Apr. 16th, 2017

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I've been slowly, slowly making my way through the springfling fics. And there is a fantastic variety! I don't read RPF, but I have been reading everything else, regardless of the ships/characters, so I have read a couple of wonderful things that I would not have seen! When the reveals are done, I'll make a short rec list :)

Ugghhhh... my smpc fic is due today, already. I am up to the last part, but I am struggling with smut at the moment! I have 3k leading up to the smut in todays fic, and my spnbb which I was sure was going to be wincest is looking like it's gen brochesters. Now don't get my wrong, I am really happy with it, and where it is going. But. It wasn't what I thought I was going to write!

But on that note I really need to get my smpc fic finished.
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Title: I Can See Clearly Now (also available on AO3)
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Rating: M
word count: 3700
Kinks/Warnings: glasses kink, rimming, cock sucking, bunker!fic
Summary: Dean was the sexiest son of a bitch to walk the earth. Sam thought there was nothing that could make his brother sexier than he already was. Sam was wrong.

a/n this is a gift for both @deadmockingbirds1 (who gave me a prompt idea) and a happy birthday for @bendoverandbiteyourgag, who wanted Winchester face fucking. Many MANY thanks to @whataboutthefish for the beta. You are the bestest <3 <3 <3

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