Jun. 8th, 2017


Jun. 8th, 2017 11:10 pm
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Ok. wow. I am the worst at this!

- mum has been in and out of hospital. Her stay ended up being a week longer than expected, but she's home, she's tired and sore, but healing really well. She has an appointment with her oncologist next week because, yeah, more chemo (at the moment we are thinking 6 months, but we will know more soon). The radiation worked, but not enough. The best news though, is she got the ileostomy, which is reversible... there was a high chance she would wake with a permanent colostomy, so this is something to celebrate too.

- tis my birthday today! I went out for brunch, and I'm doing a water colour workshop saturday evening, and I'm having an afternoon tea party on Sunday. So that will be charming and lovely. I was going to do a traditional afternoon course, but decided to go things that were a) easy and b) more mum's diet friendly. So I'm making mini pavs, vanilla cupcakes (and I'll try a new icing technique I saw on youtube!), cheese triangles, and egg and lettuce sandwiches. And of course tea. I also got some after dinner mints in case folks wanted chocolate.

- butttt.. I forgot to buy tea. (well, tea leaves, you need leaf tea for a tea party. It's like a rule, and if it's not, I just made it one)

- still no job, but I'm feeling more positive. I saw a few in the local area that I liked, and that is a good start :)

Uh... so things are hopeful! mum is home, I had a nice day, and yeah. I hope you are all well, as well <3


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