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Chapter 3 | Chapter 5

Sam took a bite of quiche. He chewed thoughtfully, then put his fork down and stared at Castiel.

Dean looked between the two alphas. They were staring at each other, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable or aggressive… and he really wanted to know what was going on. But he was currently on his knees with his chin on Cas’s knee. He sighed deeply but silently. He was hungry. And it was quiche! Cas hated hand feeding him quiche. Should have just let Dean sit at the table. Dean’s mutinous thoughts were interrupted as Cas’s hand came down to pet his head.

“Yes, Sam?”

“You told me couldn’t cook, that you burnt water.” Castiel inclined his head. “But then Dean told me that he loved your cooking.” Castiel send a look to the omega on the floor, who was manfully attempting to control his laughter. “And this quiche is delicious.”

Castiel continued looking at Dean. “Oh he did, did he?” Dean’s shoulders shuddered with the effort to not laugh.

Castiel looked up at the ceiling, leaving his eyes there while answering. “I do burn water. This is a quiche Dean made. It was frozen.” He looked at Sam. “I am fully capable of placing food in the oven for the required period of time.”

Dean couldn’t control himself. His merry laugh filled the room. Sitting back on his heels, he grinned at Castiel. “I said you were a great cook!” He burst out laughing again. By the time he got himself under control, both alphas were looking at him with bemused expressions on their faces. “He’s fucking terrible, Sammy. But he tries so hard! I honestly don’t think he’s ever made anything edible from scratch. Oh god! He set off the fire alarm six times before I just banned him from the kitchen. And it took months before I trusted him to use the oven unsupervised!”

Sam couldn’t help but smile. Dean’s humour was infectious.

“I don’t think Sam really wants to hear about this.” Castiel sounded reproving, but Sam could see the smile in his eye.

“No! I really do!”

“See Cas! He really does! One time he…”

Castiel hauled Dean up onto his lap. “Perhaps I was mistaken Dean,” he said thoughtfully. “I was under the impression that when you were on your knees, at my feet, it was a time for reflecting on what your place is.”

Dean rolled his eyes. Sam was fascinated. Even in his socially progressive group, many omegas chose to kneel at their alphas feet. So it wasn’t unusual. But it always had the feeling of playing. Hell, even Sam and Jess has played around. She would bat her eyelashes, drop to her knees, and suck his cock. All good fun. But this wasn’t playing. Currently light hearted, but not playing. Dean seemed to like being there, and Cas obviously liked him being there…

“Hard to reflect when I’m hungry, Cas.”

Sam hid a grin. He loved this sassy side of Dean. When they hunted together, it was much more serious, had to be, of course. Dean was constantly on alert and, Sam could admit now, constantly in alpha big brother mode. Dean was a great big brother, but even playing a beta must have been stressful…

Castiel coloured slightly. “Quiche was both a poor choice and the only one.”

“Hah! A poor choice indeed! Does that mean I can sit at the table and feed myself?”

Castiel looked like he might agree, but Dean was already off wriggling off his lap, ready to grab a plate and cutlery from the kitchen. Castiel’s brow darkened.


It wasn’t any louder, but fuck it packed a punch! Sam watched as Dean stopped immediately, and turned to face his alpha.


Castiel sighed. “Come here, sweetheart.”

It was Dean’s turn to frown. “I’m hungry Cas. I just want to go and get…”

Dean broke off as Castiel went to stand. Dean seemed to levitate across the room, coming to rest in front of Castiel’s seat.


Dean just stared.

“Knees.” Castiel repeated.

“Why?!” Dean practically whined. Sam thought it might be because he wasn’t getting his own way. If he thought about it, while they were on the road, Dean got his way a lot. Sam snorted to himself. Alphas naturally wanted omegas to feel good, even ones you weren’t mated too. Family omegas were often spoilt rotten. His body had apparently known Dean was an omega, well before his head. Cossetting the little omega without even realising it. Sam felt a momentary pang of sadness. He wished he could have spoilt Dean as a young omega…

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Dean get ready to argue again. Wow. Dean was crazy. There was seriously no other choice. Living as a beta had messed up with his survival instincts. Sam was pretty sure that if he was in front of the older alpha, and had that look trained on him, he would have dropped to his knees already!

“Dean. Who is the alpha?”

Dean’s eyes flicked to Sam and Sam couldn’t stop himself looking away. Dean’s mouth firmed as Sam applied himself to his meal, as quietly and unobtrusively as possible.


Castiel sighed. Slowly and with deliberate movements he pushed his chair back. He settled himself comfortably, then patted his knee.

“Cas!” Dean went to back away, but the alpha was quick. Castiel easily caught Dean’s wrist, pulling him forward and over his lap. Castiel’s expression grew momentarily appreciative as he rubbed slow circles over Dean’s perfectly displayed ass. His voice, however, was stern and calm.

“I’m sorry Dean. This is my fault. I thought to ease you back into house rules, to give you a little freedom on your first night at home. But I see how confusing that must be.” Dean went to interrupt. Castiel laid a firm flurry of swats on Dean’s ass. This however, failed to silence Dean, who had continued with his litany of complaints. “Do not interrupt me Dean. Your behaviour only proves my point. I have been lax. I told you I would be enforcing all the rules, and then I allowed you some leeway.” Castiel’s voice dropped ominously. “That will not be happening again.”

Castiel punctuated his words with firm spanks to Dean’s behind. Sam had to wonder at himself: here was was, unconcernedly eating his (really rather delicious) quiche, the sound of Castiel’s hand on Dean’s behind a regular background beat. He hadn’t even been the presence of the mated couple for 24 hours, and he was already used to Dean being spanked. He wasn’t sure how that reflected on any of them.

A few more well-placed smacks and Dean’s complaints had all but dried up. Castiel proceeded to rub slow, soothing circles on Dean’s ass. Looking up, he caught Sam’s eye. “Dean knows that ‘all the rules’ means all the rules. That means I expect obedience, and I punish transgressions. All transgressions,” He added pointedly to Dean, he gave an answering sniff. Castiel sighed. “I had hoped to make it through dinner without needing to put you over my lap.”

Dean had a quick recovery time, as he well able to sass his alpha. “Don’t think you actually needed to do that Cas.”

Castiel just laughed, before patting Dean’s ass lightly. “Let’s see how sassy you are after tonight’s bedtime spanking. But before then… I think I have a mouthy little pup to remind to be polite.”

Dean tensed. He had obviously forgotten (or at least purposefully put out of his mind) Castiel’s earlier promise. So had Sam… but he was pretty sure he would have remembered if it had been his ass in the firing line!

Castiel was firm. “Best behaviour for the next few months Dean. You lie to me and run away, you pay the price.” And with that he started peppering Dean’s ass and thighs with firm swats. It was fascinating to see how Dean attempted to remain stoic but it took no time at all for Dean’s ass to be once more glowing cherry red, as he sobbed out apologies and promises to behave.

A final firm swat, and Castiel righted him, pulling Dean’s head to his chest, scenting along his neck and holding him close. Dean was a snivelling, apologetic mess, face dripping tears, eyes swollen, and although Sam felt really fucking bad about it, his brother looked beautiful like this. He finally tuned in to what Castiel was murmuring, and had to work extremely hard at not laughing out loud.

“I know sweetheart. I know! You’ll be such a good boy. Until next time. And next time will find you straight over my knee again.” Castiel planted a firm kiss on the top of Dean’s head. “I love you just the way you are, sweetheart. And you can be as defiant as you like because I know how to get naughty pups to behave. Now,” and Castiel patted Dean’s tender rump, ignoring all the complaints. “I’m sure you’re hungry. On your knees, sweetheart”


Dean went down without a complaint, settling quickly and resting his head on Castiel’s knee. Sam looked open mouthed at Castiel, who shook his head slightly. Sam closed his mouth, concentration on his food, all the while watching Castiel and Dean.

He’d never, ever spanked Jess. And he’d never put her on her knees to be fed. Or hand fed her come to think of it. Sure, they’d done the usual whipped cream thing, but this was so different. Intimate, rather than sexual. Dean looked soft. Cuddly. Adoring. Sam blushed at the look he was giving Castiel. His tough as nails older brother. Weirdly happy, satisfied and very well spanked, being hand fed by his alpha. It was a sight he had never even imagined.

And Castiel… watching the way he prepared tasty morsels, looking for Dean’s favourite little things, before bringing his fingers to Dean’s lips. It was frankly erotic, the way Dean’s lips parted, the way he licked and sucked at Castiel’s fingers. Sam shifted uncomfortably. The slight quirk of Castiel’s lips indicated his awareness at Sam’s arousal. Dean – thank fucking Christ! – was totally out of it. He was totally focused on his alpha, his eyes never leaving Castiel.

Sam sat through his embarrassment, all the time wondering if this was something he should have explored with Jess! He let his thoughts roll over him, and sat in the peaceful atmosphere, as Castiel fed Dean, and without even realising it, Sam felt soothed! Castiel was a great guy, but it was Dean who really affected the atmosphere. It seemed that being taken down put Dean in a soft space, and he just exuded contentment and happiness. Which had the follow on effect of relaxing both the alphas. Although dinner proceeded with virtually no conversation, it was one of the most enjoyable meals Sam could remember having. He could totally get used to this…

Eventually the food was gone. Castiel wiped his fingers on the napkin as Dean practically purred, his head resting against Castiel. Castiel studied his fingers, and deeming them clean enough, proceeded to run his fingers through Dean’s hair. “Had enough, sweetheart?”

Dean hummed, and Castiel allowed him to stay there a few minutes. Sam watched as Castiel’s fingers gradually got firmer, until Dean looked up, blinking.

“Ok sweetheart. Go and have a shower for me. Then lay the paddle out on the bed, and present yourself. I expect you to be in position when I get there.”

Despite his languor, Dean attempted some sort of response. Sam bit his lip, hiding his smile. It sounded argumentative. Typical Dean! Castiel, however, leaned down and silenced him with a kiss.

“No arguing.”

Dean’s shoulders slumped, but he got himself upright and headed upstairs.

Castiel cleared his throat.

Dean turned, questions writ large across his face.

“Say good night to Sam, Dean.”

Sam started to say it was ok, but Castiel just held up a hand. Dean sighed, but obediently came back, before wrapping his arms around his brother, rubbing his head underneath Sam’s chin. He cheekily nipped at it, before mumbling, “Night Sammy. Glad you’re here.”

Sam couldn’t help but return the hug. “Love you Dean. See you in the morning.”

Dean glanced at Castiel who nodded, and with a final gentle head butt to Sam’s jaw made his way upstairs.

Sam waited until he was sure Dean was out of earshot before turning on Castiel, who raised an eyebrow.

“Problem, Sam?”


Sam looked at him from furrowed brows. He wasn’t quite sure what to say. On the one hand seeing Dean go from being confrontational to positively boneless was amazing. And Dean had obviously liked it, the way he smelt of satisfaction and simple happiness. And no was it faked. He couldn’t imagine Castiel was letting him use any scent products – either enhancing or diminishing. Initially, Sam had wanted to talk about some of those traditional things, just to understand it more. It seemed like there was some good in these traditionalist attitudes, because he could see that his almost-alpha-omega-brother was… well, he radiated the sort of emotions any alpha would want their omega to be radiating.

And then Dean had been sent upstairs to wait to be punished. Paddled. The image of his brother sobbing over Castiel’s lap was strong in his mind. He hated knowing it was going to happen. It wasn’t fair…

Sam must have been telegraphing his emotions, as Castiel’s voice cut through his thoughts. “This is about the paddle?”

Sam inclined his head somewhat sulkily. Castiel just returned the look with a fond smile that made Sam blush. That was the sort of indulgent smile he gave Dean - his omega. It seemed wrong that Castiel should direct it at Sam, an alpha.

“I’m not going to paddle him every day.” Castiel’s smile broadened, before his expression turned more serious. “But this is his first day back under my roof. He ran from me Sam. He is my bonded mate. He agreed to my hand guiding him. But instead of coming to me and talking about things – about how he worried for you, for his father – he chose to leave. He left without informing me. He lied, and stole, and made damn sure to cover his tracks so I couldn’t follow. He changed his number, and I know damn well he committed acts of violence. I looked at his arrest sheet. And he went looking for his father. All things I have forbidden. On top of that, since I collected him, Dean has been disobedient, and pushed every boundary he possibly could. We have rules Sam. Rules I expect Dean to follow. Rules that Dean knows have consequences if he doesn’t follow. This is something we agreed early on in our relationship. Today you’ve seen some of those consequences.” Castiel paused, running a tired hand over his face. “However, I believe that Dean has managed to beat his personal best for number of spankings received in a day. I do hope that he makes no further efforts to improve his personal best.”

Looking thoughtful, Castiel stood and started to clear the table. “Dean has just spent some considerable time out there in the wider world. He has been acting as though he has no restrictions, and he was presented as a beta. Neither of these things are true. I am strict, Sam. I believe in traditional roles, and I believe that Dean needs it. He has some incredibly self-destructive tendencies,” Sam couldn’t help nodding in agreement. “We have guidelines – which we both had input into - about what constitutes acceptable behaviour, and what punishment can be expected should he choose not to adhere to the rules.” Castiel laughed. “Although you would be right in thinking they are my rules, even if they have Dean’s approval. I don’t always demand complete obedience, Sam, but after having my pup playing fast and loose for six months? He is going to be on an incredibly short leash. I am going to be sticking to the letter of our arrangement, which covers both good and bad behaviour. I will reward the good, and I will punish each infraction.” Castiel paused in his dish stacking. “Some of these things you may think are silly, but right now? Dean needs me to reaffirm our roles: That I am the alpha, and he is the omega.” Castiel sent Sam a rueful look. “And honestly? I need the reaffirmation as well.”

Sam nodded slowly. He kind of got it. He would never have done such a thing with Jess… but then again, Jess would never have run away. But what if she had? What would Sam have done? Jess and Sam had been equals, she could have just left if she wanted. Sam still would have been distraught though.

Castiel moved to the kitchen, leaving Sam with his thoughts. Which turned to Castiel and Dean. So far, Castiel seemed to be good for Dean. Sam could see that. The alpha obviously adored his brother. Even if he had ways of showing it that Sam didn’t understand. Thinking back to the way they met, Castiel obviously had Dean’s best interests at heart. He had treated Dean gallantly, and with respect. Had trusted him to make his own decisions. And that was where Sam got confused. Because now Dean didn’t really get to make his own decisions. Sure, Castiel was a traditional alpha, but no way in hell was Dean a traditional omega!

“I thought that you’d get Dean to do all the housework.”

Castiel paused, considering. “Dean is an excellent cook. So he does the cooking. When I am at the office, Dean does more of the housework, as he is home most of the day.”

“Dean doesn’t have a job?” Sam was surprised. Hunting didn’t leave much time for a regular job, and being on the move made it harder. But when they had stopped for any length of time, Dean had always found a legitimate job, so they had legitimate money.


Sam’s eyes widened. He hadn’t given any thought to what Dean did all day – after all, when he contacted his brother originally, he believed him to be hunting - he still hadn’t expected Castiel’s flat response. He probably should have. People knew traditional omegas didn’t work outside the home.

Much to his surprise, Sam was ok with the spanking. He knew it would happen. That was the bit that titillated the broader community. Sam could remember being at parties which had gotten rowdy, and some omega ended up getting a few taps over their alphas knee. Sam had joined in the teasing the ‘traditional’ couple. Of course the reality was different. So far, Dean seemed to be constantly over Cas’s knee. Getting more than just a few taps. And Sam was weirdly ok with. In all honesty, he was more uncomfortable with how quickly he had become ok with Dean being spanked. He still had doubts about the paddle… but being spanked suited Dean. He was soft and pliant and cuddly and satisfied. And a teary Dean sent all his protective instincts into overdrive.

But this! To not allow Dean to work? It seemed so wrong. This, more than anything Sam had yet witnessed, drove home how different things were for his highly independent brother. Castiel had taken that away…

Some of what he was feeling must have shown in his face, as Cas returned to the table, seating himself opposite Sam. He regarded Sam with a serious expression.

“Dean is independent. He is also mine. He was well aware before we bonded that he would not be allowed to work. My mate was always going to be a house omega. Dean makes my house a home, Sam. I will not have his attention taken away by something like a job, when his sole responsibility is to make me happy.”

Castiel stood. “I am sure you have much to think about. And I am happy to talk further with you. But later. For now, I have a naughty pup to paddle.”

Chapter 3 | Chapter 5


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