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Chapter 5 | Chapter 7

Castiel couldn’t remember what he had planned when he entered the room: all plans for a slow seduction went by the wayside at Dean’s teasing. All thoughts of gentleness were lost as he touched and tasted and inhaled the scent of Dean. His omega.

Castiel gripped Dean’s hips, enjoying Dean’s little moans of discomfort, and the stark contrast between the white pressure marks of fingers against the hot red flush of Dean’s skin. He revelled in the knowledge that these marks would soon bruise up, simply more evidence of his claim.

He rutted against Dean’s ass, enjoying the rough caress of denim. Dean’s choked little moans were music to his ears. He’d barely touched his pet, and already he was losing himself to pleasure. But Castiel wasn’t ready for that. He was setting the pace tonight. With a feral grin he pulled right back, enjoying Dean’s disappointed moan. Dean’s ass made a pretty picture, although when his eye glanced across Dean’s shadowed pucker, without permission Castiel’s hands held a red globe in each hand. He pulling them wide, exposing Dean. He lowered his face, blowing gently across the dripping hole.

“I can tell you’ve missed this,” he murmured, watching Dean’s asshole flutter under the cool stream of air, just begging to be filled.

Without warning, Castiel felt anger wash over him. Dean should never have been able to miss this. As his alpha, Castiel should have been taking care of all his omega’s needs. Instead, Dean had left him, run away to cause trouble... Castiel’s fingers tightened once more, until Dean gave a grunt of pain. Castiel released his hands, hands cupping Dean’s ass cheeks, following their slow movement until once more Dean’s hole was shadowed and hidden from view. He sighed a little sadly. It was such a pretty sight. But it would prettier fucked open and dripping with his come. He felt his cock throb, pushing against his self-imposed restrictions. Soon, he promised himself. Soon.

As soon as his naughty pet begged for it.

He thoughtfully ran a finger along Dean’s crack, listening to the gasp as he pushed just the tip in.

“Tell me what you want, Dean.”

Dean growled. Castiel heaved a silent sigh. The attitude was not entirely unexpected. Dean hated asking for what he wanted. But Castiel needed to know. Right now, he was on the edge, and once he started? He wasn’t going to be able to hold back. Not waiting wasn’t an option.

A smile ghosted across his face, as Dean groaned. If the waiting happened to torment his pup? Well, that was just an added bonus

“Cas! Move!”

Castiel growled. “Is this how you show me what a polite, well-behaved pet you are?”

He heard Dean swallow, could smell the sweet scent of his arousal deepen. Castiel idly stroked his finger over Dean’s fluttering hole. “I thought you were going to show me what a good boy you were. That means obedience, Dean. Now,” and Castiel actively allowed his alpha to bleed through. “Tell me what you want.”


Despite his need, his desperate little moans and pants, Dean attempted to stay still, to not push back on his alphas finger. He wanted Cas in him. He needed Cas in him. Why wasn’t he doing anything? So filled with need, Dean couldn’t hear Cas’s words. Could only feel…

“Tell me what you want.”

Dean couldn’t stop his keening. Why was he asking again? Cas knew! Cas always knew. He didn’t care how or what. Why was he asking again??

“Cas, I swear…”

Before he could finish complaining Castiel dropped his hands from Dean’s ass, draping himself over Dean’s body. Before Dean could push back, he was pushed into the bed, Castiel’s hand sharply tugging his head back.

“Is that how you ask for what you want, Dean?” He growled again, before nipping up the side of Dean’s throat. “I’ll happily give you what you need. But you need to tell me… to show me.”

Abruptly, Dean was released. He lay gasping a few moments, before looking back over his shoulder. He bit his lip at the sight of Castiel’s lust filled eyes. Eyes greedily running over him. Tell him… show him… Dean could do that.

Taking a deep breath, Dean pulled himself up onto his hands and knees. He gracefully dropped his chest to the mattress, before reaching behind to spread himself for his alpha. He looked over his shoulder, and felt heat pool in his stomach at the possessive, aroused expression on Cas’s face.

Castiel didn’t bother to stop himself. Dean’s coy expression as he glanced over his shoulder removed the last of his reserve. Pouncing, he held his hands over Dean’s, pushing them further apart.

“Tell me, pet.”

There was no disobeying the order.

“Please Alpha! Please fuck me, knot me. Come in me…” Dean’s eyes fluttered shut and his voice dropped off as Castiel finally – finally – put his tongue to good use, licking a wet, warm stripe from the length of his crack. His tongue teased at Dean’s hole and Dean forced himself to stay still, to not move back at all. He knew the rules well enough – take what Cas gave him. If he moved now, Cas would stop. And Dean had been dreaming of that tongue.

But Cas stopped.

“Alpha!” Dean couldn’t stop the wail.

“You stopped talking, Dean. As long as you keep telling me what you want, I’ll keep doing this.”

And Cas’s tongue was back, teasing at the edges, licking at his slick.

“You taste so good, Dean.” Castiel’s voice was a low growl. “I love feeling you come apart under my tongue. I love feeling you gush and leak.” Castiel dropped him head, licking Dean’s slick from his thighs. “So wet, Dean. And just for me.”

The last was growled into Dean’s skin. He felt it reverberate through is body. He loved the deep, dark tones. It lit a fire in his belly, one that could only be quenched on the end of his alpha’s cock.


Castiel’s hand came down firmly on Dean’s upturned ass.

“You don’t want to listen to your alpha? Is this really the way you want to play it, Dean?”

“No, Cas! I’m sorry… I…” Dean closed his eyes. He could do this. He could say what he was feeling. He was just out of practise. “I was just enjoying your voice. The way it makes me feel.”

Castiel dropped a kiss on Dean’s hole. It winked at him, dripping slick, attempting to entice him to taste, to take.

“And how does my voice make you feel, pup.”

There was a longer pause. But Castiel gave him time. This was hard for Dean. Even when he was regularly talking about what he liked, it was hard. And now after six months? Castiel hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as drawing teeth…

“It makes me feel owned, alpha. Safe.” Dean had been speaking quietly, but his voice dropped even lower. “Loved.”

Where Dean’s ass cheek still bloomed red, Castiel dropped a kiss. “Such a good boy for me. I know that was hard, Dean. And I am proud of you. However, if you want me to eat you out,” and here Cas ran a taunting finger along Dean’s puffy rim, pushing lightly so he could watch Dean clench, “You should continue to tell me what you want.”

Dean moaned as Cas finally, finally let his tongue dip in.

And then the fucking bastard fucking stopped. Again.

“This is your last warning. If I don’t hear from you, I stop.”

One day he’d learn to not push Cas to the last warning. Unfortunately today wasn’t that day. Dean was keen to rectify his mistake.

“I love your tongue, Cas! I love – ahh – how strong it is, how long it is. You go so deep, and the Jesus fucking Christ! the noises you make! The way you enjoy it…”

Castiel really did enjoy it. Dean always tasted so good, and the sweet moans he made were blissful. Castiel also enjoyed making Dean talk when he’d rather be panting into the mattress. The way he tried so hard, like right now, the way he was now trying to be good and keep talking…

“I love your cock, Cas. I love how wide your knot stretches me,” Dean shivered. “Fucking love the stretch, and…” Dean lost his train of thought as Castiel nibbled on his rim. That felt so fucking good. Maybe he could just come from this?

Unable to stop himself, Dean pushed back, feeling Cas’s tongue just that bit deeper and just a bit more and…



“Cas, I…”

But Castiel had already dropped his hands, and was sitting back.

Dean went to release his ass, wanting nothing more than to cover his face and hide his mortification, but Castiel’s voice stopped him.

“Did I tell you to move?”

Dean mutely shook his head, blinking back tears. Fuck. Again. He’d let Cas down again. All he had to do was say what he wanted, and that had been a fucking fight. And now? He couldn’t even stay still when his alpha requested it. He was fucking useless. Why did Cas take him back anyway?

The dark thoughts were interrupted by Castiel rubbing Dean’s hip gently. “Verbal responses, sweetheart.”

Dean opened his mouth to respond. He wanted to obey. He desperately wanted to obey… but he couldn’t get the words out. A choked sob, but no words.

“Oh, Dean.”

Between one breath and the next, Castiel had swept Dean into his arms. Holding him almost like a baby, Dean struggled, wanted to sit up, to not have to look, to not be seen. Castiel’s grip, however, was very firm.

“No, Dean. Right now we are going to sit like this. I want to see you.” A gentle finger came up, traced up his cheek before catching the overflowing tears. Pulling Dean up straighter, Castiel kissed his temple, before running kisses down to his, kissing and licking the tears away. He regretfully sat up, fingers replacing his lips on Dean’s face.

“My precious puppy. I love you so very much. Do you have any idea how much I love you? I love everything about you. The difficult things as well as the easy things.” Castiel paused, to gather his thoughts. “I love it when you’re a good boy. And you are good for me, Dean. So good. You’re beautiful when you try so hard to please me. And don’t be mistaken. You do please me, very much.” A soft smile crossed his face, and he continued. “I love you when your pushing me. I even love that you push me. It is my honour to be your alpha, and you make me a strong alpha, Dean. You. You with your cheeky ways, and strong opinions.”

Dean gazed at him. He knew this – kinda. Cas told him all the time how much he loved him. But it never made sense. It still didn’t. He wasn’t easy at all.

“I love the challenge you are, Dean.” And it was like Cas could read his mind. “I love your cooking. I love seeing you in the kitchen. I love that you make try new things that you think’ll I’ll like. You make them for me, Dean.” Cas kissed him again, this time letting his lips brush the corned of Dean’s mouth. “I love that you take care of me.”

Dean wanted to look away. He didn’t deserve this! Any of it. He was just trouble and Cas was so much better than that. But even as Cas’s hand kept his face in place, it was his eyes that caught him. Dean couldn’t look away from the sheer sincerity they radiated.

“Have I told you I love watching you in your studio? Oh, the finished product is always amazing, but they way you go about it? Your passion and concentration? Inspiring Dean. Inspiring. You have such confidence and grace when you move around. And when that is directed at me? I’m the luckiest man on earth.” Dean’s breath hitched, but Castiel ignored it, continuing with his list. “I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but I love fucking you. I love how hot and tight your ass is. I love watching you writhe on my knot. When my come drips from your ass…” Castiel cleared his throat, and Dean could hear the slight alpha growl there. “Let’s just say I love it a lot. I love taking you apart and putting you back together.”

“ But most of all I love it when you’re happy. Seeing you laugh and smile, well, one of the many highlights of my life with Dean Winchester-Novak. You try so hard for me, Dean. I know you want to be a good boy for me. I’m so proud of you. And just then? You were doing your best. I couldn’t ask for anything more.” He cuddled Dean closer, catching his chin with one finger, making sure Dean kept looking at him.

“It’s the game we play. There are rules, there are consequences. If you don’t do what I ask, then something happens – something you don’t like. But I am always proud of you Dean. And I always love you.”

“Ca-a-as…” Dean stammered the word out.

Castiel just stroked his hair. His poor puppy. So many feelings and he’d never been good at talking about any of them. He lay gentle kisses along his jaw, feeling the tension.

“Whatever you need to say, Dean, I’m listening.”

Dean closed his eyes. He didn’t know what he wanted to say. He didn’t know why he reacted like that. There’d been plenty of times in the past when Cas had just stopped. Or when he’d just pushed Dean down and fucked him with no consideration for Dean’s pleasure. Or teased him to the brink of orgasm until he was a sobbing, begging mess.

Dean thought that might have been their night. He could have apologised with his body, and then they could move on. Instead…



Dean felt guilty. He’d left his alpha, without even a backward glance. Sure, he’d felt bad about it, but he’d do it again.

“I’m sorry, Cas.”

The words were whispered, but Cas heard them clearly.

“I know you are, puppy.”

“But I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Castiel smiled. He stroked Dean’s nose, until he opened his eyes.

“I know you would, Dean. I’m not going to pretend it makes me happy. But your incredible love and loyalty? They are just two of the many, many reasons that I love you. I’m not going to leave you because you’re a brat.” And it was an indication of how worn out Dean was that he didn’t argue. “And I’m not going to stop loving you because you break a few rules. I’ll make sure, to the best of my ability, that you will follow those rules from now on. But nothing, Dean, nothing will stop me loving you.”

Dean didn’t know what to say.

So he cried himself to sleep in Castiel’s arms.

It wasn’t the night Castiel had planned – that involved a lot more sex. But it was still a good night. His heart felt lighter than it had since Dean left.

And he’d fuck Dean into the mattress tomorrow.

Chapter 5 | Chapter 7


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