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Dean waking up was perhaps one the cutest things Sam had seen.

He took his time. Sam almost cried then and there. That Dean felt safe enough to take his time was… well, it was something Sam had never imagined. Sam eyed his brother, fascinated. Mewling and grumbling, then stretching and blinking. Castiel just kept petting him, and he turned into the touch. It was like watching a kitten. Sam had always liked kittens… He wondered if this is what Dean had been like before. Before what? Before he had been forced to look after Sam? To play the alpha he wasn’t?

Sam’s thoughts kept him occupied until Dean have finally woken up enough to sit up, although he still blinked sleepily on Castiel’s lap. Castiel was stroking his back.

“Back with us, sleepy head?”

Sam could see the moment the word penetrated: us. He stiffened, and went to slide of Castiel’s lap. But the alpha was having none of it, an arm quickly secured about his waist.

“Is there any reason you are leaving my lap, Dean? Do you have somewhere else to be? Anything important to do?”

Sam watched, fascinated, as his brother worked through potential responses. He could see them being considered and discarded, before he finally slumped back against Castiel sighed, replying, “Not really. I just don’t wanna sit here naked in front of Sammy.”

Despite Dean being in front of him, Sam had actually forgotten that Dean was naked. But now that Dean had mentioned it, Sam flushed with embarrassment. And then wondered why. Even in Sam’s liberal circles, it was completely normal for omegas to be completed or mostly naked. Alphas engaged in sexual activity with their omegas all the time, whether there was company or not. He’d spent many a nice evening with friends, with Jess on his lap, perhaps knotted, perhaps not. Maybe… maybe this is part of what Castiel meant, about Dad and the abuse? Maybe Dean hadn’t been around any healthy relationships? Their father was certainly no poster child for that. Sam felt a little swell of something (pride?) at the thought of how he could help look after his omega brother, help show him that there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

“Dean, it’s ok you know.”

Dean stopped wiggling and turned to stare at Sam. “What’re you talking about Sammy? There is nothing ok with being buck naked in front of you. And I am definitely not having sex in front of you!” He quickly turned back to Castiel though. “It’s that I don’t want to have sex with you, Cas – I do! – but Sammy… my baby brother…” Dean’s whole body expressed his discomfort with the very idea.

“I used to fuck Jess in front of people.”

Sam had offered it casually, but then couldn’t help laughing at Dean’s horrified expression. Inside though, he was distressed. Dean should know this. Dean should know how natural it was. And why did it worry him? When they were growing up, Sam had often been forced to pretend to sleep when Dean had brought home a beta girl to fuck.

“Omegas are often naked, except for their collars. At home, at work, at school. Alpha’s are always fucking their omegas. Seriously! Even some of my classmates would have their omegas on their knots for a long lecture.” Sam chuckled. “The more boring the lecture, the more tied couples you would see.”

Dean didn’t look convinced. If anything he looked more horrified. He twisted on Castiel’s lap, obviously about to argue more, when Castiel just silenced him with a kiss.

“Not something you can argue with sweetheart. And right now probably isn’t the best time.” He glanced at his watch. “Luckily for you we need to eat. Do you want to show Sam his room while I cook dinner?”

Despite the argumentative look on his face, Dean’s ass was probably sore enough that he wasn’t going to argue. Noticing Sam looking at his ass, Dean made a face, before starting with, “So, Cas…”

“No, Dean.”

It was very firm.

But Dean was very stubborn.

“You don’t even know what I’m going to ask.”

Castiel pushed Dean up off his lap, with a firm hand to his red bottom, before pulling himself up as well. He then took Dean by the shoulders, and marched him to Sam.

“You are going to go show your brother his room. You are not going to complain about being naked. Naked – as Sam has indicated – is a perfectly natural state for an omega. But if you think your bottom is up for a continuation of this discussion…”

Castiel let his words trail off. Poor Dean! Stuck between his stubborn need to have the last word and get his own way, and his equally stubborn alpha. Sam shook his head, and decided to help his brother out.

“Come on Dean, show me where I’m going to be living.”

It hurt Sam’s heart, seeing the way Dean lit up at that.

“Fine,” he said, walking towards the steps. He was physically incapable of stopping himself from throwing over his shoulder, “but if you think this is the end of the discussion Cas, you are so wrong.”

Dean moved like lightening, as Castiel took a step towards the stairs. “And I think we should talk about equality.” Now Dean was out of sight, his voice drifting down. “If it’s natural for omegas to be naked, it’s natural for alphas to be naked too.”

Sam and Castiel looked at each other, before Sam burst out laughing. Castiel’s lips gave an amused twitch. “I supposed Sunday could be naked day in the Novak-Winchester household.”


While Dean had hurried up the stairs, Sam followed much more slowly. When they’d come in, he and Castiel had gone straight to the kitchen. So now he took his time, looking around. There was so much to see! The first thing that struck him was the art on the walls – charcoals, and pencil sketches, as well as framed photographs. He had to stop and look at these. The photos were all of Cas and Dean. One was obviously their commitment ceremony. Sam was torn between cooing and laughing. His tough, aggressive big brother was flushed (probably with embarrassment. Poor Dean!) and sitting on Cas’s lap. Cas looked fine, but Dean… he was wearing white lacy panties – frilly white lace panties! - and his collar. Cas’s hand was possessively on his neck, looked like he was gripping the collar. It was a perfect picture. White panties. Sam shook his head. Cas was obviously a romantic. There is no way Dean was a virgin. Before he could look too closely at the other pictures, Dean’s voice interrupted.

“Sammy! Hurry up!”

Dean had somehow managed to wedge himself between Sam and the wedding photographs, hands on hips, expression stern. Sam’s lips twitched. That was one he’d obviously learnt from Castiel.

“Coming, Dean. Honestly, you could give me a little bit of time to look around you know. What’s the rush?”

Dean flushed (he did that a lot. Had he always? Sam honestly couldn’t remember), and pretty much dragged him to a room. Pushing him in, he informed Sam he would be back in a minute. Sam closed the door behind Dean, and dropped his bags where he stood. Then he looked around and swore.

Fuck. The room was perfect.

It was full of bookshelves, and there was even a reading nook, set against some of the biggest windows Sam had seen. There were pillows scattered on the window seat, and Sam itched to grab a book and just settle himself down.

Instead he took another step into the room, taking in the soothing colours. This room had art too – more of the same artist who did the charcoal drawings in the hallway. Before he could look too closely, his eyes were drawn to the bed. And what a bed! It was fucking huge. Sam didn’t know why Dean chose a king size bed for a guest bedroom, but he wasn’t about to complain.

There was a tentative knock at the door. Sam couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“You were in here five seconds ago. You don’t have to knock.”

Dean poked his head in the door and looked firm.

“I do. It’s your room, Sam. For as long as you’re here. So… do you do you like it?”

Dean looked incredibly nervous again. Sam just wanted to pull him into his arms for a hug. Then caught himself. Why couldn’t he? Cas said Dean needed the touch, and Sam… Sam wanted to connect with Dean in a way he never knew he wanted. Or needed.

So Sam reached and out, drawing Dean against his chest. Poor Dean’s expression!

“Ugh. Sammy. Enough.”

He just held on tighter. “Nuh uh. Cas said you need hugs. And you know what? I want to give them to you. So you come in my room, we cuddle. That’s the rule.”

Dean gave up struggling quickly, getting back his original question.

“So? Do you like the room?” The question was quiet, almost shy.

Sam could only respond enthusiastically. “Like it? I love it! It’s perfect! Look at the reading nook. Did you know I always wanted one Dean? We never had one, but one house we stayed in for a week... And I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger bed!”

Dean interrupted with a smirk. “Mine and Cas’s is bigger!”

Sam rolled his eyes and kept talking. “I don’t own enough books to fill all the shelves, but I’d love to try! I can’t believe some of this art, Dean! That looks like the house I used to dream about. And… “ He trailed off. “Dean. Cas said you originally got three spaces. The kitchen, your den, and a guest bedroom?”

Dean confirmed with a nod.

“So… was this one of the original three?”

The nod was slower this time, but it came.

“Dean. Dean… Did you design this room for me?”

Dean bit Sam’s arm. Sam pulled Dean in for a tighter hug, hiding his tears in Dean’s hair.

Obviously Dean needed more training, as too soon he was wriggling out of Sam’s arms again. He threw himself on the bed – Sam’s bed! – with a grin.

“Jump on Sammy. It’s memory foam!”


Sam rolled his eyes.

“Do I really need a Dean shape in my memory foam?”

Dean gave Sam his innocent look. “Of course. It’s not like anyone else is going to be in this bed, Sammy.”

Sam shook his head reprovingly, but he wasn’t really complaining. He threw himself down beside Dean, then spread out, throwing an arm and a leg over his brother as he starfished on the bed.

“Fuck, man! Comfiest bed ever!”

Dean just looked smug, and Sam retaliated by pulling him into his arms, and ruffling his hair.

“Gah! Sam, don’t do that!”

But Sam wasn’t going to stop. Never. A cuddly, squirmy omega in his arms made him happy. The fact that it was Dean made it all the better. He and Dean had never had this. Never had a home, or time just to spend being brothers. Sam was going to make the most of every second.

“We’ve been through this! My bedroom, my rules, big brother. You staying or going?”

Dean grumbled softly, but allowed himself to be tucked against Sam’s side. He couldn’t resist complaining though.

“Not a fucking girl, Sammy.”

Sam chose to ignore it, deciding instead to ask what about what was really on his mind.

“I’m surprised you ended up mated to a traditional alpha, Dean.”

Dean tensed, before attempting to misdirect Sam. “Mated is the only way you can go with a traditional alpha, Sammy.”

Sam soothingly stroked his shoulder. Dean would either tell him what had happened, or tell he didn’t want to. The misdirection wasn’t going to work. Dean had no hope of getting out of this conversation, not against a four time champion law school debater – something Sam never thought would come in handy outside of school. “I don’t think it’s bad, Dean. I like Cas. I like him a lot. And it seems like he’s really good for you. At least he hasn’t chained you up and locked you in a room for running away.”

It was meant to be a joke, but Dean started trembling, the scent of fear filling the room. Sam sat up abruptly, pulling Dean up so they were face to face. He tipped Dean’s chin, forcing eye contact.

“He is treating you right, isn’t he Dean? If I’m wrong, if this isn’t working and you’re unhappy or scared, tell me. Fuck the law – you’re my brother, and you come first.”

Dean looked away. Sam allowed it, as Dean was obviously gathering his thoughts rather than avoiding the question. He sighed, and leant his head into Sam’s chest.

“Cas’d never do that, Sam.” Sam could hear Dean smiling. “He made it clear at the start, that if he chained me it would be for his enjoyment, and he wasn’t going to miss a single moment of it. But he wouldn’t chain me up.” Dean sat up and made a face. “What did Cas tell you about how we met?”


Dean’s eyebrows shot skyward. “You didn’t ask?”

Sam couldn’t help laughing. “Of course I asked! Here was my supposedly beta brother, who is actually an omega, mated to a traditional alpha! Of course I wanted to know how you met. But Cas said it was up to you if and when you wanted to share. And Dean?” Sam waited until Dean was looking at him again. “I respect that. I want to know, but if you want to tell me, well, that’s your choice.”

Dean, who had been looking for an excuse to yell at Sam, sort of deflated.

“It’s not a good story, Sammy.”

Sam stroked Dean’s hair again. “That’s ok, Dean. I want to understand what’s going on. And not much from being hunters makes a happy story.”

Dean considered for a moment, then nodded. “Fine. But I don’t want to talk about it ever again.” Sam nodded earnestly. Dean shifted, til he lay between Sam’s legs, his back resting against Sam’s chest. While Dean didn’t want to have to look at Sam, Sam was currently glad Dean wasn’t looking at him, as he couldn’t stop his fond expression. Even though Dean was now ‘out’ as an omega, he still wasn’t good at the ‘chick moments’.


“My suppressants failed on my last hunt with dad.”

“So dad knew you were an omega?”

Dean brayed a bitter laugh. “Knew? He had me on the fucking things when I was twelve.”

Sam frowned. “Twelve? That’s really fucking early to present.”

Dean wriggled uncomfortably. Sam didn’t know if he should pet him or not. He wanted to…

“I hadn’t. We were on a hunt, and some fucking alpha Were had me pinned. Instead of eviscerating me, he started scenting me, and licking me…”

Dean’s voice trailed off. Sam felt anger build inside him.

“Told me how sweet I smelt. That he would keep me until my first heat, then breed me.” Dean shuddered. Sam did too. He could well imagine Dean at twelve facing a full grown Were. “Dad heard.” Dean shrugged. “Sliced the bastard with a silver knife, then beheaded it. Fuck, so much blood. It was all over me. It was…”Once again Dean couldn’t seem to continue. Sam didn’t stop himself from stroking Dean this time. Dean tensed before relaxing into the touch. Sam kept silent, wanting Dean to go on. He eventually took up the story again.

“I was on the ground Sammy, covered in blood and guts and… and dad just looked at me and sneered. ‘Shoulda known you were a bitch’. Then he walked out and left me there. I kinda wanted to leave too, go somewhere else, anywhere away from Dad. He was so fucking angry and ashamed. But I didn’t know where to go. And honestly? I couldn’t leave, Sammy. I couldn’t leave you.”

“After that… after that Dad just ignored me. Well, took me straight to the doctor to get me on suppressants and then except for making sure I always had them, ignored me.”

Dean shrugged. “Not such a big deal really.”

Behind him Sam burned with fury. It was a huge fucking deal. He wanted to find John Winchester and punch his lights out. Instead he took a deep breath and said drily, “Well, I guess that explains why Cas didn’t want you looking for him. Why were you?”

Dean squirmed around until he was facing Sam again. Dean’s expression said Sam was crazy. “Because he’s our dad, Sam. You never leave family behind. You know that.”

There was so much Sam wanted to say, if only he had the words. Dean was ripping his heart out. He gave so much and got nothing – nothing! – in return. It was always Dean who was left behind. Never again, Sam vowed to himself. Never again would Dean be in that position. Sam would never be that person who hurt Dean. And their father! He was worse! Not only had dad left Dean behind, he’d abused him. He knew Dean was an omega and denied him everything. Fuck. Sam couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed. Dad has always praised him. Clapped him on the back, pulled him in for a quick hug. He remembered the celebration when popped his knot. Dad was so fucking proud to have an alpha in the family. And try as he might, he couldn’t remember anything like that for Dean. It was like Dean wasn’t there when dad was around.

Sam sighed deeply. This time he was the one to look away.

“Fuck. I’m so sorry Dean.”

Dean didn’t react so well. “What? What the fuck, Sam? Why are you sorry?”

“I… I should have noticed. Should have realised. How didn’t I? Was I that fucking self-absorbed?”

Fuck. Had Sam done anything right for his brother? Sam wallowed in his guilt, tearing strips off himself until a punch in the shoulder brought him back. Dean was giving him his serious look.

“Sam. I didn’t want you to know. I’m your big brother. It was myjob to protect you. And the fact that you didn’t know? That means I did my job right.”

Dean was still doing ‘his job’, Sam realised. The conversation had started off about how Dean met Cas, and had become about Sam. That Dean was willingly revealing this meant there was worse stuff he was avoiding.

“So how did you meet Cas?” Smooth Sam, real smooth, he berated himself, as Dean flinched, before turning his back and curling up against him.

“Doesn’t really matter. Is it important Sammy? Haven’t we shared enough for one night?”

Sam considered. “Well, yes. It is important. But you don’t have to tell me. Obviously I want to know, but it’s your choice, Dean.”

He could feel Dean mentally struggling. Finally he relaxed, sinking back into Sam before restarting his story. “After you left, Dad left too. Didn’t tell me was leaving, just got back one day and he was gone. Gonna admit Sammy – I was pissed. No note or anything, so I hung around a few days, just in case… After that I just went and found my own hunts. Not like I have any other skills. But a few months after he left, he started texting me, just co-ordinates, which ended up being for hunts. So I did ‘em. I was hunting anyway. Then about a year… yeah, I think about a year later, he actually calls and tells me to meet him in El Paso. Said there was a big vamp nest, big enough that he couldn’t take it out alone.” Dean snorted. “Should have known he didn’t need me. He already had help. What he wanted was bait. We travelled together a couple of weeks. And I didn’t realised he’d switched my suppressants for painkillers. I went into heat. Dad yelled at me, telling me how useless I was, this was why he didn’t bother with omegas. That now I was just a liability and couldn’t keep up. So for my own good,” and Dean spat the words, “He chained me up in the bedroom, and left. He just left.”

If Sam thought he was angry before, it was nothing on how he felt now. His brothers first ever heat, and dad just left him?

Sam must have been speaking out loud, because Dean chuckled darkly, before replying. “Not exactly alone. Not for long. He was hunting an alpha vampire.”

Sam cursed long and loud.


Castiel had come upstairs to tell the boys dinner was ready (after all, if he expected Dean to walk into a room to speak with him, Castiel could only do the same). He was glad he stopped to listen. He knew most of the story, although Dean had glossed over certain aspects. Castiel felt his anger at John Winchester reignite. He wasn’t sure if he ever met the man, that he would be able to prevent himself from killing him. Castiel shook his head, glad that Sam and Dean’s strong emotions were covering his own emotional scent. There was no point thinking on the matter. It could wait. Castiel settled his back against the wall and waited for Dean to continue.


“Apparently dad had lined up other hunters - proper hunters - to take out the nest so they could deal with the alpha when the time was right. Was still fucking scary,” Dean added gruffly.

Sam’s arm tightened without thought. Fuck John Winchester. Just, fuck him. For Dean to admit to being scared, meant he must have been terrified. Just imagining Dean chained up, waiting for the vamp. While he was in heat!

“Sammy! Too tight!”

Sam let his arms loosen fractionally. “What happened next?”

“The usual. But I didn’t get bit.”

That left a lot of things that could have happened, Sam thought darkly.

“And the vamp was beheaded and burnt before he could claim me.” Dean laughed bitterly. “Then the hunters just left. Dad was last. He looked at me and said someone would probably come claim me. I wasn’t his responsibility anymore.”

Dean was trying to keep the tears out of his voice. He must have failed, because Sam was pressing soft kisses to the top of his head, and gently scruffing his neck. Dean felt himself calm, and took a deep breath.

“So there I was, out of my fucking mind with fear, and so fucking horny when the door was kicked in, and there was Cas.” Dean laughed, a real laugh this time. “He stood in the doorway, and with the light behind him, it looked like he had a halo. My avenging angel. He kind of scented the air, and looked right at me. Couldn’t see his expression ‘cos of the light, but I could tell he was really fucking angry… I begged him to undo the chains and fuck me.”

Sam growled. “He took advantage of a heat affected omega?”


Outside, Castiel nodded approvingly. It would be good having another alpha around - Sam would be good for Dean. Both Sam and Castiel wanted to spoil and protect him. With two alphas watching, and more or less sticking to Castiel’s rules, Dean would find it much harder to get himself into trouble. Well, Castiel laughed to himself, stop him getting into danger at any rate. He can’t imagine a time his pup keeps himself out of trouble.


“Hold your horses Sammy! I could’ve taken him down, heat or no heat, once I was out of those damn chains.”

Sam doubted that, but was kind enough not to mention it.

“He unchained me, the found something to wrap me in…”

“Something to wrap you in?” Sam interrupted.

Dean blushed. It would have been cute if Sam hadn’t been so furious. “Dad… ah… stripped me…”

Sam growled, but didn’t interrupt again.

“So Cas wrapped me up and somehow got me back to his hotel, and then proceeded to hold me and feed me and water me.” Dean looked rather annoyed for a moment. “Wouldn’t fuck me though, no matter how much I begged. He was a fucking condescending bastard too, all ‘I’m not going to take advantage of a heat struck omega. Don’t mistake me. I am interested in you, and we will talk when your heat ends. Pompous asshole”

“He did the right thing,” Sam informed Dean sternly. “If he’d done anything else, I’d have to think really fucking seriously about taking you away from here.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Well he didn’t do anything, so luckily you don’t have to think, Sammy. When my heat was over, he washed me down, told me I was the most precious thing he’d even seen, and if I would consent to be his, I would never want for anything.”

“You memorised that Dean?”

Dean blushed. “He said it again at the claiming ceremony. And fucking embarrassing that was! White silk panties, Sam! I had to wear white fucking silk panties. God. I almost didn’t go through with it.”

“Yeah…” Sam was silent for a minute. “And you’re ok with all this? Ok with the traditional aspects?”

Dean hummed. “I guess? I mean, it’s not like I’ve had any real experience with alphas. And he doesn’t beat me like da…”

Dean looked flustered at his slip, and went to roll off the bed. Sam didn’t let him.

“Dad used to beat you?”

Dean winced. “It’s ok, Sammy. These things happen. Anyway, I like Cas. He makes me laugh. He’s a great cook. He’s nice to snuggle with. Of course, it’s embarrassing being like this” Dean gestured at his naked body, but considering the way Dean used to dress, anything less than three layers probably felt naked. “But only when you’re here. Didn’t mind so much when it was mainly me and Cas.” Dean added this gruffly, and Sam’s ears perked up. What was ‘mainly’ me and Cas? “And I dunno… spanking and kneeling… the collar…” Dean ran a finger under his collar. “It’s like I don’t like it, but I like it? I feel pretty ok, most of the time.”

Sam waited for more, but Dean seemed to be finished. After the huge emotional watershed, it was amazing he could get that much out of him. Hopefully at some stage he could get a bit more description out of his brother. For now though, it was ok. Sam kissed the top of Dean’s head.

“Pretty ok sounds good Dean.”

The boys sat in silence for a little, both caught up in their own thoughts. A knock at the door startled them, and Castiel stood in the doorway, expression pleased at the way Dean was cuddled up in Sam’s lap.

“Dinner’s ready, if anyone is hungry.”

Chapter 2 | Chapter 4


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