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Chapter 8 | Chapter 10

Dinner over, Sam offered to clean up, and Castiel nodded his agreement. Shifting his weight, Castiel lifted Dean into his arms, feeling his cock start to fill as his omega purred into his chest, wrapping his legs around Castiel’s waist, and gently thrusting against his belly. Castiel growled in return.

“None of that, Dean. Say goodnight to your brother.”

Grumbling under his breath, Dean stilled his hips. Although he did peek over Castiel’s shoulder to mouth, “Night, Sam.”

Sam just grinned back.

Dean very obediently kept his hips still as Cas carried him, although he may have taken advantage of the natural movement when they were going upstairs. Castiel hid an indulgent grin.

It did leave the question of what to do though. Dean was horny, and Castiel couldn’t think of anything he wanted more than to fuck Dean hard, before knotting him. Castiel’s cock throbbed at the thought of being buried in his omega’s tight, wet heat.

But they needed to talk…

But he wanted to fuck…

He quickened his pace, opening his bedroom door without dropping Dean (he’d had plenty of practise. Whatever it ended up being, it would happen here.

Castiel deposited Dean in bathroom. Staggering, Dean grabbed his alphas arm, before looking around. He looked between the shower and Castiel. A hopeful tilt to his eyebrow. Laughing, Castiel dropped a kiss on said eyebrow.

“Clean up, sweetheart. Then we’re going to talk about tonight…”

“Ahhhhhh! I am so fucking sick of talking!”

Castiel didn’t reprimand him. Dean did hate talking.

“I know, Dean. But I would really like to fuck you, which means we’re going to have to talk about it, so we don’t get a repeat of last night.”

Red suffused Dean’s face, and he looked away. Castiel hooked his chin with a fingertip, turning Dean back to face him.

“Hey hey hey. None of that. I’m not angry, sweetheart. I need to take care of you, so much as you hate talking, this has to happen.”

Dean’s lips tightened, but he nodded. Castiel ran an encouraging hand down his arm.

“Honestly, Dean. I want nothing more than to be buried so deep in your ass I don’t know where I end and you start.” Dean’s breath hitched, and he took a step towards Castiel, who gave a teasing grin and held him back. “But if I, an alpha controlled by his knot can hold himself back, then so can you.”

Sniffing, Dean turned away, heading towards the shower. Castiel headed to the bedroom, throwing himself on the bed. Really, what were they going to do? Maybe what Dean needed right now was gentle loving. Castiel could do that. Sometimes he loved laying Dean out, teasing him with gentle kisses and bringing him to the brink over and over again. Castiel loved watching Dean fall apart due to his ministrations. But tonight…

He sighed deeply, feeling his dick throb in his pants. He needed the roughness of a claim. His inner alpha was still growling. He hadn’t even scraped the surface of marking Dean. Sure, his collar was back around Dean’s throat, but Castiel wanted to mark every part of Dean, so there could be no confusion from anyone (least of all Dean), that Dean was a thoroughly owned omega. He wanted to fill Dean with come, breed him, and make it so he never left again.

Rolling onto his side, Castiel huffed. Not that he would do that. He was evolved enough to let Dean have the choice as to what to do with his body. And if a small part of him hoped for pups of their own, well, Castiel just reminded himself that Dean was already more than a handful. The thought brought a smile to Castiel’s face. He already had a pup who he loved. He wasn’t about to go into a decline due to lack of progeny.

Dean… Castiel inhaled sharply, sitting up. Dean was leaning against the door. Damn! He was more caught up in his minds ministrations than he thought, if he hadn’t heard the shower go off, of the door open or… what the fuck?

He growled, leaping up and grabbing Dean’s hands, slamming them against the door frame and forcing them away from his straining cock.

“That’s mine, Dean. You don’t touch it without permission.”

Dean just gave him a defiant look. “You don’t want to touch me, so I don’t see why that’s a problem.”

Oh. Castiel thought he knew where this was going, but just to be sure…

Castiel pulled the door shut behind Dean, crowding him against it. Arms came down on either side, and Dean left his hands where Castiel had placed them while Castiel leant into Dean’s space, lips above Dean’s adam’s apple as he inhaled the scent of omega and arousal. He growled in annoyance. Dean didn’t smell like him. Now that he’d had a shower, the surficial nature of his scenting was apparent.

“You need me, don’t you, Dean.”

Dean’s eyes were closed, but he was nodding.

Castiel’s hand bit into Dean’s hip.

“Answer me, Dean.”

The answer was slow in coming. “Yes… Yes, Cas, I need…”

Castiel made a decision. They needed to talk. They did. But maybe it would go easier after he’d claimed Dean again. Yes… Maybe that was one of the main problems. Dean was filled with uncertainty because Cas wouldn’t alpha up. Time for that to change.

Castiel cut him off. “For tonight I don’t want to hear that. I want to hear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when I ask a question.” He paused, considering. “And you may beg.”

Castiel stilled, biting his lip. He’d be fucking Dean, but he really needed to establish if Dean was comfortable with that tonight, without getting too wordy...

“One more question I need answered with words, and then you know the rules, bitch.” He felt Dean quiver underneath him, cock jumping and leaking at his words, hips twitching with the effort of not thrusting against his alphas firm belly. With his eyes closed, Dean missed the feral grin that slid across Castiel’s face – that was the answer he wanted. Castiel’s inner alpha was prowling, pushing at the edges, wanted nothing more than to claim his omega bitch now that they had sorted that out…

“Safe word or colours?”

Dean didn’t respond. Castiel reached up, yanking his head back, watching in satisfaction as Dean’s eyes flew open. “Safe words or colours, Dean? Choose wisely, because it’s your last choice for the night.”


Dean was floating. Finally Cas was taking charge properly. But he was still asking questions. He should just let Dean float off… as long as he had his alpha’s cock in him, Dean was happy with everything.

The happy thoughts were interrupted as his head was jerked back. Dean purred, stretching his neck further, exposing his too clear throat for his alphas gaze and mouth. For a moment blue eyes blazed at him. Dean licked his lips, prepared for a bite.

That didn’t come. He whimpered, but Castiel just held his head more firmly. “Colours or a safe word. If you can’t choose Dean, I’ll spank your ass red, then put us to bed.”

Dean couldn’t help the tears that flooded his eyes. Cas didn’t want him. There was no other explanation. Why else would he…

Soft lips met his. “I want you, puppy. I want you more than you know. But there are always rules to follow. Rules for me as well as you. And one of my rules is we don’t play if you can’t talk, because if you can’t talk you can’t safeword. Because I don’t feel gentle tonight, Dean.” Castiel’s teeth teased at his ear, little nips soothed with his soft, hot tongue. “Tonight I want to take my bitch, so he never, never forgets again who he belongs to. I want to fuck you into the mattress, keep you stuffed full of cock and come all night. I want to keep you in my arms, and never let you go. I want to remind you that you belong to me.”

The small bites along his jawline were a tease. They would barely pinken, let alone bruise.

“Want you, Cas.”

Castiel spoke into Dean’s throat. “And you can have me, Dean. Just let me know and…”


Dean spoke over his alpha, and the effect was immediate. Cas moved back, swinging him around and slamming him against the door, not giving him any time before his hand rained down on Dean’s ass.

“Is that how you talk me?”

“No… No, sir…” Dean wasn’t ashamed of his breathy moan.

“Good bitch. Now. On the bed.”


Dean followed that order quickly enough. Wiggling out from under Castiel’s body – but making sure to rub his already slick moistened ass against him - Dean was on the bed before Castiel could turn. With movements made confident by shared history, Dean was facing him, sitting on his knees, eyes expectantly on his alpha. Castiel took his time looking him over.

Dean’s eyes were already a little glazed. His sweet cock was red and throbbing, pressed up against his belly. And he hoped it wasn’t just his imagination, but it looked like there might already be a small slick mark on the bed. Throwing his head back and scenting the air it was all sex and slick and Dean. With a healthy amount of alpha pheromones thrown in. Castiel grinned.

“Such a good little bitch you are.” Dean’s breath quickened, and he wriggled slightly on his heels. Cas’s petnames were generally sickly sweet. But when he started calling Dean bitch, he knew he was in for a rough fuck. Luckily, that was exactly what he wanted. “You like being good for me, don’t you?”

Once more, Dean was nodding before Castiel had even finished.

“Ok, Dean, much as I want to bury myself in you, I know one naughty little ass that needs a spanking.” As Dean’s eyes focused, Castiel headed off any defiance. “And if you argue, I will still fuck you. I will still take my time opening you up with my tongue – because I’ve missed your sweet taste, baby. I’ll spread you out and lick you and taste you and tease you, and when you can’t take any more, I’ll fuck you. Fuck you full, over and over. Once I’m in your ass, I don’t think I’ll be leaving it empty any time soon.”

There was definitely a slick spot on the bed now. Dean could lick that up when Castiel licked him, the alpha decided.

“But if you argue with me,” Castiel leaned onto the bed, prowling towards his omega on all fours, stopping right in front of him, so close he could feel Dean’s breath. “You won’t be coming tonight. At. All.”

On the last word he leaned in to kiss Dean, all teeth and tongue and ownership. He pushed forward, revelling in the way Dean easily folded under his body, all soft submission and obedience. Only when Dean was boneless did he pull himself back, seating himself on the edge of the bed.

“So it’s up to you, my precious puppy. Over my lap now, take your spanking like my good little bitch, and be rewarded with as many orgasms as your capable of,” Castiel was a generous alpha. He loved how soft Dean was after he came, playing with his pretty little cock until he was ready again. “Or one word of dissent, and I’ll cage you for the night.” Castiel loved it that way too. Dean was extra whiny and squirmy and begged so sweetly.

Castiel honestly didn’t care what Dean chose. It was win-win for him.


Unsurprisingly, orgasms won.

Dean was over his lap as quickly as he could, before Castiel was ready really, rubbing himself against Castiel’s pants. Well, that wouldn’t do.

A firm hand on Dean’s back to keep him in place, Castiel spread his legs, letting Dean’s leaking cock fall through. If Dean could come by spanking, Castiel wasn’t going to deny him that. Well, not tonight at any rate, but he wasn’t getting any help. By the soft moan beneath him, Dean knew exactly what was going on.

Laughing lowly, Castiel, grabbed one of Dean’s ass cheeks, pulling until he could Dean’s pink and leaking hole. It fluttered in the cool. Very enticing… Cas was tempted to forgo spanking Dean and just fuck him. He ran a finger gently over, watching as Dean clenched on nothing.

“Don’t even need me to stretch you out, do you?”

Dean just panted over his lap. Castiel felt his lips firm. He wasn’t asking much from Dean tonight. But responses to direct questions were a requirement.

Letting go of his asscheek, Castiel watched with a little pout as Dean’s slick covered hole was once more covered. He shook of the melancholy. He’d soon be there. It was second on his To Do list, right after spank naughty omega. And it wasn’t as if he didn’t enjoy spanking Dean. Mind made up, Castiel didn’t warn Dean before his hand came down on Dean’s upturned ass.

“I expect answers to questions, my pretty little bitch. I expect obedience. I expect you to be at the door ready to suck me off the moment I come home.” Ok, so Castiel didn’t really expect that, it was his alpha talking. But Dean’s gasps and wriggles and sighs weren’t from just pain…

Looking at Dean’s pretty red ass, Castiel didn’t even try to restrain his growl, he wanted to be in there, fucking his sweet bitch. Another night he’d take his time, enjoy watching handprints bloom, and getting Dean’s ass to a lovely glow.

Tonight wasn’t that night.

A couple of harder smacks, and he was helping a disoriented Dean to his feet.

“Hands and knees. Now.” A firm swat sent him the right direction, but Dean was all wobbly enthusiasm, practically face planting in his eagerness. Any other time Castiel would have been laughing with him, pulling up for kiss. Not this time. This time as soon as Dean was in position, ass presented, Castiel lent down and bit the red globe.

His belly tightened as Dean moaned, his alpha purring at Dean’s cries of dismay as he sat back. Scanning the bed, he noticed Dean had avoided his previous position, which was currently a beacon of slick soaked bedding. Lifting Dean up, ignoring his squawk, he placed his face over the slick. Dean went to turn away, but a firm hand on the back of his neck stopped him.

“You make a mess, you clean it up, my pretty little pet. Just like I’ll clean you up.”

Suiting words to actions, Castiel’s tongue was sliding up Dean’s thigh. Fuck – he really was dripping. A small moan of embarrassment, which quickly turned to enjoyment, escaped him. Cas’s talented tongue was teasing his sensitive inner thighs. Dean spread his legs slightly, knowingly adding to the slick already dripping down his legs. Castiel’s possessive growl was reward enough – the tongue lapping around his tight little balls an added extra. When Cas got busy, he could spend hours licking Dean’s slick, Dean settled himself on forearms, prepared for an extended treat.

It wasn’t to be though. Castiel shifted back, mouth shiny with Dean. Dean’s head was laying on his arm. Eyes narrowed, as his hand came down on Dean’s ass one, two, three times. He jerked, before turning around, eyes wide, lower lip trembling.

Castiel wasn’t swayed.

“I’m choosing to think you forgot, Dean and are not being wilfully disobedient.”

It was the right guess, if Dean’s wide eyed look was anything to go by. Castiel could practically see what was left of his higher thought functions scrabbling to remember what he was supposed to do. Castiel couldn’t help the thrill of possessive pride: he’s omega was so needy he couldn’t think.

Castiel took his time laying himself over Dean’s body, until lips made contact with Dean’s neck, just under the collar.

“Lick your slick, my pretty little bitch. I’m going to lick your ass as long as you lick slick. And when you’ve finished I’m going to fuck you. Better take a while, sweetheart, because my tongue is all the prep you get.”

Dean was pretty sure that was going to be ok, as he felt another gush of wetness.


Dean, Castiel was pleased to note, was now licking with enthusiasm. It would be churlish to not do the same. Next time he would take his time, nibbling and sucking on Dean’s perfect, little balls, and sucking down that pretty cock, but for now…

Castiel was rewarded with a gasp, both at his firm hands spreading Dean wide, and the feel of his tongue finally - finally - breaching that perfect hole. Castiel enthusiastically licked and sucked. He loved the taste of Dean’s slick, the feel of it covering his face… idly he wondered if he was patient enough to wait for Dean to lick it off before he fucked him. As Dean’s breathy moans punctuated the air knew he didn’t have the patience.

A rise in volume alerted Castiel. Looking between Dean’s thighs, he noted Dean had stopped licking.

“All finished?”

Dean shivered as the growl reverberated through his body.

“Cas..!” he gasped, shuddering as he felt Castiel’s teeth, hand sharp on his inner thigh. Castiel didn’t let up, and Dean cried out, coming as he felt his alphas teeth finally break the skin.


Licking at the blood, Castiel’s hand drifted up between Dean’s legs, capturing his cock as it gave it’s final twitch. Without pausing, Castiel grasped Dean’s soft little cock, eliciting a small moan from the omega.

“Nice and soft now.” Dean gently tried to dislodge Castiel’s hand, but failed dismally and was punished with a firmer grip.

“Cas… Sir…”

Castiel released Dean’s cock. It wasn’t like he wasn’t going to get his hands on it again, and Dean’s ass was just begging to be filled. Grasping Dean’s hips again, Castiel held him still. The omega whined, and tried to push back, but Castiel could easily hold him – a thought that had his cock throbbing with pride.

Biting his lip, Castiel looked at the picture Dean’s ass made. Spit and slick shiny hole presented just so… this was all it went wrong last night. That wasn’t happening again. But Castiel wanted – needed this to be just right. This was an alpha claiming his omega bitch. Castiel squeezed harder. Pale bruises were present from last night. He would replace each and every one. He had to. Releasing Dean suddenly, the omega fell backwards.

Hmmmm… Castiel had been holding him more firmly than he realised. Eyes immediately zeroed on the finger marks gracing Dean’s hips. By tomorrow they would be dark. Dark enough to feed his need to mark his omega. Castiel squeezed the base of his cock. If he didn’t plant himself inside Dean now, it wasn’t going to happen tonight, and that was unacceptable.

“Knees now,” he barked. “Hold yourself open for me. Time to fuck my pretty little bitch like he needs.”

Dean’s groan was smothered in the sheets. But that perfect ass was now on display Castiel lined up before slowly inching forward. He watched with wide-eyed possessive fascination as Dean’s ass spread for his cock. He eased forward. So slick. So smooth. So easy. Keeping up the slow slide, he watched Dean’s ass swallow his cock. When he was balls deep, he took a deep breath. Finally! Finally buried in his omega, right where he wanted to be.

“Knew you were made for it, bitch. Didn’t burn at all did it? Always ready for cock…”

Dean was shaking under him. Like a good bitch, his hands were still on his ass, spreading himself for his alphas pleasure.

“Still… so hot, so smooth… and tight.” Castiel grunted, snapping his hips forward to get that little bit deeper.

“Arms in front Dean. You’ve been a good boy.”

Castiel kept still as Dean shifted his arms to beneath his head, attempting to centre himself for what he knew was coming. Leaning over his mate, Castiel mouthed at Dean’s neck – all teeth and nipping. No biting yet. That was for when he tied himself to his pet.

“Going to fuck you now. Remind you who is the bitch here, and who is alpha.”

It wasn’t really like he needed the reminder. After all, he was the one with a cock up his ass right now. But if Cas felt the need to remind him, well, he’d welcome that too.


Dean was jerked forward, barely catching himself before he face planted on the bed. The thust hadn’t been hard, but it hard been unexpected. Castiel withdrew only to slam in again.

“I wonder what you’re thinking about now, my pretty little bitch?” Castiel snarled. “The only thing in your head should be me. Just like right now I am in,” he jerked forward, but this time Dean was ready, only grunting at the impact, “inside you. Me Dean, your alpha. And if I’m your alpha, what does that make you?”

Castiel had obviously forgotten he’d told Dean he only needed to answer yes or no. But Dean pulled himself together, because this was Cas, his alpha who he’d run out on. Who hadn’t been able to find him and was only now taking complete ownership. For Castiel, Dean found the words.

“Yours, Cas!”

It wasn’t good enough though. Castiel slammed in again

“My what, Dean? My what?”

Dean had to think about it? What was he? Cas’s beloved. His pet. His pretty one. His omega, sweetheart, princess and…

“Bitch! I’m your bitch, Ca...sir…”

Dean caught himself, but Castiel was beyond caring. Which was good, as Dean was beyond speaking. Castiel didn’t give him a chance to say anything else anyway. He just grabbed Dean’s hips again, holding him steady before pulling out. He paused a moment, looking at the way Dean’s shiny hole flexed, wanting nothing more than to be filled again. Castiel gladly complied, slamming back into his mate.

Dean’s hands had slipped at the force of Castiel’s thrusts. His hands grasped uselessly at the sheets, unable to stabilise himself before Cas slammed into him again. Gasping into the sheets, Dean could only take it.

It had been long… too long since his mate had his hands, his mouth, his cock in him like this. Dean tried to spread his legs wider, allowing Castiel easier access, but the alpha growled, fingers slipping lower and digging into flesh of Dean’s thighs.

“You don’t move, Dean. You take what I give you.”

And what option did Dean have? He could only melt under his alpha.


Castiel slammed back into Dean. Distantly he thought it might be nice to slow down, admire the way his cock split Dean’s ass, to caress the read cheeks, feel his pup wriggle underneath him, begging for more and more and more…

But he couldn’t. His alpha snarled, his body refused to slow. Right now he was claiming his bitch, reminding him who owned him. Buried balls deep in his omega - his omega - Castiel’s need to claim, to mark, to own overrode his higher order thinking. As his knot started to swell, he thrust into the willing bitch below him. He needed to knot him – and soon.

“Fuck, Dean. I knew you’d be ready. Always ready for cock, aren’t you? But not just any cock,” he added on a growl. “My cock. Because you’re mine aren’t you, Dean?”

“Yours!” Dean managed to gasp out, struggling to catch his breath as he felt Cas’s knot start to swell, catching at the edge of his well fucked hole.

He gave no warning. With a growl Castiel snapped his hips forward one last time, feeling his knot swell as he pushed it past Dean’s rim, hands kneading Dean’s hips as he felt Dean’s ass clamp down on him.

Beneath him, Dean gasped at the feeling of full, as Castiel ground into him, feeling his balls tighten painfully before he exploded into Dean. His hands drifted up Dean’s body, tugging at the collar before he grasped Dean tightly around the chest, pulling him and putting his teeth to the back of Dean’s neck and biting.

Good bitch that he was, Dean lay soft and pliant in his alpha’s arms. When Castiel released his neck, he waited for him to lick and sick the renewed claim mark, before turning his head, lips parted in a silent request for his alphas mouth. Castiel’s mouth was demanding, but Dean willingly gave: he was Castiels’.

Releasing his mouth, Castiel caught Dean’s jaw, just staring at Dean. His Dean. Dean’s eyes were glazed and blown. He looked perfectly fucked out. Which was as it should be. Castiel ground lazily against Dean, feeling his cock twitch as he further filled his omega.

With a start, he realised he didn’t know if Dean had come. He released Dean’s jaw, running his hand down Dean’s body – taking time to tweak his peaked nipples before grasping Dean’s (happily) flaccid and sticky cock.

“Oh such a good bitch,” he purred, fondling Dean’s until he mewled in discomfort, overstimulated and sensitive. “Coming on your alpha’s cock.”

Dean batted at Castiel’s hand. Castiel growled, which died down as soon as Dean bared his throat. Castiel immediately grabbed Dean's collar, pulling his closer as he brought his teeth down, reminding Dean who was in charge. Although he stopped fondling Dean's sensitive dick, he didn’t remove his hand, choosing instead to cup Dean in his hand. “I love that your just a handful, Dean.”

Dean huffed – half insulted, half amused. “We can’t all have giant cocks, Cas.”

Castiel laughed lazily into Dean’s neck. Turning them on their sides, he trapped Dean’s feet between his own, pulling him back into the cradle of hips, as close as humanly possible.

“C’mon, Cas! I need a bit more space than that.”

Growling sleepily, Castiel replied. “Not tonight. Maybe not ever. Don’t know when I’m letting you out of my arms again.” Castiel’s arm slid over Dean’s waist, hand once more cupping Dean’s flaccid cock.


Dean started to complain, but was interrupted by an angry growl. “Mine.”

Ok… Dean was still all in alpha mode. He was tied to his bitch and that was how it was going to stay.

For tonight at least.

Not that Dean had any complaints. Cas had given him exactly what he wanted. Dean was finally, finally home, held between his alpha’s knot and his strong arms. Though Dean would deny until the day he died, he snuggled in closer and fell asleep with a smile on his lips.

Chapter 8 | Chapter 10


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