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Chapter 15 | Chapter 17

Dean was in a bad mood.


This time though, was different, while still being familiar and the same. Gone was the heart breaking silence and angst that had pervaded the home. Instead, Dean was edgy, and pushing, wanting a reaction of some sort. He had a litany of complaints about the smallest, and most mundane aspects of life. This was Dean in between hunts.

Which meant Dean was bored. And a bored Dean was a dangerous creature.

Cas was out of the house all day (he’d finally returned to work, the pressure from the bosses now greater than the pressure of Dean’s lonely puppy dog eyes). With Cas out, Dean seemed to live for five to six, when he’d make his way to the front door, wearing nothing but his cute little panties and collar, and settle on his knees to wait for his alpha to walk through the door.

And maybe – just maybe – Sam was growing to like that. He wasn’t jealous, no way! The kneeling thing was still a bit weird, but when Sam saw their expressions, the way both their faces lit up after being away from each other for only a few hours? Sam wanted that. Even if he teased Dean about being a love struck omega. It was true after all.

But despite Dean’s obvious excitement in the evenings, he was bored during the day. He prowled the house, and spent time in his room. No. Studio. Sam knew he’d been truly forgiven the day Dean shyly invited him into his studio and wow… Sam couldn’t believe he could be prouder of his brother!

And of course he spent time in Sam’s room. Snuggling, or gossiping, or just generally being cute. But now Sam was busier, and although he still welcomes his brother with open arms, it was harder.


“I want to study again.”

Dean snorted loudly. “Really, Sammy? You think I’ve lost my edge that much?”

And ok, that was a fair call. Sam’s usually neat space was filled with university guides, and timetables, and-


Dean was making an obvious effort to be polite and supportive. He eyed the leaflets from Wisconsin and Florida and Ohio and California with distaste, but made no comment about the locations.

“Actually…” Sam shuffled through the pamphlets, looking at pictures before pulling one out, shoving it at his brother. “The vet science course here is one of the best in the country.”

Blinking, Dean took the paper. “You want… a vet? You want to be a vet? Here?”

“Well, I love dogs,” and Sam knew there was more than a touch of defensiveness in his tone.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a vet, Sammy,” Dean hastened to assure his brother. “It’s just so different, you know? Definitely different from law. And law, well, that was always your dream, right? It’s all you ever fucking talked about.”

Grimacing, Sam sat down on the sofa. “Yeah, but that was because of the hunting. I only wanted to protect you.”

Dean snorted. “What?”

Sighing, Sam explained his youthful reasoning. “I only wanted be lawyer so I could bail you out.”

Which went about as well as expected…

“I hardly ever get caught!”

Sam just stared at him.

“The only reason I even met Cas, was because we were arrested and thrown in jail at St Louis. Or did you forget that?”

“Well, that was your fault, so-“

“We are not going over this again!”

The brothers glared at each other. But given they had both received a spanking for this very argument, both were quite willing to drop to it. Sam took a deep a breath.

“The point is, Dean, I was only interested in law because you were hunting. If you’re not hunting then,” Sam raised a shoulder awkwardly, “well, I have time to figure out what I want to do, right? I don’t know that I want to be a vet, but I can take a few classes, get a feel. Cas has said he’ll support me…”

Dean raised his eyebrows at that, and Sam hurried on. “I’ll pay him back, of course, but to not have a million dollars in student loans, well, it’s the dream, isn’t it?”

Smiling, Dean shook his head. “Not judging, Sammy. Just surprised. Never would have thought you’d take Cas’s help, that’s all.”

Sam returned the smile. “Your alpha has made it very clear that I am part of his pack, and he looks after his pack.”

Dean nodded approvingly, because that did sound a lot like Cas. He was always looking after the Winchester brothers. Even when they didn’t want it.

“And I told you the truth, Dean. I’m not leaving without telling you, never again.” Sam put every ounce of his sincerity into that statement. Dean of course deflected, and looked away. But Sam caught sight of the slight blush and the small smile.

Sam was learning to be a good brother, and a good alpha too. The thought that he’d pleased his brother brought a smile to his own face.


He should be happy.

As Dean lay on the couch, fingertips drawing aimless circles on the floor, he could hear the alphas in the kitchen, chatting about the day, and generally being happy. And sure, he could go and join them. Things had been good recently, and Cas had been very pleased with Dean (and Dean blushed just thinking about how fucking pleased his alpha had been last night!), but right now? It was just too much effort.

Sam thought he was bored, but it wasn’t that. Not really. He’d talked to Cas about maybe getting a job, and Cas had, of course, vetoed it. And Dean could sulk and complain but he couldn’t argue because he’d fucking agreed to it. And, Dean knew, it wouldn’t solve the problem anyway. Because he just really wanted to kill something. He wasn’t made for this suburban, white picket fence life! But Cas, and now Sam were so serious about being settled.

They seemed to forget, that until Cas, Dean had never had normal. And even when you thought about it, nothing about their relationship had been normal. But now? Now that they had normal, he’d really love to gank a vampire or something. The odds of Cas letting him do that, though? Zero.

Ah… Vampires. Actually, if Dean was going to have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting permission to hunt anything, he would have to find something else. Cas had a thing about vamps. Not that Dean blamed him…

The doorbell interrupted Dean’s depressed musings. He just turned his face to the back of the sofa. He’d rather be alone with his thoughts right now. Let someone else get the door.

“Dean, can you get that?”

Castiel’s voice drifted in from the kitchen. Dean ignored it, instead sighing deeply and feeling very sorry for himself when a something heavy landed on him, forcing all the air from his body.

“Whatcha doin’, Dean-o?”

As Dean fought for breath, he found himself face to face with laughing golden eyes.

“Gabriel,” Dean gasped with as much loathing as his oxygen deprive lungs would allow. As soon as he caught his breath he glared at his brother in law. “It’s rude to let yourself into someone else’s house and I fucking well know you were brought up better than that!”

Gabriel clutched his breast dramatically. “Oh! You wound me! Anyway, I waited and no one came, so either there no one was home or you were pouting.” The pain in the ass omega shot him a triumphant grin. “Guess which one it was?”

Dean sat up abruptly, dislodging the smaller omega, who landed ass first on the floor. Dean glared. This was good. Gabriel was a pain, and Dean was in the mood for a fight. And Gabriel was a scrappy bastard who gave as good as he got. It wasn’t killing anything, but it might help to brighten his otherwise dull afternoon.

“Fuck you! You waited for all of what, five seconds? And then you just let yourself into the house? That’s fucking rude. What’d you do? Pick the lock?”

Puffing himself up with righteous fury, he deflated slightly when Gabriel held up a finger, the light glinting off an ornate key hanging from a- “Could you have gotten a key ring with more bling, Gabe?” Dean scowled at his brother-in-law.

Gabriel just laughed. “Don’t be jealous, Dean-o. I can get you one. You like pink sparkles right? But that is beside the point.” Gabriel spread his arms, gesturing expansively. “This is still my home too, Dean-o. Cassie is my pack, which makes you my pack. And since I’m the big brother, that means there’s going to be some-”

Dean growled and launched himself at the smaller omega. Gabriel was ready though, and dodged, laughing as Dean face planted on the rug. Luckily it was a soft rug. Dean was down, but he had reach on his side, grabbing Gabriel’s ankle, toppling him.

“Give it back,” Dean demanded.


The sounds of crashing, raised voices, and growls drew the alpha’s attention. It sounded like a fight, Sam thought uncertainly, as he leapt up. A firm hand on his shoulder stopped him from racing in to rescue his brother.

“It’s ok, Sam. Dean is safe, he’s always safe in this house. But I do think it’s time to go and break it up.” Castiel wore his very unimpressed face. “I know they’re in high spirits, but this is not appropriate.”

Unsure of what to say or do, Sam trailed after the alpha. And although he wasn’t sure what he expected to find in the lounge, it definitely wasn’t Dean rolling around on the floor, grappling with another omega.

A very attractive omega, with what appeared to be a very nice ass…

Sam idly wondered if visiting omegas were also required to wear more… less… appropriate clothing. A pretty image of a pert ass in lace crossed his mind, before Sam abruptly shook his head, dislodging all thoughts of sexy asses. Now was not the time to be checking out Dean’s assailant. He glanced at Cas, looking for clues as to what the fuck he should do. The omega’s hadn’t noticed the alpha’s yet, too intent on their disagreement.

“You have a home, Gabe!”

“I know! Here with my family – love you too, Dean-o.” The new omega planted a kiss on Dean’s cheek.

Dean spluttered at him. “Fuck off, Gabriel.” Holding him at arm’s distance, Dean’s face twisted into a sneer. “Oh… I know why you’re here. Caused a bit of trouble, and need to lay low? Of course, makes sense. Fucking trouble maker, that’s what you are!”

“Me?” Somehow Gabriel had gotten under Dean’s guard, and he now ran a hand up Dean’s chest, grasping Dean’s collar before tugging him closer. “I’m the trouble maker? Pretty sure it wasn’t me who disappeared and landed their pretty ass in ja-“

Castiel interrupted at this point, his voice cutting across Gabriel’s taunting and Dean’s growling.

“This is not the behaviour I expect in my home.”

The two omegas broke apart, guilty looks on their faces. Both opened their mouths, talking over each other. Sam couldn’t quite make out the words (although if he had to guess there was a lot of ‘it’s his fault!’ going on), and Castiel didn’t even try. He stood there, arms crossed until silence reigned once more. When he was certain both omegas would hold their peace, he spoke.

“Gabriel is, in fact, correct, Dean. This is his home.”

Gabriel shot Dean a smug grin. Dean scowled, but his expression lightened to a smirk as Castiel continued. “And as an omega living in my home, I am sure you are well aware of the house rules, Gabriel.”

“What? I didn’t-“

“Respect, Gabriel. We are polite and respectful of everyone in this house.” Castiel then ran his eyes over his brother. ‘And what exactly are you wearing?”

Sam blinked as he took in the slightly garish, but still pleasant visage. The suit was a pale gold pinstripe, well fitted across the shoulders and… hip area… while the darker gold of the shirt just enhanced his rather pleasant colouring. Narrowing his eyes, Sam tried to pinpoint what was so offensive. Caught up in his observation, Sam was rather taken aback when Gabriel quickly stripped down to his boxers.

Dean snorted. “Are those fucking reindeer? And donuts? Perfect, but it’s not even close to Christmas, dude.”

Before Gabriel could reply (and although Sam had just met the man, he had no doubt there was plenty of sass to be had), Castiel raised an oppressive eyebrow. “Do you need a proper reminder, Gabriel, of acceptable attire?”

Gabriel gave a sigh to rival Dean at his brattiest. “Panties and a collar, but Cas –“

Golden eyes flicked to Sam. Castiel followed the look and smiled. “This is Sam. Dean’s brother. And our family.”

Gabriel grinned delightedly, grabbing Dean in a move that was half hug, half headlock. “You never told me your brother was such a stud, Dean!”

As Castiel cleared his throat, Gabriel rushed out of the room, returning minutes later wearing his collar.

And nothing else.

Sam blushed, trying his best not to look at the naked omega. Unlike Dean, Castiel’s brother appeared to have no issues with his nudity. Although, it made sense, Sam decided, as he tried not to stare at the shapely ass in front of him. Both Castiel and Gabriel had been raised to a traditional lifestyle.

At least, that was what Sam assumed. Maybe it wasn’t the case at all? After all, was wrestling in the lounge room a traditional omega activity? Somehow Sam didn’t think so. Taking a seat on the sofa, Sam quietly watched the family drama unfold.


Not that there was really much drama. Gabriel and Castiel were engaged in a disagreement about “appropriate clothing”, and yes, Castiel used air quotes. Gabriel seemed to be arguing the only options were naked or assless glitter panties. Castiel’s brow wrinkled in pain before he started explaining the current dress code – Sam couldn’t help his slight thrill of happiness. He was going to get to see that cute ass in panties! Before Sam could get too happy though, Dean, had had enough. Huffing angrily before throwing himself on the couch, next to Sam, arms crossed tightly and pout firmly in place. Sam couldn’t help but reach out and tug Dean around until his head rested in his lap. Dean growled quietly into Sam’s belly, but didn’t pull away.

Petting Dean’s hair, Sam settled down. It was so interesting, watching the Novak brothers. In some ways it was similar to watching Dean and Cas – Gabriel certainly seemed just as opinionated and argumentative – displaying his displeasure through wild arm gestures. Cas, in turn, was a statue, firm and unyielding. Arms crossed as he stared his brother down until finally, with shoulders slumped and a defeated sigh, Gabriel left the room.

Castiel stared after his brother, and it was only when the sound of footsteps faded away that he turned his attention back to Dean.

“Dean, come here please.”

Sam felt, more than heard Dean’s complaints, but his brother still got himself to his feet and stalked over to Castiel.

“That wasn’t my fault, Cas! You know-“

A single hand held up stopped Dean in his tracks. “I don’t care who was and was not to blame. You are responsible for your own actions, just as Gabriel is responsible for his. And if you want to behave like pups, you will be treated like pups.”

Dean opened his mouth, ready to defend his honour (although how he was going to manage that, Sam had no idea. Dean and the other omega, Gabriel, really had been brawling like pups), when Sam’s mind went offline as Gabriel wandered back into the room, clad in a little golden thong that highlighted the curves of his hips and ass. He wandered towards his brother, hands on hips as he observed Dean’s pissed off expression.

Castiel looked up at Gabriel’s approach, while just Dean ignored him, snorting and ready to continue, until Castiel laid a warning hand on Dean’s shoulder. Dean scowled, but was silent.

Sam really wasn’t sure what to think.

“Ok, pups, on the couch. I think we need to talk.”

“What if I-“

“Next to hi-“

Castiel raised his hand again, and both omega’s fell silent.

“Not ready to talk? That’s ok. I can give you some thinking time. Dean?” Castiel’s voice was soft, and he jerked his head towards the door. It meant nothing to Sam, but Dean muttered under his breath, and stomped over to a corner filled with umbrellas and shoes. He stood there a moment, glaring at them until Cas’s voice urged him to action.

“Put them away, please.”

Two trips and all that remained was a shiny, empty corner. Suddenly Sam felt embarrassed that he hadn’t realised what was going on. Two omegas obviously needed two corners.

“I still think if Gabe lives here, he could have cleaned his own fuc- corner.” Dean quickly curtailed his swearing. While Castiel normally didn’t care, Dean trod more carefully around a pissed off alpha.

“Not my shit, Dean. Can’t believe you can’t even keep the corner –ah!”

With a yelp, Gabriel was pulled towards Castiel. Propping his foot against a table, Castiel bent the small omega over his knee, administering half a dozen firm slaps to the exposed cheeks. Sam caught his breath as the globes gleamed red. He liked that.

Castiel released Gabriel, who pouted at his brother, rubbing his ass. “That hurt!”

“I can assure you, Gabriel, you will soon be used to that. And let me be clear: you are treading on thin ice. That attitude will not be tolerated. Now, Dean has kindly cleared out your corner. I want you go stand there and think about how you will behave while you are here. And Gabriel? I have no problems reminding you what is expected.”

Gabriel, who had been walking at a snail’s pace, quickened his step, nose firmly planted in a corner.

Looking wildly around the now quiet room, Dean already had his nose in one corner.

“I am going to give you half an hour to consider what is expected in this house. And if I am unhappy with the answers, we will be discussing it over my knee. Sam, come to the kitchen with me.”


“What the hell, Cas?”

Castiel sipped his coffee, before turning his attention back to Sam. “You have a question?”

“Yes! I mean, no. Actually, I have no idea! What the hell just happened?”

Smiling, Castiel looked through the doorway, able to see both omegas. While they were technically behaving – nose into the corner, as requested – he could see them hissing at each other.

“That, Sam, is my brother. Possibly the second most infuriating omega it has been my pleasure to meet.” A small smile played on the alphas lips. “And one I love very much.” Glancing at the clock, he clicked his tongue. “I need to get dinner started and Dean has an early bedtime tonight.” Castiel called through the door. “Pups? In here, please.”

Castiel waited until the two were in room. Sam thought they might be a little dejected? But no, Dean was in full sass mode.

“Can’t count to 30 now, alpha?”

“You’re right, Dean. I do have trouble. After you help Gabriel settle into the guest bedroom, please lay the paddle on the bed. We’ll practice counting before bed tonight.”

Dean blanched, but Gabriel attempted to hide a giggle behind his hand.

Castiel eyed the two omegas. “Have you finished with the backchat, Dean?” Silence met the pronouncement, and Castiel softened his voice as he continued. Dean, please go help Gabriel get settled. Then the two of you can have a rest before dinner.”

“What? Why the fuck do I have to-“

“I wasn’t aware that I asked, Dean.”

Sam could see Dean waver until with a deeply unhappy sigh, he grabbed Gabe’s arm.

“C’mon. The rooms all made up, but the sheets are probably gonna clash with your fake tan.”

“I don’t fake tan!” Gabriel’s offended voice trailed after Dean. “This is my natural colour, all gold!”

And Sam could have sworn that that was an ass wiggle at the door… Shaking his head, he expected Cas to be angry, or at the least stern. Instead, a small smile graced his face. Castiel caught Sam’s look.

“What? You thought I would be angry? Despite appearances, those two actually like each other. And now, at least Dean won’t be bored.”

“You really think I don’t know my pup?” Castiel laughed at Sam’s stunned expression.

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