May. 15th, 2017

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Oh hello. Life hasn't been busy, and yet I've had no time. I've mainly got on here to whine recently (although if you follow me on tumblr, note that I do do a daily list of things that I am grateful for!), but since I whine here, I'll make a happier list.

- I love it when my dog comes and lies on me. There's so much trust there. Of course it's a wintery thing, she snuggles in the cooler months, and it just... yeah. It makes me feel like I might be a good person :)
- Eurovision party was a success and so much fun! Good food, moderately ok songs (although wtf? Portugal wasn't even in my top 10!), and just a lot of fun
- got an artist for my spnbb and we've made contact! Since the reveals are out, I can tell you what it's called: The Many Bitchfaces of Sam Winchester. (it was meant to be hilarious, but it it's not... canon is just so angsty!)
- mum and I are going to sign up to do a felted slipper workshop on the weekend. I'm excited!
- I've been reading lots of interesting fic recently. All sorts of ships, all sorts of things. I've noticed that I've started veering more towards erotic and gen, rather than smut. In my writing too. sex scenes are getting hard... although I still need to write my fic for the smpc.

there's actually more, but it's nice to start a list of nice things :)


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