so nicely charmingly framed in pink satin. The panties did seem to give Dean’s ass a nice glow. A movement in his peripheral vision pulled Sam’s focus – Cas was striding out of the room, only to return a few moments later, a deep red leash in his hand.


Dean, who had finally made it to the corner, sighed deeply before turning around. He looked ready to sass his alpha , but he then noticed the leash.

“Cas! Please, no!”

Sighing deeply, Cas beckoned him forward. Dean’s mouth simply firmed into a stubborn line. Cas’s only response was to raise an eyebrow.

“You’re at one week, Dean. If I have to come to you, it’s a month.”

Dean appeared to levitate across the room. Castiel’s expression didn’t soften. He clipped the leash to Dean’s collar without another word. Dean scowled at the floor, and as Dean turned, Sam noted how the read of the leash matched the red of the heart embedded in Dean’s collar. He idly wondered who chose that. It had to be Cas. He couldn’t imagine Dean asking for a ruby studded collar and a matching leash…

Sam watched as Cas lead Dean back to his corner, hanging the leash on a hook he’d never noticed before. Huh. So this leashing wasn’t uncommon then.

Sam could smell the spike of annoyance emanating from both men. Dean pouted, sticking his nose in the corner. Cas growled, crowding Dean with his body.

“You’re good behaviour over the last few weeks in no way excuses this insolence. You will be obedient, and you will - no matter how annoyed you are – show both Sam and myself respect. Omegas in this house respect alphas, Dean. You’ve earnt yourself a week on the leash. If you need it to be longer, it will be. I don’t care how long it takes, but you will heed me.”

Sam half expected Cas to spank Dean again – this defiance was similar to their first few days here. But Cas just turned away and stalked back to the table. Sam was rather sorry about that, as he became the target of Cas’s stern look.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten your role in this, Sam.”

Sam couldn’t help the way he jumped. Shit. He’d kind of forgotten that he’d started this. He was so used to Dean getting in trouble just for being, well, Dean! Cas didn’t normally blame him… even when Sam thought he was at fault. Sam had to admit it wasn’t very nice being on the other end of Cas’s dominance. Part of him couldn’t help but respect Dean and the way he stood up to Cas. The other part was his own alpha, stirring under the challenge.

He insolently raised an eyebrow. “Gonna spank me too?”

Cas threw back his head and laughed. “Not for your conversation with Dean, no. But if you want to keep up the attitude…”

Feeling embarrassed Sam shifted on the spot. Yeah, Cas had a point – he was behaving like a damn puppy!

Sam sighed. “Maybe I should move out, Cas. I mean, I used to butt heads with my dad all the time. Maybe two alphas just shouldn’t live together.”

This response was met with a hard stare. “I hope you are not comparing me to John Winchester.” Sam’s jaw dropped, but before he could negate it, Cas continued. “If you want to move out, of course you can, Sam. This is your home, not a prison. But don’t use our disagreement as a reason to leave. Dean wants – Dean and I both want you here. If you must leave, do it because you want to, not because of some alpha posturing. Even if you choose to go, this will always be your home.” Cas made a disgusted noise. “You really are still a pup, Sam, if you don’t realise that relationships - all relationships – have their ups and downs.”

Castiel turned and walked out of the room. Sam couldn’t help but stare open mouthed after him.

“Huh,” he said out loud. “Maybe I need to stick my head in a corner, think about things for a while.”

There was a snort from the corner.

“Don’t be a dick, Sam.”

Sam grinned. At least some things didn’t change.

Chapter 9 | Chapter 11


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