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Chapter 13 | Chapter 15

Things settled down significantly after the Big Fallout.

Dean stopped ignoring him, and even though Sam thought he and Dean should talk about it (and Sam may have brought out the puppy dog eyes), Dean refused point blank.

“I thought omegas were supposed to do what alphas told them.”

Dean turned a glare and him and flounced out. Rubbing his belly (he should have remembered Dean was very good with the heel of his hand), Sam decided to take heed of the warning, especially since Sam actually enjoyed all the brotherly bonding time. Since Cas was back at work Dean spent a lot of time in Sam’s room, just chatting, or teasing, or snoozing. Even though he felt guilty (because really, shouldn’t he be getting his life back on track?) Sam hoarded each and every moment – he could never have imagined that he and Dean would be like this!

So Sam enjoyed the moment and kept his mouth shut.

Until the very next time his commitment was put to the test.

“What the fuck, Cas? We agreed - you decreed – one week. One fucking week! Then I behaved, so why the fuck is that,” and there was a lot of loathing in one word, “still out?”

That was the shiny red leash, hanging from Dean’s hook in the corner. The striking red accessory had been missing from Dean’s neck that morning, although Sam hadn’t really noticed. Not until his brother exploded.

“Really, Dean? You’re surprised by this? We said that if you behaved it would be one week. Strangely enough, puppy, ignoring me and slamming doors doesn’t count as behaving.”

Dean’s face flushed scarlet. And if Sam wasn’t mistaken that was a bit of foot stamping…

“One fucking time! And it was an accident! My hand slipped – which you would have known if you actually listened to me-“

Sam struggled to keep his snort contained. Of course his hand slipped. Just like Sam’s door had been caught by a mysterious wind. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as silent as needed.

Dean took the chance to stop glaring at his alpha, turning furious eyes on his brother. “You have a problem, Sam? Because I can tell you that your input is not welcome.”

“Dean.” Castiel’s voice was sharp. “You are entitled to be angry with Sam, however, I would appreciate it if we could finish our discussion before yo-“

“Finish this, Cas!” And Dean unhooked his leash and threw it on the ground.

The silence was deafening.

When he could breathe again, Sam took a quick peek at Castiel’s face, which had gone from quietly placid to furious. The alphas eyes were an angry red, and s glance at Dean showed the omega had quickly realised the errors of his way.

Knowing exactly how this was going, Sam left with Dean’s stuttered apologies and explanations ringing in his ears. While Sam was leaving the pair to deal with it, he couldn’t stop his mind going over how fucking upset his brother was with the leash. That had been an extremely negative reaction… so why the fuck was Cas still keeping on with this leash business?

Deciding he’d need to say something, he almost changed his mind when he returned a teary Dean was curled up again on Cas’s lap, disagreement seemingly forgotten. Castiel idly played with the leash, pulling Dean up for the occasional kiss, smiling softly, as Dean blushed and whined prettily.

That part was sickly sweet. Sam may have gagged slightly when he sat back down. But he was still going to talk to Cas, because that had been a huge fucking upset from his brother.

“Got a fucking problem, Samantha?”

Rapidly shaking his head, Sam denied it immediately, although Cas was quick to spank Dean’s red ass with the end of the leash.

It was Sam’s turn to flush bright red, because although yes, he totally had a problem, but that was also really fucking hot.

While Dean whined at his alpha, Sam reflected on the tenuous nature of the ceasefire with Dean.

Things were still so precarious: one word out of place, and Sam would be back to the doghouse, ignored until God knows when! So although Sam had a huge problem, he wouldn’t tell Dean. And he’d almost decided to let it pass… but he couldn’t. Dean had been so upset about the leash… and if it made Dean that upset, surely it couldn’t be a good thing? Surely Cas should be listening to his brother, rather than… than handing on decrees from on high?!

Stewing on it for a few days, Sam waited until Dean was busy before barging into the alpha’s office to “talk” again. Of course he should have waited even longer, let the flush of righteous indignation and confusion die down. Instead of discussing it like a reasonable person, he was all apologetic confrontation.

And just laughed at him.

“It’s fine, Sam. I much prefer this,” and he gestured expansively at Sam, “to my petulant pup after you’ve chosen to speak with him. I am always here to listen.”

Sam would have grinned if he hadn’t been so worked up. Cas said that every time. Instead of getting angry and kicking him out of the house (which another alpha Sam knew would have – and had – done for much less), Cas listened and responded with calmness and clarity. He listened to Sam’s concerns so often that Sam was embarrassed by how much he’d pushed about the same freaking things!

But he still couldn’t help himself. Despite his best fucking intentions to live and let live, he couldn’t fucking help himself. His stubborn alpha nature, perhaps? The way… the way he thought he knew what was best to Dean? Wincing, Sam turned his attention back to Cas. That was something he definitely needed to think about.

“It’s just… it’s not right Cas.”

How the other alpha managed to not roll his eyes, Sam would never know.

“Dean chose this, Sam.” Castiel patiently explained. “Both Dean and I choose this. I like looking after Dean. Dean likes knowing I will guide him, and he likes knowing there are consistent responses to his conduct. If he mouths off? He gets sent to the corner to think about how we talk to each other. If he has a tantrum – and you can’t tell me that wasn’t a tantrum, Sam - I remind of how polite puppy’s behave, and then we both feel better.”

Sam couldn’t really disagree. That had definitely been a tantrum. And he’d even felt the calm after Dean had been spanked and cuddled.

“It works for us both, Sam. We have rules, Dean steps out of line and then he gets pulled over my lap and reminded of who is in charge. And sometimes…” Castiel’s eyes grew unfocused, and a small smile crossed his lips. “Sometimes I spank him because he needs it. Not because he’s been naughty, just because he needs it. If I don’t, he starts getting ridiculous ideas like I don’t want him, and he should leave to take up hunting again. Neither of which is true, Sam.”

Sam knew that. Even on the worst days when he couldn’t figure the pair out, he knew that they were disgustingly in love with each other.

“I love your brother, and I give him what he needs. I give him love, and structure, and guidelines and repercussions. Of course it is not a one way street. I…”

The older alpha paused, and stared off into the distance. “I need to look after him, protect him. And most of the time, I am protecting him from himself. I keep saying, Sam. You don’t need to understand, but you do need to accept.”

Sam nodded shortly. It wasn’t like he disagreed. It just still all felt wrong. Which meant that maybe the problem was actually Sam?

In his more… self-aware moments, Sam could admit his feelings probably came from guilt and not just his discomfort with the traditional arrangements. Guilt that Dean had to live a lie for all those years, guilt that he’d been harmed and mistreated, and guilt that Sam hadn’t even noticed. Sam was a terrible alpha and was now hell-bent on making up for it by making completely sure that Dean was ok.

Sam’s timing fucking sucked, because Dean was happy. There was a lightness, a sweetness that he couldn’t remember seeing – although whether that was due to the presence of Cas, or the lack of John, Sam wasn’t sure.

God, what was wrong with Sam? What he was bad as John? Cas? Maybe he should just leave…

“And I’m not going to throw you out, or whatever other dramatic thing you are imagining. Honestly, you Winchesters are just drama queens.” Sam was pretty sure he wasn’t meant to hear that bit.

“This is your home, Sam. And as wonderful as it is discussing how much your brother likes having me warm his delightful butt…”

That was Cas politely showing him the door, but he couldn’t leave yet! He hadn’t said what he wanted!

“Dean doesn’t like being on a leash!”

There. That was good. Simple and straight forward and he was being a good, protective brother. So what if he and Cas had had this conversation a million times? It had never been resolved to Sam’s satisfaction…

Instead of the expected ‘Dean doesn’t hate the leash’, or ‘Dean understands what the rules are’, Cas brought something new to the table.

“Is the problem Dean doesn’t like the leash, or you don’t like the leash.”

And wasn’t that the million dollar question? It was not something he was willing to consider at the moment, so Sam continued the attack.

“I don’t like it when Dean’s unhappy!”

Sam could hear the defensiveness in his tone even before Castiel pinned him with a look. It was until Sam was fidgeting in his seat that the bastard laughed.

“Sam, surely you aren’t suggesting I like my pup to be unhappy?”

Before Sam could defend himself, Castiel ploughed on. “I think we have established you are not going to like everything we do. I told you right from the start that some of our… lifestyle… was going to make you uncomfortable. It isn’t just ‘kinky sex games’,” and Castiel’s fingers came up to make the quotation marks in the air. “In fact, most of what I do with your brother isn’t the ‘kinky sex games’. It’s an important part of maintaining the balance in our relationship. You say that Dean hates the leash-“

“It’s demeaning!”

There’s another pause. “Sam. You and I… we discussed these things at the start. The sorts of things you may witness, how potentially… challenging… you may find some of it. We’ve even discussed the leash numerous times. “

Yet another pause. What the fuck was Cas trying to say here?

“But if you think you and I have spoken about it a lot, that is nothing compared to the discussions Dean and I have had. We’ve talked my preferences, his preferences, what we are both willing to do and not do. We’ve tried it his way, we’ve settled on my way. And there has been lots of … conversation… negotiation, you might even call it, about what Dean and I want, and what is acceptable.”

Once again Castiel spoke over Sam’s spluttered interruption. “Not just acceptable behaviour, Sam. Not just Dean’s role, but my role.” The alpha paused, fingers drumming against the wooden desk. “There is nothing that Dean and I do that is a surprise to him. Is he comfortable with it all? Absolutely not. But I don’t know if you recall our first conversation?”

Sam frantically turned his mind back to when they first met, but all he could recall is the shock of finding out Dean was an omega who was fucking mated to an alpha, and then Dean being spanked in the cell.

And against the car.

And when they got home.

“I told you that when Dean and I go venture into the ‘real world’, he is on my leash. We haven’t been out yet, have we?” Cas sounded thoughtful. “I guess I should rectify that. We need to do something as a family. I’ll ask Dean what he would like to do.”

Sam was still spluttering. “Out on a leash? But… fuck! Doesn’t he get embarrassed?”

Castiel raised an eyebrow. “You think my pups pink cheeks bother me?”

Well, when he put it that way…

“I realise my relationship with your brother is considered to be outside of the ‘norm’.”

Sam really wished Cas would stop with the quotation marks.

“For now at least. For now, traditional relationships, where the alpha is the head of the household, and the omega is obedient and follows the rules… they are definitely deemed as outside of the ‘norm’. But Dean and I? We don’t care. I’m happy, and Dean likes making me happy. And Dean is happy, because I, in turn, like making Dean happy. Watching Dean become the confident, sassy omega you see today? That brings me great joy, Sam.”

Castiel suddenly managed to look smug whilst not changing expression. “Are there benefits? Of course. I enjoy having your brother over my lap...”

“No, Cas! Please! I don’t need the details!”

Castiel laughed and Sam shifted uncomfortably. He knew he was in the wrong, he just couldn’t help himself. But he also wasn’t up for a discussion on his brothers’ sex life. Trying to think of a way to bring the discussion to an end, he almost missed it when Cas started speaking again.

“Dean doesn’t always know what’s good for him. He was… denied so much, as a pup. Even before he presented. Soon after we mated, I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate, and he said eat pie. Apparently it was something John denied him.” Castiel’s tone was dark, and Sam’s brow lowered in response. Dean had such simple fucking pleasures, and John seemed to get off on denying and hurting his brother. Sam had no idea what he would say if he and John ever met again, but it wouldn’t end prettily.

“So, being a loving mate I took him out and said he could have as much pie as he wanted.” Lips twitched, but before Sam could ask, Castiel continued. “He ate so much pie he had a belly ache for a week.”

It was a scenario Sam could definitely imagine. Dean had always had impulse control problems. Although now Sam realised that was due to their father’s actions and restrictions more than anything. Which made Sam blind and pretty fucking pathetic as far as brothers went.

“Uh, uh, uh. Don’t go feeling guilty, Sam. Dean and I have discovered that guilty feelings are easily dealt with over my lap.”

Laughing at Sam’s affronted expression, Castiel continued. “The point is, experiences like this have affected our relationship. Now Dean wants me to have control. We go out, we have pie, but I say, you can have five pieces, Dean...”

“Five pieces is still a lot.”

Inclining his head, Castiel smiled. “Indeed. I am very indulgent because Dean does like pie. However, it is significantly less than four pies.”

Sam snorted. “That doesn’t sound like like, Cas. That sounds more like love. Pie is probably his favourite thing in the world. After you.” Sam hastily added.

Castiel smiled wider in response. “That is just a simple example of the structure I bring to Dean. We also…”

As Castiel spoke on Sam’s focus wavered. He could imagine Dean being given permission to have something he loved, and just… not stopping. When he thought of it like that, he could see the appeal. For Dean. Sam never wanted anyone to have that control over his life, but maybe… maybe he could kind of understand the satisfaction Cas felt taking care of his omega like that? Would Sam like the same thing? To have his mate, and have them look to him in all things? It was something to consider.

“… well, Sam.”

Sam’s head shot up. That’s right. Cas had been about to reveal dark secrets of some sort.

“Sorry, didn’t hear that.”

Castiel smiled at him. Damn it. Sam was pretty sure the alpha could read him like a book.

“I said, I’m pretty sure Dean likes you better than pie as well, Sam.”

Sam was honest to goodness speechless.

And all sorts of warm and gooey inside.

And more determined than ever not to cause any more trouble between the happy couple. Dean needed no help in that.


Not that his good intentions stopped him thinking. There was a lot to consider, and for the first time Sam was honestly open to the idea that Dean’s relationship was not just ‘kinky sex games ‘ - and fucked if he couldn’t see Cas’s damn finger quotes! - but something that was good for Dean.

In many ways, Sam was a typical alpha: stuck in his ways unless someone could prove he was wrong. And this was even harder. Sam had been so vocally against the relationship – no, not the relationship. Even when he’d been filled with doubts he could see how much happier his brother was.

What was even more confronting was the way he found himself slowly agreeing with the way Cas managed Dean. Not the leash of course. That was still demeaning. But he stubbornly held onto his sinking ship until he woke up on morning to the sad realisation that he didn’t miss anything about his past life.

He’d never wanted to be a hunter, so that wasn’t surprising but… but he’d changed following Jess’s death… he’d been driven. Driven by hate and vengeance, and the need to destroy the demon that had taken his love from him.

But now? His thoughts of Jess were of the good times, tinged with a melancholy sadness that she wasn’t there. It was hard to admit, but Sam was moving on.

And more than that, he was happier and more content than he’d ever dreamed he’d be. Jess was… had been… important. But Dean was right (and he was never telling his brother that. He’d never live it down). He hadn’t been honest with her, and couldn’t imagine a time when he could have been. Jess was… Jess was his fantasy at a normal life.

What he had now was infinitely… better seemed so harsh. But it was a life that had its basis in honesty and trust. Now he had family. He had a brother who (and yeah, Sam could admit how fucking mushy this was), lit up his world. If he left, he’d miss Dean sprawling all over him, glaring at him through tear filled eyes about seeing about stupid mean alphas who didn’t listen, because Dean had been around the block a time or two, and Dean obviously knew better.

In these moments Sam even imagined having his own mate, kneeling at his feet, snuggled in his lap, or ass up over his knee. That was a disturbingly pleasant image… and if he couldn’t yet imagine actually spanking his brother? Well, that was a thought for another day.

Chapter 13 | Chapter 15
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