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Chapter 4 | Chapter 6

Dean was reading on the bed, laying on his tummy, kicking his legs and provocatively displaying his red ass. Castiel quietly closed the door. When Dean didn't notice him, Castiel cleared his throat, alerting Dean to his presence. Dean glanced guiltily over his shoulder.

“Uh… Hey, Cas.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. He sat on the side of the bed and pulled his willing omega into his arms. “Hello, Dean.”

Sighing, Dean snuggled in close, scenting under Cas’s chin. He hadn’t had any time alone with Cas since… well, since he left. He breathed in the scent of his alpha, feeling Castiel’s hand run over his shoulders and down his sides, following the curve of his hip before pulling him in close.

“Glad to be home, Cas.”

“Glad you’re home, sweetheart.”

“Missed you.”

Castiel’s arms tightened. “I missed you too.”

They sat like that for a few moments, each content just to be with the other. Castiel felt Dean melt in his arms, his scent becoming fuller, rich notes of satisfaction and contentment and safe filling the air. Castiel felt that small part of him – the hard, angry, scared part – start to release. His omega was home and in his arms. Dean in turn basked in Castiel’s relief.

“Wanna go to bed, Cas.”

Castiel laughed. “I’m sure you do – but I don’t think so, puppy. Pretty sure I promised someone a bedtime spanking…”

“Ca-as! You don’t need to do that!” Dean started to whine, but Castiel tipped his chin until Dean was glowering straight up at him.

Castiel shook his head, not even bothering to hide the laughter dancing in his eyes. “We tried it your way at the start, sweetheart. We were both constantly unhappy. We both like it this way, even if you don’t like having a sore bottom. You like that I keep my word,” and you like having boundaries, he added to himself, “And I like having a well behaved, happy pup. It was a nightmare last time, Dean.”

“But Sam…”

Dean wilted under Castiel’s look. “’But Sam’ what? You know the rules, Dean. They haven’t changed in the last six months. You don’t want to be spanked in front of your brother? Then behave in front of your brother. I’m not out to humiliate you, sweetheart.” Castiel pulled him in close again. “But you act out, even if it’s in front of someone - anyone - I’ll deal with it then and there. That means you act out in front of Sam, you get spanked in front of Sam.”

Dean pouted but couldn’t really argue. Before he and Castiel were mated, Dean had been all ‘I’m an independent omega. You want me, you change.’ (How Dean managed to ignore the fact that he and Castiel met when Dean was chained to a fucking wall, independence credibility well and truly shot, was one of life’s mysteries.) And to give Castiel his due, they really had tried it Dean’s way. Castiel hadn't liked it, but he loved Dean enough to give it his best.

And it had been a failure. A complete and utter failure.

Dean still winced, remembering the first time Cas had paddled him. Dean had had a bad day, and come home and just… just bratted. There was no other word for it! He’d pushed all of Cas’s buttons (on purpose), wanting some sort of response. And he had definitely gotten a response. Cas had given him one of those dark and stern looks, and even then had asked Dean's permission to deal with it. Dean had been an idiot. He’d sassed Cas again, telling him he could do whatever the fuck he wanted, and he’d then found himself pulled over Cas’s lap until Cas paddled him to a sobbing mess. But after, Cas had held him and soothed him. Rubbed his back, stoked his hair, and told him how much he loved him.

It had fucking hurt. For days! But at the same time... Dean had felt good. As Cas had continued to stroke his hair, saying “we tried your way, now we try mine”, Dean had felt himself floating, happy and content.

Cas’s Way, though it was hard on his ass, worked. It actually worked. Dean (although he would never admit it out loud) loved knowing where the boundaries were, and that someone cared enough to enforce them. And Cas? Cas was amazing. He looked after him. He gave the best hugs, fucked like a god, treasured him, and wanted to make him happy. Best of all? Cas loved him. For some reason this amazing alpha – amazing person! – loved Dean. But even if Dean was able to (in his own head) acknowledge the touchy-feely shit…

“I still don’t want to do this in front of Sam.”

Dean could feel the look. “We’re not changing because your brother is here, Dean. Rules in this house are the rules. They don’t change for visitors.”

Dean shuffled back, tracing patterns winsomely on Castiel’s shirt. “But Cas…”

He expected Castiel to interrupt him. To his surprise the alpha waited for him to continue. “I don’t want to have sex in front of Sam.”

“Sam informed you it was normal, Dean.”

“We’re taking advice on normal from Sam?!” Dean shook his head. “I don’t… I just… I…”

Castiel sighed. “I’ll give you a few weeks, Dean, though I must admit, I feel slightly annoyed at having to alter my plans because your brother is here.”

Dean could smell Cas’s arousal – and his frustration. But he wasn’t angry. And that was good.

“I had planned on knotting you in every room of the house, on every surface, to remind you of where you belong. And who you belong to.”

Castiel’s words, with the added growl, sent a jolt of arousal. He felt his cock throb, and he was certain Cas could smell his slick. Dean could certainly feel it.

It was one of the things he loved about Cas: he was such a fucking gentleman most of the time. Polite. Softly spoken. Loving and firm. But in the bedroom? A dirty talking sex god. Fuck! How his mister straitlaced went from prim and proper to completely filthy was as much as a turn on as the words themselves. And the way his deep voice pretty much stroked Dean from the inside…

He practically purred at his alpha. “You know Cas, you could start here and now…” Castiel’s cock had firmed beneath him, and he ground down lightly, feeling it hot and hard beneath him, rubbing his slick into Castiel's denim clad cock. Castiel pulled him into a heated a kiss, and Dean gladly opened up for his alpha. It was all teeth and tongue and ownership. Dean wanted this. He needed to be claimed, as much as Castiel needed to claim. A hard nip to Dean’s bottom lip had the two rutting and panting against each other. Castiel’s eyes were dark with arousal, Dean’s lips swollen and spit shiny. Castiel growled and Dean bared his neck, welcoming Castiel’s teeth: he’d forgotten how good it felt to be marked!

Eventually Castiel pulled back, satisfied with the bruising along Dean’s throat and collarbone.

“Never going to let them fade, Dean.” Castiel was practically growling. “You’re mine.” He gripped Dean’s collar, bringing their lips together once more. “Soon I’m going to knot you Dean – can’t wait to feel you all hot and slick and tight around me.” Cas nuzzled beneath the collar, before breathing deeply. “Gonna come on my knot like a good boy? Come feeling your alpha fill you?”

>Dean offered encouraging moans. “C’mon Cas… Now! ‘M ready…”
Without taking his lips from Dean’s throat, Cas reached towards the bedside table. Dean frowned – he was fucking dripping! There was no way Cas couldn’t smell it. And he wasn’t getting the plug. Surely he had to fuck Dean first?

It was a rather unpleasant surprise when Castiel held up the paddle.


Castiel was firm. “You’ve got weeks of spankings ahead of you, Dean. And tonight I promised you a paddling. I’d recommend not making it worse for yourself.”

Grumbling and complaining the whole while, Dean placed himself over his alphas lap. Castiel rubbed the still glowing cheeks gently.

“And it’s not so bad sweetheart. I love knotting your freshly spanked ass.”


Castiel was rubbing slow circles onto Dean’s ass.

“You look so beautiful, Dean.”

Dean couldn’t help pouting.

He knew in the scheme of things it wasn’t a bad spanking. But when your ass had already been spanked - fuck, he didn’t even know how many times. He'd actually lost count! - things Really Fucking Hurt.

“It still fucking hurts, Cas.”

The bastard smiled at him. “I know. That’s the point. It's supposed to be a disincentive to your bad behaviour.”

“I still don’t like it when you spank me.”

If anything Castiel’s smile grew wider. He pulled Dean in, gripping his sore ass. “Really, Dean? Then care to tell me why this,” and Castiel pressed one gentle finger against Dean’s leaking hole. “Is so hot and wet and loose?”

Dean grumbled under his breath, and Castiel gave a sigh, making a reluctant show of removing his finger. But his voice held amusement. “Sounds like I have a grumpy puppy. Tired, sweetheart? Ready for bed? I did have plans, but never let it be said I don’t look after my omega!”

Dean growled and he twisted around to glare at his alpha. “Fuck you, Cas!”

Castiel chuckled, before resuming the gentle massaging of Dean’s glowing buttocks. “I believe the point of the exercise is somewhat different.”

“Don’t be a dick, Cas.”

Castiel’s hand stilled. His voice was light, but Dean could hear the thread of alpha dominance. “If there is something you want, Dean, you need to ask for it.”

It had been a consistent point of contention in their relationship. Dean was terrible at saying what he wanted, at asking for anything for himself. And while Castiel was incredibly good at reading Dean, for some reason he felt the need to make Dean talk, to ask and to agree to everything. Dean considered it a form of torture. He loved it when Cas took control and just took. He didn’t have to think about anything, just feel.

And right now what he wanted was to feel Castiel filling him completely.

And Cas – fuck him – knew that! He knew exactly what Dean wanted. He was just refusing to do it. Dammit! Why did it always come down to a battle of wills? Fine, Dean thought petulantly. He would ask. And Cas better be grateful.

“I want you to fuck me.” There. It was said. Blunty, but clearly. Now if Cas would just get on with it...

But apparently, Cas was in one of those moods, and apparently it was going to be one of those days.

“Is that how you ask for something, Dean?”

Dean growled. Cas really was a dick sometimes.

Wincing, Dean crawled off Castiel’s lap, pulling himself up onto his knees. He leant against Castiel’s hip. Despite (or perhaps because of) the pain in his well spanked ass, Dean’s cock was hard and dripping. He rutted lightly against Castiel’s side, enjoying the firm pressure of his smooth waist, and the silken slide of Castiel's shirt against his slick cockhead. Castiel was smiling, but he placed a hand on Dean’s hip, forcing him to still. Cas's body just out of reach.

“Please, Alpha.” As Dean strained forward, desperate for some contact, he allowed some of the breathiness Cas loved to bleed into his voice. “It’s been so long. I need... I need you take me. To claim me. Make me yours.” Dean moaned, both at his own words, and the way Cas moved his hand, allowing Dean to rut against him again. “Knot me. Mark me. Complete me.”

Dean meant every word. And yeah. It was edging into chick territory. But he did it for Cas. Cas, who underneath his gruff exterior was a romantic. Who lavished Dean with small kindnesses and affection. Who loved Dean and needed to hear that Dean wanted, needed it too. So although saying the words made him more than uncomfortable, Dean tried, because it made Cas happy. And he liked making Cas happy.

Castiel went still, although he couldn’t stop the shudder that Dean’s words caused. Dean nudged him again, but the alpha didn’t move. So Dean licked a long stripe up Castiel’s neck, tasting and scenting his alpha. Laying his own scent down.

“Missed you, Cas. Missed your eyes, missed you mouth.” Dean allowed one hand to travel down Castiel’s body, until his hand brushed against the bulge in his trousers. “Missed this.”

Dean knew better than to unzip his alpha, so he just teased with his fingers, feeling the heat through Castiel’s layers. He gently ran fingers down either side of the zipper, hiding his grin in Castiel’s shoulder as he felt Cas catch his breath, felt his cock jump under his fingers.

“I know it’s been a while, Cas, but I can’t believe you’ve forgotten what to doaaaah!”

Dean’s teasing was interrupted by Castiel roughly flipping him on his belly, hands roughly pulling his legs apart, exposing his leaking ass. A glance behind him confirmed the swirling red od Castiel’s eyes. Dean almost groaned out loud, the thought of his alpha going all alpha on him. As he felt his ass start to drip, he went to pull his knees together, stopped by both Castiel’s hands of iron and the not so gentle bite on his ass cheek.


Castiel’s nose twitched, and his eyes zeroed in on Dean’s slick, puffy hole. He growled, hands gripping Dean’s thighs, preventing them from closing. For good measure he leant forward, biting the deliciously rosy cheek in front of him.

“Look at you Dean.” Dean shivered at the lust in Castiel’s voice. “So wet and ready. You’re not even in heat, and I bet I could slide right into you, no prep needed… Did you miss it that much, pet? Such a slut for my cock.”

Castiel rubbed his clothed cock against Dean’s leaking hole. The intoxicating scent coating his jeans. He was uncomfortably hard now, but he wasn’t quite ready to remove his clothes. Once he did, he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself fucking Dean into mattress. And that wasn’t he wanted. Yet.

“The question is, Dean… do you deserve it?”

Dean almost came, just from Castiel’s words. Oh he was definitely looking forward to this!

Chapter 4 | Chapter 6
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