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What's been going on for the duck? Not a lot.

Still looking for work, although I am feeling more hopeful on that front, and I am also applying for some volunteer positions (there's an interesting one in East Timor, and I am going to go through the AusAid website and see what else a) suits my current skills but b) could expand them) and I am also applying for a few masters degrees,so we shall see, we shall see :)

For those not on my fb, I came across this writing comp and it is a ficlet comp with a MASSIVE first prize. Last year 35,000 people entered, so I don't feel like sharing it is going to affect my chances XD (I mean, I would share anyway, but I found that amusing).

One of my sisters comes on Wednesday for a month long visit. I am sure it will be fine: interesting punctuated with Extreme Stress. She's super bossy at the moment for some reason, so that will be interesting.

I also got her to join my GISHWHES team, so I have two sisters on my team this year, and 4 friends in total!~

... I mean 4 people I know, cos most of my teammates are my friends <3

Still struggling to focus on writing, and while I got my TFWBB draft in, there is still WRITING today. Posting doesn't start until september, so there is time... but I would really like to get it done. At the moment I dont' know if it is good or not, I need to finish to see.

I'm not writing that much full stop! the last thing I posted was my spn_j2_bb fic. I was going to stay up and write... but basically I need to get my butt out of bed earlier so my brain switches on earlier. Also, at night I am all... if I go to bed now, I might have a snuggle dog to sleep with. I am so easily influenced by dogs.

so yeah. things are tripping along rather nicely.

I hope everyone is doing well <3
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I am having a bad day.

actually, it's not really a bad day, it's more like the culmination of bad months.

I'm just in such a negative headspace, and my upset/angry/frustrated thoughts are just spiralling around.

it makes sense, I know. Mum's health issues. Dad's health issues. My employment issues. I feel like I have no support, and while that isn't exactly true, the feelings are very real.

So I am just... angry. Angry frustrated sad. And I don't want to feel like this, but I also am really struggling with how to kick the crankyness. I'm in a mental/physical/emotional rut, and I keep thinking oh yeah. I'm home! I could start eating healthy. or start exercising. I could improve my drawing skills, or maybe work on Japanese all these things and I end up doing none of them. NONE.

but yeah. I am not in a great space, and I am not being very effective at pushing myself out of it. I am hoping that the sunny weather will help (I hope it's sunny. today was the first day with sunshine in two weeks)


Jun. 8th, 2017 11:10 pm
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Ok. wow. I am the worst at this!

- mum has been in and out of hospital. Her stay ended up being a week longer than expected, but she's home, she's tired and sore, but healing really well. She has an appointment with her oncologist next week because, yeah, more chemo (at the moment we are thinking 6 months, but we will know more soon). The radiation worked, but not enough. The best news though, is she got the ileostomy, which is reversible... there was a high chance she would wake with a permanent colostomy, so this is something to celebrate too.

- tis my birthday today! I went out for brunch, and I'm doing a water colour workshop saturday evening, and I'm having an afternoon tea party on Sunday. So that will be charming and lovely. I was going to do a traditional afternoon course, but decided to go things that were a) easy and b) more mum's diet friendly. So I'm making mini pavs, vanilla cupcakes (and I'll try a new icing technique I saw on youtube!), cheese triangles, and egg and lettuce sandwiches. And of course tea. I also got some after dinner mints in case folks wanted chocolate.

- butttt.. I forgot to buy tea. (well, tea leaves, you need leaf tea for a tea party. It's like a rule, and if it's not, I just made it one)

- still no job, but I'm feeling more positive. I saw a few in the local area that I liked, and that is a good start :)

Uh... so things are hopeful! mum is home, I had a nice day, and yeah. I hope you are all well, as well <3
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Oh hello. Life hasn't been busy, and yet I've had no time. I've mainly got on here to whine recently (although if you follow me on tumblr, note that I do do a daily list of things that I am grateful for!), but since I whine here, I'll make a happier list.

- I love it when my dog comes and lies on me. There's so much trust there. Of course it's a wintery thing, she snuggles in the cooler months, and it just... yeah. It makes me feel like I might be a good person :)
- Eurovision party was a success and so much fun! Good food, moderately ok songs (although wtf? Portugal wasn't even in my top 10!), and just a lot of fun
- got an artist for my spnbb and we've made contact! Since the reveals are out, I can tell you what it's called: The Many Bitchfaces of Sam Winchester. (it was meant to be hilarious, but it it's not... canon is just so angsty!)
- mum and I are going to sign up to do a felted slipper workshop on the weekend. I'm excited!
- I've been reading lots of interesting fic recently. All sorts of ships, all sorts of things. I've noticed that I've started veering more towards erotic and gen, rather than smut. In my writing too. sex scenes are getting hard... although I still need to write my fic for the smpc.

there's actually more, but it's nice to start a list of nice things :)
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Mum had a follow up procedure with the surgeon today. MRI, echocardiogram, and two other things. She'll go see him on Friday (when she's not coming out of anaesthetic) but she'll be having surgery, and 6 months of hospital chemo.

Full on. Distressing. And good to know.

So... I have two days to try and get my spn bang written. The stupid thing? I can and have written 4k in two days I just don't understand where my focus is!!!!
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Just checking out the crossposting feature as much as anything.

Ohhhhh I am starting to feel a little stressed about my spn bang. I am at 14k and I *know* I can get to the minimum word count. But. I don't know how the story ends. I just don't know! It's hugely frustrating and it's kinda canon verse, so at what point to I diverge? should I finish it early? Should I keep going. Ugh. So many questions and not even close to as many answers.

The job hunting is also somewhat disappointing, although I have picked up a day a week for the next 8 weeks, so that is quite nice. The other nice thing about that is I can do the work as slowly or as quickly as I want. I like the idea of doing 2 days a week for 3 weeks instead. More money. And it also means if another job comes up I won't still have this one hanging over my head.

And I am low key depressed, which means I go online shopping, but since I have no money I can't really buy anything and that makes me sadder. Boo. I still bought a mini trampoline though (rebounding is supposed to be good for your health, so I am going to be organised and give that a go).

Tomorrow is a public holiday, so I shall put my time to writing hopefully many words.

also I still haven't finished all the springfling fics, but I will get there!
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I've been slowly, slowly making my way through the springfling fics. And there is a fantastic variety! I don't read RPF, but I have been reading everything else, regardless of the ships/characters, so I have read a couple of wonderful things that I would not have seen! When the reveals are done, I'll make a short rec list :)

Ugghhhh... my smpc fic is due today, already. I am up to the last part, but I am struggling with smut at the moment! I have 3k leading up to the smut in todays fic, and my spnbb which I was sure was going to be wincest is looking like it's gen brochesters. Now don't get my wrong, I am really happy with it, and where it is going. But. It wasn't what I thought I was going to write!

But on that note I really need to get my smpc fic finished.

Oh, Japan!

Jul. 17th, 2016 09:24 pm
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ok, let's see how quickly I can summarise three weeks!

image heavy, under the cut )


Apr. 27th, 2016 11:13 pm
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This is going to be extremely unpopular...

but what the fuck arsehole Wincest shippers?

On tumblr I follow approx 300% more Destiel blogs than Wincest blogs. not because I don't love wincest - I do. tbh I probably like it more than destiel, although I will take wincestiel over them both because I love all of them...

but the hate that spews from what feels like the majority of wincest blogs towards "destihellers" and "destiew" and destiel in general, is sickening in the extreme. And that's not even touching on the personal and vicious hatred towards Misha Collins, an actor that most of these people will never meet, and never know.

People are arseholes.

I'm not saying there aren't dicks who ship Destiel - there obviously are. people are dicks, ships don't make them that way.but the majority of the shit I see is from wincest shippers.

I particularly hate the argument THE SHOW IS ABOUT BROTHERS AND THAT is IT, because for a large number of viewers, it's just not. It's about more than that, and I don't think that one interpretation is better, or more correct, than the other, they are just different, and different ways to enjoy it.

I can generally deal with it better, but I've had a horrible couple of days, and it just rose up and overwhelmed me.

and on that happy note I am going to bed


Apr. 9th, 2016 11:25 am
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LJ is such a closed space. I've always found it really hard to make friends here - people (and groups) often seem unassailable.

But I wonder why it feels that way?

Anyhoo! Today I am heading off to one of the villages for brunch, and I think I'm going to try and write something wincest-y. There was a prompt I really liked in this months kinkmeme... I just don't know if I can write snake!sam having sex with Dean... I could definitely write some snakey!sam cuddles though. I like that.

(I think I watched too much Fruits Basket as a child: it's an anime (and manga) where a family is cursed to get turned into the animals of the zodiac when touched by the opposite sex)


Jan. 2nd, 2016 11:22 am
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so! I did that overview of what I posted, and then I felt terrible as the stats made me so sad ;_;

and then I got my first comment of the year, and it was a passive aggressive ass.

Still. That is ok.

AND since I am not sure [ profile] jj1564 saw it last time:

and now to enjoy the weekend!


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