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Title: Let’s Talk About This
Rating: M
Paring: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Kinks/Warnings: humping, humiliation, coming untouched, d/s, dub con, unhealthy kink negotiation, dom!sam, sub!dean, come eating
Summary: for spn_masquerade prompt: Sam makes Dean rub himself off on the leg of Sam's jeans until he comes. Then Dean has to lick up the mess he's made.

I thought you wanted me to take control )
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Title: To Make a Nest
Pairing: Dean/Everyone, Everyone/Everyone
Characters: Dean, Sam, Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Castiel
Rating: R
Word count approx 8000 (90,000 complete)
Kinks and warnings: Bottom Dean, Top Sam, Top Michael, Top Gabriel, Top Castiel, Top Lucifer, Bottom Lucifer, Wing Kink, Wing oil, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Dean, Alpha Sam, Alpha Gabriel, Alpha Michael, Alpha Castiel, Alpha Lucifer, Mating, Mating Rituals, Claiming, non con, dub con, consensual sex, bodice ripper, Biting, Knotting, group sex, Manhandling, Consent Issues, Restraint, biological imperative, Angel Sam, Angel Dean, Coercion, Kidnapping, alpha alpha love, Slow Build, Mild Angst, Happy Ending, mild slut shaming, Nervous Dean, mild blood play, Comeplay, Barebacking, Orgasm Denial, Bondage, Strength Kink, Grace Bondage, wink grooming, physical bondage, Felching, come dripping, Angel!Au
Summary: For a kinkmeme prompt: Angels mate for life. But angel mates are not necessarily a single pair. Alphas bond with each other, but they don't become a family unit until an omega is part of the nest. Once that happens, the family unit is locked in for eternity.

Sam has met the alphas he wants to spend eternity with. Michael, Lucifer, Castiel and Gabriel are already pretty set, but they always knew they were missing someone, as well as the special omega to make them all a nest. They have been wooing Sam, but he doesn't want to leave his beta brother. Alpha nests can't support beta's. This has been distressing for all the alphas. They take Sam at his word, that his brother is a beta, and while they continue upon their courtship, they all know it will end in pain: Sam won't leave Dean.

Then they discovers the beautiful green eyed omega...

a/n In the beginning, this work is uncomfortably non consensual. However, this is not a rape fic. When there is sex, Dean consents to everything that happens. I would label this as dub con becoming con.

a/n2: wow! I have been writing this since March. It's been a huge undertaking, as I re-read it I see things I want to change. And maybe I will go back and fix them up. One day. For now though, just enjoy the joy that is To Make a Nest.

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Sam woke with a start. )


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