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Chapter 14 | Chapter 16

“What the fuck did you say to Sam?”

Castiel had hoped that his household would settle into peace and harmony. He’d hoped that having Sam here would make Dean happy, that Dean would gradually lose his defensiveness, and become the soft, happy puppy he’d been before he’d left on that road trip with Sam. Everyone acknowledged there was an issue in the house. Everyone wanted it solved. But despite the enthusiastic agreement of Castiel and both Winchesters to work together and follow the house rules, that had not happened.

So despite the fact that he was desperately needed to be at the office, Castiel was attempting to work from home. He couldn’t leave without world war three breaking out. He’d tried exactly once. And the result hadn’t been pretty. He’d walked in on a screaming match, and when both pups had turned on him, well... Castiel had immediately send them both to a corner. Dean had gone without a word. He knew Castiel's expressions well. Sam… Sam was learning. And the latest lesson was no one in Castiel's house was above a spanking.

Castiel's intervention met with mixed results. Sam had been downright amenable since that day. Dean on the other hand... Dean wasn't ready to make peace. It took two, and the current morning’s ceasefire lasted exactly seven minutes and eleven seconds from the time Castiel entered his office.

It was a daily occurrence, one Castiel was very keen to change, and the alpha didn’t even look up as Dean stormed into his study. Today Dean was particularly strident, and though he was unimpressed, Castiel took his time to finish reading the paragraph: Castiel’s office was for work, and they’d established early on that unless it was an emergency, Dean would wait.

A temper tantrum was not an emergency.

Carefully saving his file, Castiel closed his laptop and looked up to see his red faced and furious mate. Dean hated being ignored, but this reaction was far in excess given what had - or had not - occurred. Dean had barged into Castiel's space, and no conversation between Sam and Castiel had taken place.

“What makes you think Sam and I have been conversing?”

Although Castiel kept his tone mild, he could hear teeth snap together. And unless his alpha senses failed him – which they most certainly did not – Dean’s muttered words indicated that Castiel was a fucking douchebag. Closing his eyes, Castiel took a deep breath. He was done with this.


He waiting until Dean muttered an apology before continuing. “You do realise we can’t keep doing this? That we have household rules – for a reason – and that basic politeness is fundamental to all of our family interactions?”

Dean flushed bright red. Castiel calmly watched as Dean’s mouth opened and closed a few times – surprising lack of words from his mouthy omega – before he valiantly battled on. “I am polite, Cas, it’s just-“

Castiel growled lowly, and Dean shut his mouth.

“You are aware of how I feel about lying.”

Surprisingly, Dean could turn an even brighter red. He muttered another apology, and Castiel took pity on him. But, he decided, this was the last time. There were going to be changes.

“Both Sam and yourself have already had conversations over my knee about acceptable behaviour. Behaviour that we all agreed to, Dean. And if Sam is not following the house rules, then of course I want to discuss it. And the same goes for you." Castiel let a sharp note enter his voice, before softening it again. "Now, pup. What reprehensible behaviour has your brother been inflicting on you?”


Scowling at the floor (rather than his alpha), Dean carefully chose his next words. Because it was obvious that Cas had put up with about as much sass as he was willing to take. Not that there had been much sass, but Dean definitely could have reconsidered barging into the office. And snarling at Cas. And calling him a fucking douchebag. Wincing internally, Dean reflected that really he could have approached this quite differently.

Sighing, Dean finally spat out, “He’s being quiet and considerate and giving me these understanding fucking looks!”

And yes, he knew exactly how weak that sounded. But it didn’t make it any less true!


Covering his eyes with his hand, Castiel breathed deeply. He was never sure whether Dean and Sam’s relationship was hilarious or tragic. Despite his incredulity, he did understand where his pup was coming from. Sam was so very earnest in everything he did. However, being sincere and understanding was acceptable behaviour in this house. And when Castiel pointed that out, he couldn’t help but enjoy his pups’ surly pout.

“That’s not the point, Cas! If you had him on your back all day, being so fucking understan–“

“Actually, Dean, that really is the point.” Castiel decided to stop him right there. “And such a flimsy excuse. Sam is being too nice? That's ridiculous Dean, and it does make me wonder what this is really about. ”

Castiel eyed his omega. “I’m more than happy to continue this conversation with you over my knee, Dean. I know that helps you to think a little more clearly, and I am certainly keen to have this finished once and for all.” Castiel held out an imperious hand. “It finishes today, Dean, so if you’d like to come here…”


Dean knew he should stay. He knew he should just tell Cas he was scared that Sam was going to leave him again. But Dean couldn’t tell his alpha that. Because it was fucking pathetic and not up to him. Sammy was an adult who would do what he wanted. So instead of crying out his distress on his alpha’s broad shoulders – who would totally fix that shit – Dean was backing out the door.

“No, no, that’s fine. I’m fine and Sam’s fucking perfect and can do no wrong. I’ll go and be emotional and do omega shit, shall I?”


As Dean shut the door, very carefully, Castiel didn’t know whether to laugh or haul his disrespectful brat over his knee. That was the best option. Really, all he wanted was a happy omega, sated with more sex than the two of them could handle. It didn’t seem like too much to ask.

Sighing, Castiel knew he’d get no more work done. Really, he’d be out of a job if this kept up. His thoughts were filled with Dean and Dean's unhappiness, not ledgers and numbers, and until this issue was resolved, he was unlikely to get anything done. Usually, Castiel would let Dean talk himself out over Castiel’s knee. Dean became very talkative once his bottom reached a certain shade of red. But Castiel had never seen Dean so unwilling to acknowledge an issue, which of course made it very hard to resolve.

Castiel had been working under the assumption that it was better to have Sam here. That Sam and Dean would supportive each other, maybe even be a good influence on each other. Dean would have another alpha who loved him, who he could depend on, and Sam would have an omega to care for. But maybe, as much as the brothers loved each other, that wasn't going to work.Maybe... maybe it would be best for both the pups if Sam moved out? Wincing, Castiel could just imagine Dean’s reaction. A big part of Dean wanted his brother here. And of course Castiel genuinely enjoyed the younger Alpha’s company. But this couldn’t go on.

Gazing at his steepled fingers, Castiel considered his next move.


Dean’s mood didn’t improve. Sam and Castiel sat in companionable silence in the lounge room, while Dean sulked in kitchen, making his displeasure known by loudly slamming everything on the bench.

Dean was pushing, but Castiel wasn’t quite ready to spank Dean. Correction: Dean wasn’t quite ready to be spanked. Castiel had been ready to discipline his disrespectful brat since before he barged into Castiel’s study. But Castiel was well versed in the Art of Dean, and a spanking this moment would not be beneficial.

Still, Castiel wasn't going to let such behaviour go un-noted.

“Bad pups who can’t keep their temper under control get to spend more time on the leash. Trust me when I say I am completely ok with this, Dean. ”

The silence was deafening.

While Castiel sent a pointed look towards the kitchen, Sam went on reading his book, not even looking up to check on Dean. Was that the problem? Now that Sam had… considerably less issue with household rules, Dean was feeling ignored? Maybe Dean just needed some attention. And Castiel definitely needed his cuddly pup in his arms. He missed his happy pup.


Operation Cuddle the Pup was put on hold when Dean forgot himself enough to tell Castiel to fuck off.

Castiel didn’t even have to say anything before Dean had thrown himself ass up over Castiel’s lap.

Brows drawn together in a frown, Castiel toyed with the waistband of Dean’s green panties. Slowly he pulled them down, revealing his pups’ shapely – and currently pale – buttocks. He watched the muscles flex as Dean waited for the Castiel’s hand to descend. But, Castiel decided on how to discipline his pet. And Dean wasn’t in the right frame of mind.


Instead he gently placed his hand at the small of Dean’s back, and rubbed slow, soothing circles into the tight muscles.

This wasn’t what Dean wanted.

Pushing himself up, he twisted around to glare at his alpha. “C'mon, Cas! I did the wrong thing, I know. I was... really... rude. Can you just spank me? I’m sorry and I shouldn’t have said it.”

Tempting offer though it was-

“Don’t worry, pup. I will be spanking you. Although I do appreciate the apology.” Castiel continued to rub Dean’s back until with a huff Dean let his body fall forward again, relaxed over Castiel's lap.

“But before we do that, we need to talk.”

Dean went to sit up again, but Castiel’s hand was there to gently push him back down. “I think you listen best like this, Dean.”

“But Samm-“

Sam looked up from his book, and smiled at Dean. “Oh, don’t mind me.”

Sam looked like he was going to say more, but instead shrugged and went back to his book, losing interest in Dean’s tantrum. Castiel's attention was all on Dean, as he squirmed around, trying to sit up and argue. Castiel was going to nip that behaviour bud.

“That’s quite enough, Dean.”

This time Castiel did bring his hand down on Dean’s pert behind – one, two, three times until Dean was lax over his lap. Lax, but not lacking in attitude.

“Thought you weren’t going to spank me.”

“Hmmm.” Castiel rubbed the barely pinkened globes. “I must admit to being a little confused. I mean, for you to mistake that for a spanking means that I haven’t been spanking you. And if I haven’t been spanking you that means-“

Sam was paying more attention than Castiel realised. The edges of his mouth turned up as he filled in the blanks. Dean, however, wasn’t paying attention, still grumbling at the unfairness of it all. If Sam hadn’t been there, Castiel would have rolled his eyes.

“- you’ve been behaving, and correct me if you think I’m wrong, Dean, but I don’t think I’ve been seeing your best behaviour.”

His squirmy pup stilled. Yeah, that was what he thought.

“And I’ve been trying to think of what could be causing this. Because if you don’t tell me what is bothering you, pup, I can’t help. Right now, and I will be honest, Dean, I’m disappointed that you haven’t come to me, that this brattish behaviour has been a constant. Acting out is not how we deal with problems in this house.”

Castiel could scent the distress coming off Dean. Despite Dean’s pushing and bratting, he hated to disappoint his alpha. So Castiel was extremely careful to only use the word when that was the case.

“Cas, I-“

“It would have been acceptable to speak to Sam. Or Gabriel. Or a friend. Anyone. Because I hate seeing you upset, Dean, and I know I can’t always be the one to fix things, but if you don’t tell me, I can’t help. And if you don’t tell me, I can’t understand why you continue to act out.”


Dean’s voice trailed off, and Castiel waited to see if he would continue. When no words were forthcoming, Castiel continued.

“Regardless, Dean, this behaviour - your behaviour? It is not acceptable. Aside from the fact that you are flagrantly disrespecting the house rules – our rules, Dean – you are unhappy. I hate seeing you upset, pup, and I understand that you are independent and have respected your need to deal with it alone But you are not. So it stops. And we are going to deal with it now.Are you ready to discuss the problem?”

Dean growled over his lap. “I don’t have to discuss things, Cas!”

Castiel nodded. “True. Unless I decide that you are not dealing with it, and for the health and happiness of our relationship, it needs to be openly discussed. And in case I failed to make it clear, Dean, we’ve reached that point. So I’ll ask you one more time: are you ready discuss the issue?”

“Bite me, Cas!”

Which really, was as good as a hand engraved invitation. Spreading his legs, he let Dean’s soft cock fall between his thighs, didn't want that getting chafed. As Castiel's legs shifted, so did Dean, and wrapping one arm around Dean’s waist, Castiel pulled Dean in snug against his body. Dean could flap and flail all he liked, but he’d be going nowhere without Castiel’s permission.

“Do you know why we are doing this Dean?”

Dean mumbled something, and Castiel brought his hand down on Dean’s left cheek.

“Clear voice please.”

“Because I yelled at Sam.”

Castiel shook his head. “No, Dean. We dealt with that. Both you and Sam got a spanking.”

Sam’s cheeks flushed slightly, and Dean sniggered. Cheeky brat knew exactly what he was saying.

“No, this is because you have been rude, and defiant, and unhappy. And instead of solving the problem, or asking for help, you’ve been behaving like a self indulgent two year old.”

Castiel brought his hand down in a flurry of swats. Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. He spanked until the globes were nicely heated and glowing, before pausing.

“We talk about things in this house, Dean. We certainly don’t yell at each other. And we respect each other. You, Dean,” and Castiel did not hold back. He felt a certain satisfaction in the give and shake of Dean’s ass. “Have not been respectful. You haven’t respected me. You haven’t respected Sam. And you haven’t respected yourself.”

Dean was crying wetly against Castiel’s leg. Castiel took a moment to rub his back gently. He wasn’t ready to soothe that glowing ass. This conversation was far from over.

“Are you ready to tell me what’s been bothering you, pup?”

Rubbing his running nose against Castiel’s trouser leg, Dean stubbornly held his silence. Castiel allowed that silence, just rubbing Dean’s back until he bit out, “I told you there’s no problem.”

Castiel continued his gently rubbing a moment, before moving his hand to rest on the under curve of Dean’s ass. Said ass flexed beneath his delicate touch.

“I want to believe you, Dean. And I would, were it not for the last three times we have been at this very point. Just know, pup, we are getting to the bottom,” and Castiel couldn’t resist curving his hand around Dean’s plump cheek, “of this.”

Castiel felt Dean’s belly heave against his thigh, as his brat drew in a breath to argue. But enough was enough.

“Please let me know when you are ready to talk.”

Settling himself more comfortably, and making sure he still had a firm hold on Dean, Castiel peppered spanks on Dean’s milky thighs, and sensitive sit spots. Dean jerked, and emitted one “Cas!” before settling into stoic silence. Not that that lasted long.

“No, Cas! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll stop!”

Castiel’s hand didn’t stop. “Are you ready to discuss the problem with me?”

Castiel held his hand above Dean’s ass, as his pup wavered. Too long. Sighing, Castiel applied himself more firmly to the curves of Dean’s ass, a firm, repetitive ciruit covering both Dean’s cheeks. Dean hated it. He hated knowing exactly where Castiel’s palm would land next. Although, as far as Castiel was concerned, Dean was lucky not to be paddled.

It wasn't long before Dean gave in. “It’s Sam! It’s Sam! Sammy…”

And his beautiful brat dissolved into heart breaking sobs. Sam’s head had jerked up as soon as Dean spoke his name. While Castiel’s focus was all on his sobbing pup, he could scent the confusion and distress from the young alpha. After he’d gathered Dean in his arms, carefully arranging him so his tender behind was protected from the material of his trousers, Castiel tucked Dean’s head under his chin, holding him close. A quick look revealed Sam’s expression to be just as confused and distressed as his scent.

“Ok, Dean. Thank you for telling me. Can you tell me more, please? What exactly has Sam done?”

There was a moment of tense silence. And then Dean spilled everything. His fears on Sam leaving, his fears that he was keeping him here, that Sam would get sick of him and just leave and it would be like Stanford, that Sam didn’t love him...

“Oh, puppy.” Castiel scented along the top of Dean's head. But he let him cry it out, just rocking him and murmuring soothing noises. This had obviously been going on since… since when? Since Sam went to Stanford? No wonder it had been hard to talk about. They sat there, Castiel holding Dean tightly until the sobbing had petered off into sniffles and coughs.

Drawing a breath, Castiel’s tried to think of the best way to approach this, when his concentration was broken by the thump of Sam tumbling off the sofa. The young alpha knee walked across to Castiel, where he grasped Dean’s hands.


Dean just sniffled and attempted to bury his head in Castiel’s shoulder.

“Dean. I need you to look at me.”

“Go ‘way, Sammy. I know I’m pathetic.”

Oh, that kind of talk wasn’t on. He wasn’t sure how he was going to address it, but Castiel added it to his mental list Dean Care. Sam was persevering with Dean.

“Dean, please look at me.”

Sam was patient, waiting until Dean peeked out. He didn’t let go of Dean’s hands, just stared at his brother, until Dean fidgeted.

“I need you to listen to me.” Sam’s voice was low and serious. Castiel felt himself paying attention.

As soon as he was sure he Dean was looking at him, he continued. “I’m not planning on going anywhere. I’m here, and for now it’s home. I know it might not be forever,” Sam raised his voice slightly, as Dean went to interrupt, “and if I do decide to move, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you months before that I am looking and months before that I've found somewhere. Because I'm not going to run out, Dean, and I am never, never going to leave you like that again. Do you understand?”

Luckily Castiel’s hold on Dean was loose, as his omega threw himself at Sam. Sam grunted as over six foot of omega pushed him to the ground. However, when Dean glued to Sam, sobbing wordless apologies against his brother’s chest, Sam just sighed and wrapped his arms around his brother.

And Castiel finally felt that tension in his belly unknot. While Dean was otherwise engaged, he shook his hands, grimacing. He was either going to have to spank Dean more often, or keep a paddle somewhere handy, because his palms were now tender. It was worth it though, he thought, as he looked at his omega safe in Sam’s arms. And Dean hadn’t pulled his panties up, so that was a nice view of Dean’s extremely red thighs and ass. Although Castiel felt his cock stir, he ignored it. Not that he was ashamed of loving his mates red ass, but they weren't quite finished.


Dean sniffled but turned to look at his alpha. Cas’s expression was soft, but his eyes were firm.

“Thank you for being so honest. But now I need you to think about how we could have handled that in a much more timely and, dare I say it, less emotional manner.” He held a hand up, staving off an argument. “I think I’ve had quite enough defiance for today.”

Sighing, Dean extracted himself from Sam’s arms, and his hand’s drifted to the scraps of lace bunched around his knees. He paused and looked back at Castiel, who smiled.

“Thank you for asking, pup. Yes, you may pull them up today. Now, corner.”


After Dean managed his time out without further incident, Castiel pulled him in for a hug.

“Thank you, Dean. You were very well behaved.”

Dean sniffed, but didn’t argue. Kissing the top of Dean’s head, Castiel rocked him a moment, before setting him on his feet.

“Go choose a movie for us, pup. We can watch it before bed.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed, but before he can cause himself trouble, Castiel cut him off.

“You’re tired, Dean. You’ve been upset for days, and now you have two choices: movie and then bed, or bed.”

Dean’s dropped jaw was a pleasure to behold. “Why… you! If I…”

A light pat to Dean’s behind and Castiel sent him towards the TV room. “Choose a movie, pet.”

Dean strode towards the door, before stopping and turning. “Any movie I want?”

Castiel nodded, but Sam interjected. “Please not Die Hard.”

Dean’s looks is victorious. “Sorry, Sammy. It’s whatever movie I want.”

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