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Chapter 16 | Chapter 18

Life was certainly… louder… with Gabriel and Dean in the same space. Louder, and, Sam had to admit, better.

He hadn’t been too sure at first. Despite Castiel’s assurances, Sam had worried. At first it had seemed to he was right: there were scuffles, and shouting matches, dramatic recriminations, and both had smart mouths that lead to them ass up over Castiel’s knee more than once. But there was also coming home to find them snuggled together on the sofa, working together in the kitchen, and on one quite momentous occasion, sunbathing nude in the garden.

There was a lightness and happiness that hadn’t been there before, and while part of Sam wanted to know why things were changing, his alpha was happy just to see the omega’s so content.


With Gabriel there, things changed, of course. The omegas spent much more time together, and while Sam missed the snuggle time with his brother, there were benefits. The kitchen was much busier, for one thing. Although Dean cooked (and was amazing! Sam still couldn’t believe how freaking domestic his brother was), he cooked with purpose. Gabriel, though? He cooked for fun. The golden omega had a very impressive sweet tooth, and Dean liked to indulge him. Most days would find the two of them in the kitchen – if not cooking, then reading, or drawing, or arguing. Almost without knowing it, Sam found himself spending more and more time in the kitchen.

Originally, he’d worked on his college applications in his room, and while he was much more efficient, he preferred being in the kitchen. In a way, it reminded him of growing up, where Dean had made him do his homework where he could keep an eye on him.

Now the eyes were the other way round, but still, it gave him a warm feeling. Dean pretended he didn’t want him there, snarling, and telling him he was in way. Gabriel argued (of course) saying how nice it was to have such a big, strong handsome alpha. Sam ignored the following argument, instead smiling stupidly into his computer – and of course he didn’t miss Dean’s fucking huge smile when he thought Sam wasn’t looking.

The argument was typical of two, and it was weirdly relaxing. They bantered back and forth at break neck speed, and as much as Dean made him smile, the combination of the two was even sweeter. It didn’t help that Gabriel was a fine looking omega, and a natural flirt with an ass made for grabbing. Ok, so that but wasn’t so relaxing.

Don’t think with your knot, Winchester, he sternly warned himself. Be grateful for what you have. An alpha worth looking up to, a pack to love, and place to call home.

Didn’t stop him accidentally finding their nude bathing spots a couple of times a week.


Sam didn’t think he was slow. Really. He was sensitive to emotion, and was incredibly highly attuned to Dean. But he just couldn’t get a handle on Gabriel! He sashayed, and flirted, and smiled, and stared, and fell into Sam’s lap with regularity. And yeah, on any other omega he would know it was a come on.

But Gabe was traditional. Right? Which meant he was under the protection of… Cas? So he wouldn’t be flirting with Sam.

Frowning into his computer screen, Sam was finally – maybe – at the point of asking Cas. If Gabriel wasn’t actually interested, then of course Sam would take a step back. But the flirting made him think he had a chance.

And it wasn’t like it was marriage! They could get to know each other, do normal things, and see if they were compatible. Traditional courtships surely weren’t that much different to normal ones? While Sam considered the best way to approach Cas, the omega in question sashayed into the room, all tanned flesh and in one of those miniscule golden thongs...

“Hey, Dean-o-“

Catching sight of Sam, he paused. Then, keeping his eyes on Sam, he posed. Provocatively, if Sam had to name it. Hands smoothed down his waist to rest on those gorgeous hips, and then, when he was sure Sam was looking, he stuck one out. And yeah, Sam couldn’t help his eyes tracking down those glorious curves. God, Gabriel was so fucking sexy. Luckily, before he could talk with his dick, Dean interrupted.

“Holy fuck, Gabe! Are those wings on your fuckin’ thong? And why are they on your dick?”

“They’re not on my dick, Dean. Obviously they are placed on either side-“

“That’s on your dick Gabe. Ha! And you know what that makes you? A winged dick!” Dean chuckled to himself before turning back to whatever he was making. Gabriel, of course, felt the need to defend himself and loud disagreement breaks out.

By now Sam is well attuned to their interactions, and ignores their byplay. He’s too focused on Gabriel’s underwear. There… there were indeed wings on Gabriel’s underwear. Subtle gold wings that framed his cock rather nicely. It looked like it was firming up nicely – and fuck! Should Sam even be looking there? Was that sexual harassment? It wasn’t like the omegas had a choice of what to wear. Starting to look away, a slight movement drew him back. Was… was Gabriel actually thrusting in his direction? Sam raised shocked eyes to Gabriel’s face, but he was too busy arguing with Dean.

His… his dick was certainly pointed at Sam. Gabriel was even twisting his body so his hips remained steady, even as he was facing Dean. Running a hand over his face, Sam sighed. This was why it was so confusing! Or was it confusing? Was Sam reading this right? He was sure the cheeky brat was flirting, but he didn’t know if it was serious. And there was no way Sam could be anything but serious pack. He really needed to talk to Cas, and sooner rather than later!

You are calling me immature?” Uttered in hysterical high pitch was all the warning there was before Gabriel tossed a carton of milk at Dean.


There was this… moment of intense stillness, both omegas frozen. Dean stood there, mouth open, milk dripping down his face. Gabriel faced him, eyes wide with shock even as the now empty milk carton fell from his hand. In that moment, Sam knew that things were about to change, that Sam was about to change. He had to step up. He was an alpha in their little pack, and his omega needed a little reminder of how to behave.

Before he could call to Gabriel though, time unfroze and Dean threw a bowl of flour on Gabriel.

“That’s it, Dean-o! It is on!”

Between one breath and the next Gabriel had launched himself at Dean, the pair wrestling through the flour and milk. The slightly hysterical thought of dropping a few eggs to make batter crossed Sam’s mind, but he reined it in. He could have a breakdown in Cas’s office later. Right now he needed to alpha up.

And like that, his thoughts were clear. Cas was pretty clear regarding house rules. Not a single member of the household was under any misapprehensions. And this? This was… this was so completely not ok it had never even been discussed! And the fact that Gabriel and Dean felt they could get away with this in front of him, meant that there was something very wrong with the dynamic. Drawing a deep breath, he let a little of his Alpha bleed into his voice.


He didn’t raise his voice, but it was enough to stop both brats where they were. (And yeah, that felt pretty good. Sam could admit that to himself).

“If you are going to behave like pups, you will be treated like pups.”

Reaching down, he hauled both omega’s up by their collars.

“You are going to stand in your corners until I finish cleaning the kitchen, and then I am going to remind you about acceptable behaviour.”

Gabriel obviously saw that Sam meant business. Dean – poor, confused, Dean – had been living with a Sam who wouldn’t have dreamed of spanking an omega. Sam stood there, tall and imposing. His arms were crossed over his chest and he stared at Dean. Without his permission, Dean dipped his head. And then his eyes narrowed.

“What the fuck was that, Sam?”

This,” Sam stressed, “is me doing my job, as an alpha. We all know the house rules, Dean. There’s no confusion. And one of my responsibilities in the house is to maintain order.”

“Now look, Sammy-“

“And this confusion is down to me.” Sam waited until Dean was sullenly silent. “I apologise, Dean. I haven’t done a very good job of being an alpha. But I can promise you as of now, that’s going to change. So.” Sam paused for another breath. “Turn around, and march yourself to your corner. Think about what you could have done differently, and we’ll talk about that soon. You too, Gabriel.” The smaller omega jumped, smirk falling off his face. “We’ll be talking about this very soon.”

Dean was readying himself for a fight. Better now, than later, Sam grimly decided.

But before they could even start, Castiel walked into the kitchen.

Looking around, he took in the mess, Sam’s stance, and the not-so-chastened omegas.

“What happened to my kitchen,” he mildly asked.


The old Sam would have rushed to fill the space, made sure his voice was heard so that everyone knew where he stood. This new, newly mature Sam, waited until Dean and Gabriel stopped talking over each other. It took a while, as they only paused to yell at the other or dispute a statement.

Castiel just stood there, arms crossed and eyebrows raised, until the two red faced and panting omega’s fell silent.


Startled, Sam shook his head. “To be honest, Cas, I don’t think it really matters what it was about.” Sam looked round the kitchen. It was a mess. Turning back to Cas, he shrugged. “I was informing them that they could stand in their corners until the kitchen was clean, and then I would deal with them.”

For a moment, Sam thought Cas would hug him. Instead he beamed a proud smile in his direction.

“Exactly how I would handle it, Sam.”


Sam slowly moved around the kitchen, mopping spilt milk, sweeping up flour, and scrubbing at the mix, which had almost glued itself to the floor. In retrospect, he should have overseen the mess-makers clear it up.

Fucking finally, it was back to it’s almost pristine condition. Looking around, Cas was reading at the table, Gabriel was staring sadly into his corner, and Dean… well, Dean scowled and sent a death glare Gabriel’s way.

Taking a steadying breath, he decided to deal with Dean first. At least Gabriel looked like he was thinking about his crimes. Dean wasn’t, and as Sam moved behind him, he could hear the muttered complaints, which were nothing short of hilarious. And thought provoking.

“Fucking Gabriel. Wouldn’t be here if Gabe could fuckin’ behave. Why can’t he go back home? To his own house, and his own town, with his own alphas- ouch!”

Dean jumped as Sam laid a heavy hand down on his backside. He spun, ready to yell, but instead a strangled, “Sam?” escaped.

Sam’s eyebrows were swallowed by his hair, and Dean’s eyes shifted to Cas. Sam could tell Cas hadn’t moved, but was ready to step in. Holding up one hand, Sam didn’t turn around.

“I’ve got this, Cas.”

“Are you sure, Sam? I don’t want to push you-“

“I’m sure. Dean and I both need this.”

Sam kept staring at Dean, who shifted uncomfortably. It was the same puppy shift he did when Cas stared at him with alpha eyes.

“Why are you in the corner, Dean?”

Dean just glared some more.

Sam’s lips twitched, although he wasn’t amused.

“I asked you a question, Dean. Why were you sent to the corner?”

Growling a little, Dean spat at him, “Because Gabriel can’t keep his fucking slic-“

Dean’s comments were interrupted by snarling from the other corner. Sam wasn’t having any of it.

“If I were either of you, I would be thinking very carefully about how I was speaking.”

Both stopped talking, Gabriel dropped his head, while Dean eyes were lasers. Shaking his head, Sam grabbed Dean’s arm.

“Looks like we’re going to have this conversation with you over my lap.”

Sam gently pulled a spluttering Dean over to the sofa. Seating himself, he then pulled Dean between his knees, trapping him there. Shocked green eyes stared at him.

“Sammy! This isn’t you! You’re a liberal - you don’t believe in this shit!”

He’d been uncertain about spanking Dean… and if he thought about it too much, still felt weird. But slowly and surely their dynamic had changed. Sam had changed. Right now, Dean was an omega who needed his backside reddened and his behaviour schooled.

And for the first time, Sam was willing to do it.

“I’m going to spank you, Dean.”

Dean’s head jerked, and he pushed back, trying to break out of the prison that was Sam’s knees.

“What? Sam, no!”

“I’m going to spank you because you threw a tantrum in the kitchen, and that isn’t the way to get what you want.”

“That wasn’t me-“

“I’m going to spank you because you need it.”

“I don’t need-“

“You need the safety and security of knowing that the rules are going to be upheld.”

“That doesn’t mean-“

“Every single person in this house has a responsibility, Dean. And that includes me.”


Slack jawed, Dean stared at Sam, before his expression settled into one of stubborn defiance. What a load of horse shit! Dean didn’t need Sam playing alpha. Because who the fuck was Sam kidding? Sam had been tip toeing around for fucking months unable to deal with the fact that Cas was a little… heavy handed. He could barely stand to look at Dean’s cherry red ass, which, unfortunately, had been a rather common occurrence lately. It was Gabriel’s fault. It was all Gabriel’s fault and it was always Gabriel’s fault. Sam hadn’t spanked Gabe last night when he mouthed off. He fucking deserved his time over Cas’s knee. And if Sam didn’t-

“Hey! Wait! Sam?”

His brother just looked at him before pulling him into a hug.

“I know it’s been confusing.”

Sam was talking to the top of Dean’s head, having tucked him under his chin. “I’ve been confusing. You and Cas have your ways, and I’ve come in and expected things to change to fit me. That was unfair, Dean. Unfair and disrespectful to you both. Well,” Sam’s arms tightened around him. “That changes. If I want to stay here-“

Dean’s heart leapt in his mouth.

“-then I have to make a better effort at following the house rules too. And that means enforcing the house rules. So I apologise, Dean. But know that I am going to do better!”

And fuck. That was Sammy’s I know the path I must travel, and come hell or high water I will travel it. Dean just wished Sam’s new Alpha Manifesto wasn’t getting its first airing on his ass!


After hugging him firmly, and making sure Dean knew how loved he was, and that Sam wasn’t angry, just disappointed, it was easy to pull his brother over his lap. Dean, however, was so stunned that not a work of complaint was uttered when he was ushered over Sam’s lap.

And that was when the doubt set in: Sam froze. Because fucking hell, that was his brother’s bare butt, and he was about to spank it. Fuck! What was with his life choices? Maybe this was all a mistake and-

“Sam.” Castiel’s voice wasn’t loud, but it drew his focus.

And then Cas just looked at him, offering support for whatever Sam decided. Breathing deeply, Sam nodded. He could do this. He wanted to do this. There was a reason Dean was ass up over his lap. Sam was pretty sure he was the lecturing type, but now wasn’t the time to indulge: Dean had been left in this state of uncertainty for quite long enough.

Still, he couldn’t resist a few words.

“Just remember that we all have to obey the rules, Dean. I’m going to help you remember that from now on.”

Sam carefully pulled Dean’s panties, so they sat just below the curve of his ass cheeks. They looked soft and round, and very pale. Well, Sam was going to change that.


If Dean had ever thought about being spanked by Sam (which he hadn’t), he would have thought they would be different. That Sam would gently school whoever was over his knee. In reality, it wasn’t so different. They both spanked fucking hard and fast. Sam, however, had fucking huge hands, covering more ground in less time, and it wasn’t long before his whole ass was red hot and fucking hurt. At least Sam didn’t spank the sit spot-

“Sam, move your hand a little lower.”

Fucking Cas and fuckin-ow! Fucking sit spots. While Dean knew better than to complain, he couldn’t help sniffling. It hurt and the alpha’s were ganging up. He had no fucking hope now, not now that Cas was going to mentor Sam. That was all kinds of fucked up.

Dean ignored Castiel’s calm words to Sam, stupid advice on how to spank the most affectively. Instead focusing on how he was not going to fight with Gabe any more. Because it was all his fault! Dean had been innocent, and it just wasn’t fair…

The spanking stopped, and Dean’s heart flooded with hope: maybe his ass was red enough to appease his brother.

“It isn’t Gabriel’s fault you’re here right now, Dean. You can thank your own behaviour for that.”

And Sam’s hand was back with a vengeance – five spanks to his right cheek, five to the left, sit spot, sit spot, repeat. The pattern made it worse, he knew where Sam’s hand was going to land, and he couldn’t help but clench, and that made it hurt more, and he was never going to misbehave again and he was so sorry and…

Dean broke down – tears and apologies fighting for dominance. He had no idea what he promised, that he’d never fight with Gabriel again, that he’d be the best behaved omega Sam’d ever meet, that Sam would never have to do this again.

Dean half feared Sam would mock him (you behave? Riiiiight, Dean), but no such words were said. Instead, once Dean’s words were so tear filled no proper words could be heard, Sam rubbed his back gently, telling him how good he’d been. Dean let himself be pulled upright, new tears leaking as his tender rump hit Sam’s harsh, rough, jeans. With a small sob he leant into the cuddle, scenting along Sam’s neck, allowing those strong arms to hold him. It was much too soon before he was led to the corner and told to keep his nose there.

The only positive was that Gabe faired just as poorly after being put over Sam’s knee, begging and snivelling much more quickly than Dean had. Dean wiped unhappily at his eyes, and fought the urge to reach back and rub the sting out of his ass. Those sorts of thoughts were the sort that could get an omega in trouble. Sammy seemed just as good at mind reading as Cas.

“Sorry, Sam! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again, I’m sorry!”

“Shhhhh. Shhhhh. It’s ok. All’s forgiven. You’ve been so good. Now I need you to wait in the corner for me, and think some more about what you could do differently.”

Jesus fucking Christ! Gabriel sounded so pitiful! Surely Dean didn’t sound so pathetic with Cas? A sudden tug on his collar had his head jerking back. Cas stared down at him, face relaxed but eyes laughing.

“Yes. You do sound exactly like that.”

Well. Fuck. Fucking Cas and his fucking mind reading.

Cas gently pushed Dean’s nose back in the corner. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Gabe wiping away tears, as he stared resolutely at the wall. Both omegas waited until the Alpha’s left the room. Then waited a bit longer to make sure they weren’t coming back immediately.

“Your brother has a hand of iron!”

Dean nodded sadly. “I think he’s gonna be fuckin’ spank happy too. He took to that too easily.”

“Like a proper alpha,” Gabe’s voice was dreamy, and Dean shot him a sharp look.

Gabriel was smart and sassy. And such a trouble maker it was easy to forget how he’d been raised. Whereas Dean had had a lot of reservations regarding the lifestyle, Gabriel had always found it calming and centering. One of the reasons he came to say with Cas so much. Yeah, yeah, so Dean totally understood why Gabriel came around.

And while Dean wanted his brother and his brother-in-law to be happy… He didn’t know how he felt about them being happy together. Dean was aware enough to realise it was for selfish reasons: he liked having Sammy home. He even liked having Gabriel here, and if he wasn’t so afraid that they’d move away together, he’d support them!

Wiping away new, angry tears, Dean came to a decision: he’d stop being a whiny bitch and omega the fuck up! Sam and Gabriel’s happiness was more important that Dean needed housemates. With new determination, Dean was going to support his brother and brother in law as best he could.

A quick glance revealed Gabriel so caught up in his happy feelings, he didn’t scent Dean’s distress. Which he was happy about. Now though, he had to decide what to do…


They were idiots, Dean decided. Absolute fucking idiots.

It was almost painful watching them. They were obviously head over heels for each other, and obviously didn’t realise the feelings were reciprocated.

Dean didn’t understand why Sam was so fucking blind! Gabriel shook and shimmied, fluttered his eyelashes, and on more than one occasion rubbed his (admittedly lush) booty up against Sam. Gabriel appeared to have an endless collection of gold panties. Dean had to admit his favourite were the ones that blended so perfectly with Gabriel’s skin that Sam spat out his morning coffee, thinking Gabriel was naked.

Sam was an adult. Surely he understood that an omega didn’t practically hump your leg if he wasn’t interested? Shaking his head in disgust, Dean sipped his coffee. He’d obviously missed a huge part of Sam’s education when they were growing up.

Sam appeared to have no fucking clue. Where Gabriel was bold, Sam was unsure. (Dean would cast doubt upon his alpha-ness, but his ass still hurt. Stupid, big, hands). Pulling at his fingers Sam would gulp and flush and stammer, and on hilarious occasion, turn tail and run. But when he thought that Gabe wasn’t looking, he’d look at Gabe like he was a gift from God.

Dean was torn between helping and staying far, far away, but Cas’s firm expression told Dean what he could expect if he decided to “help”. Still, he took his time deciding what to do. Cas wasn’t always right, after all.

So he watched. By unspoken agreement, Gabe and Dean avoided the kitchen. The lounge became their new daytime home. Dean had taken to curling up on one of the giant, pillow filled chairs, sketch book in hand as he watched the star crossed lovers. And if that got too boring, he could have a nap. Best. Fucking. Pillows. Ever!

Not that it did get boring. While it was no Dr Sexy, it was still pretty fucking fascinating. But the pillows were, more often that not, too comfortable, and more than once he’d woken up to Gabriel curled around him. And of course that meant he had to stay there. He wasn’t cruel. And Gabriel looked really cute when he slept… except when he drooled, but based on Sam’s sappy expression from across the room, he even found that cute.

Idiots. The both of them.

Not that Dean was perfect. He couldn’t think about Sam and Gabe’s relationship, or lack thereof, all the time. Sometimes he thought about his own shit. Especially his shit with Sam.

Now that he’d had time to think about he, he recognised he’d been a dick to Sam. Cas had been right to call him out on that passive aggressive shit. And while he wasn’t exactly a fan of the new spanking Sam, who was a might too ready to pull an omega with a reasonable argument over his knee, he had to acknowledge that Sam seemed happier and more relaxed.

It had taken a lot more soul searching, but Dean finally admitted it wasn’t just because Sam had more responsibility in the house. It was always because of Gabriel. Even though they were both fucking idiots.


Dean would give them his blessing. But he wouldn’t facilitate them. They had to figure it out for themselves.

Cas agreed that it was the best course of action.


“You’ve been so good for me, Dean. So good. I’m so proud of you.”

Castiel had Dean backed against a wall, one hand possessively pulling at his collar, the other wrapped around his waist holding him close. Little pants and gasps left his omega as Castiel kissed marks across Dean’s chest.


“So good, Dean. I know it’s been hard to leave your brother and mine to find their own way.”

Dean couldn’t help but preen even as he melted against Cas. His pup always responded to praise. And Castiel was so proud of the way Dean had not meddled.

Dean purred against him, mumbling. As soon as Castiel listened to the words, he stopped his kissing, ignoring Dean’s pitiful whine as he turned his omega bodily, looking seriously into his eyes.

“Do you honestly think that Gabriel is the problem?

He could see the moment when Dean realised he’s spoken aloud. Sighing, Castiel caught Dean’s chin as he attempted to look away.

“No, Dean. If you have a problem with Sam and Gabriel we need to discuss it. I thought you were fine with this, happy for them. But if you are concerned…” Castiel trailed off, before pinning Dean with a hard stare. “They are both a big part of our lives. And I know your family, Sam, is important to you-“

“Gabe’s family too, Cas! Of course I don’t have a problem with him. It’s just… well, can you imagine them wanting to live with their brothers? With us? They probably need their own space, and if it was someone else, then they might move here too, because they wouldn’t actually know how strict you are, but Gabe knows, and Sam’s going to go to college somewhere else anyway and-“

Dean rambled on and on. Castiel stroked his hair, softly encouraging Dean to speak all his fears. They were ridiculous – Castiel knew they were ridiculous. Sam and Gabriel were courting, not that either of them realised it yet, and Gabriel was starting to nest – here, in their home. Not that it would proceed before Sam formally approached him, but Castiel knew the younger alpha would.

His pup was, Castiel thought fondly, extremely obtuse. He’d never once realised that the only reason Gabriel left was because he was jealous of what Dean and Castiel had. And now that Sam was becoming a more… well, a more traditional alpha, Gabriel could see his a way to have the life he wanted, alongside the people he loved.

Not that he would have stopped it- even is Sam had stayed as “liberal” as he thought he was. His brothers’ happiness was of great importance to him. And really, so was Sam’s. The younger alpha was pack and as such, Castiel protected his happiness. Not as important as Dean’s, he silently acknowledged, but very little was as important as Dean’s happiness.

Tucking his omega firmly under his chin, he wrapped his arms tightly around Dean. Who eventually took the hint, and relaxed against him again.

“You know I’ll take care of it.”

Dean, sassy brat that he was, sniffed. “I know you’ll try to take care of it, Cas, but you kinda lack people skills. It’s ok that you suck at something,” Castiel was hastily assured.

Stifling a snort, Castiel applied his hand to Dean’s ass. “Thank you for the vote of confidence, but I am well able to look after my family.”

Dean bowed his head – a sham of agreeance, but one he would take.

“I know when to listen, and when to act. When to discipline,” he didn’t stop his hand from tugging at Dean’s collar, “and when to reward them.”

Green eyes peered up in interest.

Humming thoughtfully, Castiel looked at his pup, he attempted to look demure. He didn’t hide his smile, just pulled Dean in close, cupping Dean’s ass as he dropped a kiss on top of his head.

“And you’ve been very good, pup. Definitely time that we did something nice.”

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