Mar. 23rd, 2017

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I can't even remember what I've said recently, so apologies if there is any repetition.

- we have a car, although I haven't driven it yet. a few things dad said kind of put me off, but I do need to get into it. Just... after it stops raining, because it's a smart car, so as soon as there is no traction it stops going forward, but our driveway is a washout, so there IS NO TRACTION

- we went off grid. Storms came up immediately, and today is the first day in a week there has been blue sky. But we haven't run out of electricity yet.

- I failed at making my 'duck makes something of herself' plan. I'll work on it this week and start when I get back from melbourne (I am going there next thursday with mum, we (and the sisters) are all going to go and see Book of Mormon. I am looking forward to it).

- after a VERY slow start I am working on my spn big bang. (I am signed up for three at the moment. oh! and I am co-modding the team free will big bang, so if folks are interested....) I am now up to 2500 words, which is more than I had yesterday! I am pretty happy with my idea... I am just struggling to get it to work. I might get a beta on this sooner rather than later, because some outside ideas might be pretty damn awesome. But I finally figured out the chapter format, so that helps, I think. I wanted to write something lighter this year, but I don't think it actually is going to be lighter. We'll see, we'll see...

- I have ideas for the other two bangs as well! also so much crack fic I want to write. SO MUCH. I think I have been pretty low, so I am looking to write something more uplifting. but it's hard, when my insides are sad. Which makes sense I guess.

- I finally figured out some of the things to make for my whimsy exchange! Hilariously awesome I think... I hope they turn out as good when I make them as they are in my head!

- I wrote my harry potter fic, and I love it. although it's a bit sad, because I thought it was still an active fandom, and even though pretty much non of my spn friends are into it... I thought it might get a few more comments. I think it's good, anyway.

- I am trying to catch up some of my things from AO3. Just every other day posting something every other day, so as to not overwhelm.

- speaking of overwhelm: I finished This Omega is Mine!!! now that won't mean much to people, but it's the very first story I ever started in the spn fandom. THE VERY FIRST. it took me over 3 years to complete, and it's not even very long (only 20ish-thousand). But it felt pretty good to get it done!

- I still need to make ALL the recipes for the recipe exchange in the next week. (because I go away in a week). I'm making the vegetarian chilli tonight, soaking the raisins for the cookies tonight, and doing the soup and lasagne on the weekend. If anyone is interested, I run it on tumblr, so let me know your username and I will tag you. there is no pressure - cook as much or as little as you like. it's just meant to be fun trying other people things :)

- ummmm.. maybe that is it? I want to do some cleaning today (all the bathrooms, and spend some time on my room), and if I could get to say, 3500 words for this fic, I feel like that would be a good accomplishment (it's sitting at 2.5k now). I've started a new thing - make a list, just one job for every 'working' hour, and if I spend 20min on each task, then things will get done. maybe not completed... but at the moment they aren't even getting done. So now I am off to clean the upstairs toilet :) happy time, happy times XD


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