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Chapter 6 | Chapter 8

Castiel woke to a Dean blanket. Dean had plastered himself against Castiel during the night, and was now snoring softly against his chest. Glancing at the clock, Castiel saw it was still early. Way too early to be awake when there was a warm and snuggly omega to be cuddled.

Rearranging Dean so he could wrap his arms around him, Castiel ignored the tired little grumbles, opting to kiss him until they turned into happy sighs. Once Dean was safely wrapped in his arms, Castiel drifted off to asleep again. He loved mornings like this.


The next time Castiel awoke, he was ready to face the day. He was normally up before Dean – Dean was incredibly hedonistic, loving long mornings in bed. Castiel suspected it was due to the uncomfortable motel beds, and anything but peaceful lifestyle he’d had with his father. And Castiel was happy to indulge.

But this morning was special. Dean was back – in Castiel’s arms and in his bed – right where he belonged. While all Castiel wanted to do was do ravish Dean, he controlled himself, instead indulging in their usual morning ritual, running fingers through Dean’s hair, tugging gently. Even in sleep it felt good, if Dean’s breathy moans were to be believed. When awake, it was one of Dean’s favourite things: his alphas touch let him feel safe and warm, protected and loved. He’d often told Castiel he had the real magic fingers.

This morning Dean was slowly roused by the rhythmic pressure. “Bttrnafknmeuse” he semi articulated. Luckily Castiel was well-versed in morning-Dean

Castiel chuckled. “Thanks, sweetheart. You properly awake now? We need to chat.”

Dean wasn’t ready to be awake. He was back and he just wanted to stay in bed – and Cas didn’t have to work! He loved these mornings where he could grumble and whine like a puppy, and as long as Cas didn’t have to rush to work, he got all of Cas’s attention. Although if Dean was honest with himself, even on work mornings he bratted until he got all of Cas’s attention. But mornings like this? He could be hedonistic, luxuriating in Cas: in the feel of his fingers, the sound of his voice, his scent.

Fuck, but he’d missed it all.

Dean didn’t know how long Cas indulged him, but eventually he was sitting upright, blinking sleepily. He’d ignored Cas as best he could, but he finally gave in to Castiel’s filthy promises. Stretching he turned to glare at his alpha, although it was all show.

“Fine. Gonna have a shower, and then…”

“And then,” Castiel interrupted firmly, “I expect you back here, naked in the middle of the bed with your ass in the air.”

Castiel couldn’t help grinning at the alacrity with which Dean launched himself from the bed, wiggling his gorgeous ass on the way out. Castiel was really looking forward to…

Pretty much anything other than his phone ringing.

Taking a deep breath he grabbed his cell from the dresser. And it was as he feared – Naomi, the senior partner.

Castiel really didn’t want to deal with this.

“What?” he barked as he answered the phone.

There was a slight pause. “This is how you speak to your superiors, Castiel?”

Barely repressing a growl, Castiel managed to keep his voice relatively polite. “I am on leave, Naomi. This was agreed to. The only reason you would be calling me is to ask me to come to work. I was quite straight forward regarding how important this time off is. And you are not respecting that.”

Castiel didn’t completely manage to keep the growl out of his voice…

More silence. “It’s important. The Milton contract…”

“I have done more than required on that. My opinion is if they want more then we drop it, and take the loss. I’ve made that quite clear before.”

Castiel could hear the frustration in Naomi’s voice. “It’s more complicated than that, Castiel. We need you.”

Closing his eyes, Castiel counted to ten. He was a responsible alpha. Responsible in all aspects of his life. Although he would rather spend the day with Dean, he could place Dean in Sam’s care and be satisfied that – if not happy – Dean would be well looked after. Work… Work wasn’t that easy.

“Today only. And I am taking an extra two weeks break – at full pay – which doesn’t impact any of my other leave.”

“That’s unreasonable Ca-“

“I am perfectly happy to remain at home for the shorter duration.”

“Fine.” Naomi pretty much spat the words. “I expect you here an hour ago. We meet with the clients at two.”

Blinking as Naomi hung up on him, Castiel calculated he could be home by six. They had never had a meeting go longer than three hours with the Milton’s, and that was fine by him. With an unhappy sigh, Castiel glanced at the bathroom door. The sound of water and Dean’s singing drifted through. Dean was in a good mood. That wasn’t going to last. Castiel wasn’t looking forward to this conversation.


Dean bounced out, all happy and refreshed after his shower. He’d even checked out his ass, and though it had been incredibly sore last night, it was just a little red today. Sexy red, Dean decided, then wondered which panties to wear. Something that Cas wouldn’t be able to keep his paws off. But maybe he’d give him a choice. Fingers trailing through satin’s and silks, he eventually decided upon a yellow pair and a green pair.

He now held them aloft, one in each hand, as he sashayed into the bedroom. “Which one do you think, Cas? I like them both… the yellow always looks nice, but the green is a bit softer, and my ass is still a little sore…” he said the last looking at Cas from under his eyelashes.

Then frowned.

Cas wasn’t reacting at all, and that was strange. Normally Cas had all sorts of opinions about Dean’s underwear. He opened his mouth, about to call him on it, when he caught sight of the cell in the middle of the bed.

“No fucking way.” The words were flat. Castiel looked at Dean, but didn’t say a word.

All this did was fan his anger into rage.

“You promised, Cas! You fucking promised!” Dean all but hissed at his alpha.

Castiel held out a hand. “Sweetheart, come sit down and talk to me.”

Dean pulled back. He was so fucking angry. He knew he was overreacting, but he couldn’t help it. He’d just got back! Cas had promised him he’d taken time of work, and it just wasn’t fair!

He must have said some of this out loud, because Castiel was responding.

“I know sweetheart, and I’m disappointed too. I requested the time off, and stated I was to be called for nothing short of an emergency.” His face remained calm, but Dean saw the flash in his alphas eyes. For their sake, Castiel’s work colleagues better hope it was an emergency.

Dean really hoped it was not an emergency.

“It’s always an emergency, Cas! You go every time they call, and it’s not fair! If I’m never going to see you while you just play lapdog, I don’t even know what you bothered coming to St. Lois and – “

Dean’s rant was cut off as Castiel growled and rose from the bed. Dean skittered back – yeah, he knew his mouth had gotten well away from him – but Cas already had his arm in a firm grip.

Swinging him around, Castiel laid three firm swats across Dean’s naked ass, before grasping both arms and turning Dean to face him.

“I understand you’re upset, Dean. I am too. But you don’t seem me behaving like an undisciplined puppy. I’m sorry our day has been affected. I was looking forward to a leisurely morning with you, but sometimes things happen. And now we’ve wasted what little time we had arguing.”

Glancing at the clock, Castiel sighed, before speaking again. “I need to go and get ready. While I am showering, please choose your panties for the day and leave them on the bed. Then nose in the corner so you can think about how you could have behaved instead of yelling at me.”

Dean gave Castiel a look full of shattered trust and betrayal. Castiel just barely stopped himself rolling his eyes. Dramatic brat. “Corner. Now.”

Throwing both pairs of panties on the bed, Dean stalked off, but paused at Castiel’s voice. “One pair on the bed, Dean, the other put away. If there is more than one pair on the bed when I return, you won’t be wearing any. And while I don’t believe Sam has a problem with a naked omega, you have indicated otherwise…?” Castiel let the question bleed into his voice, but he didn’t wait for a response, just headed for the bathroom.

He didn’t mind if his pup was naked or not. Dean would decide if Dean was wearing anything that day.


Forty-five minutes later, Castiel was dressed, with a teary omega in his lap. He hadn’t had the heart to punish Dean for his especially poor behavior this morning, although he hadn’t held back on spanking his naughty backside either, and he had certainly lectured Dean about appropriate attitude.

Dean’s current tears were more because he was upset than because his ass hurt. Castiel cuddled him until he really had to go.

“Ok, sweetheart. You put your panties on. I’m going to go and talk to Sam, then I’ll leave you with him for the day.”

“I’m not a lump of meat,” Dean snapped. “I am perfectly capable of looking after myself!”

“Of course you are,” Castiel responded. “But after last night – and we still need to talk about that, Dean – and then this morning, I will feel better if I know you are getting cuddles. And since I can’t be here to do it, that means Sam. And I am happy to leave you with Sam, because he loves you as well. And Dean?” Castiel’s voice took on a warning growl. “Best behavior. I am going to be asking Sam, and I expect you at the door when I get home.”

Given the way Dean sniffed and turned his back on his alpha, Castiel wasn’t so sure he was going to come home to a well behaved omega.


Sam was in his book corner. He was trying to read… but his mind was going a million miles an hour. Every time he thought he had things settled in his head, something happened to show him that actually, he really wasn’t totally okay with everything. Finally he gave up, putting the book down, and just closed his eyes.

Almost immediately he relaxed.

Fuck he loved this space. He’d never felt so at home so quickly. If ever… It was prefect. It was comfortable – big enough! It had wonderful natural light, and even a great selection of reading material. The only word was perfect. Dean was… Dean was amazing. Sure, he obviously had an eye for design, anyone would be happy to have such a perfect book nook. But it wasn’t just the corner. It was the whole space. His room. It was perfectly Sam. And it was perfect because Dean knew Sam, and Dean cared enough to create a space for him, a home for him, when he didn’t even know if Sam would ever use it.

Sam felt a wave of strong emotion. Sorrow? Guilt?

Dean had lost his home when they were four, when mom died. Sam had… Sam had Dean. Dean had done his best – for Sam. Dean was just a little kid, and he’d done everything, given his all so that Sam had a home and stability. And what had Dean gotten in return? A selfish, self-centred little brother, who left as soon as he could and never gave Dean a second thought.

Sam had never understood what Dean had needed, but then again had he even tried to understand? Sam curled up on the pillows, flagellating himself with feelings of self-loathing. His wallowing was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Sam turned his head, waiting for Dean to come in. When there was no movement, Sam stirred himself enough to call. “Uh… come in?”

Cas walked through the door. Sam’s brow twitched with surprise. Ok. He hadn’t expected to see the other alpha. Especially not this early in the morning, and dressed in what could only be described as Serious Work Wear. He also wore an extremely stressed expression.

“Cas? Is everything ok? Dean?”

Castiel sighed, running a hand through his messy hair. Despite how serious he looked, Sam bit back a smile: the move was very reminiscent of Dean.

“I’ve been called in to work. Unfortunately, it is an emergency, and it isn’t something I can get out of. Dean is understandable unhappy. I’ve just given him his morning spanking, and I can’t hold him as I would like. Can I bring him along to you?”

Sam wasn’t sure how to respond. So he shrugged. “It’s your house, Cas. Of course he can come he…”

Castiel interrupted. “This is your home while you choose it, Sam. This is your room. You decided what does and does not happen. If you do not want Dean or myself in here, that is at your right and always at your discretion. “

Sam let that sink in for a moment, “Ok. Thanks.” He shrugged. “Sure. I love having Dean in here. But… can’t you just not spank him?”

Castiel’s lips twitched. “Dean already tried that. And I gave him the same answer: I am an alpha of my word, and I promised Dean morning and evening spankings, and he will receive them.” Castiel paused, and Sam waited him out. If Cas wanted to say something, then Sam was more than happy to listen. “I don’t have time to discuss it – I really must get to work. But I will just reiterate that if I tell my omega I will do something, then I will follow through. Dean needs to feel secure. And there is security in knowing that when I saw something, I mean it.” Castiel’s eyes flicked to his watch. “I’m very sorry, but I must go. Dean will be along shortly.


Dean was along shorly. Castiel physically marched the teary omega into the room.

“I expect you to behave Dean. I will be asking both of you about your behaviour when I return home.”

From Dean’s rolled eyes, Castiel was repeating himself. Sam didn’t think that was a bad thing. Dean looked like he could easily forget something he didn’t want to do, but now that Sam had heard…

“Now, give me a kiss before I go.”

Dean turned his head, ignoring his alpha for all of six seconds before Sam witnessed his tough as nails older brother throw himself into Castiel’s arms and beg him to stay.

A few kisses, a few whispered words, and a lot of manhandling later, and Dean on Sam’s lap, back to ignoring Castiel.

Sam and Castiel exchanged glances, and with a ‘I’ll be home before you know it – be a good boy for me’, Castiel was gone.

Dean sat still, listening intently. As soon as the front door had closed he was pushing at Sam’s hands, demanding to be freed. Sam almost complied. But something about the last couple of days let him trust his instincts: Dean needed touch and reassurance. Right now, he needed Sam. Sam had been a shitty brother growing up. But he wasn’t a pup anymore. He was an adult alpha, who was obligated to – no, wanted to – look after his omega brother.

“Sorry Dean. My room, my rules. Your stuck here until I want to stop cuddling.”

Dean tensed a moment, before relaxing into Sam’s arms.

“I don’t cuddle. This is for you, Samantha.”

Sam didn’t bother hiding his smile.

Chapter 6 | Chapter 8


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