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I wrote a Harry Potter fic (The Cat with the Stars in Her Eyes) which I may or may not post here, but I dont' actually know how to embed art without putting it here first so... here we are :)

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the incredibly talented [ profile] fridayblues did art for my little bunker fic, How Does Your Garden Grow, as part of the [ profile] quicky_bang. SO. FREAKING. THRILLED.


go here to shower them with praise!
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Before I forget... [ profile] milly_gal organised an art exchange a few months ago. I got...prompts... I guess! A wonderful set of prompts from luminations.

here is what I made )

here are my sketches )

it was a lot of fun, although I think I was a little too not careful with the timing XD
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I picked up a second story in the Kinky Bigbang: Octopus, Inc. but mayalaen.

summmary: Gabriel and his family have been through a lot in their lives, but they picked themselves up and moved on with the help of Cain, a friend who owns Octopus, Inc. and took them under his wing, helping them become tattoo artists in their own right and acting as a father figure after their parents died.

They make a new normal for themselves until one day a man named Dean Winchester walks in and changes their lives forever. Gabriel tries to ignore the way it feels like Dean's been in his life a lot longer than a week or two, and none of them can figure out why Sam Winchester seems equal parts terrified and infatuated with Gabe's sister Jess.


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I was lucky enough to get this cute story in the tumblr Kinky Big Bang! I had a great time with this. It's a sweet little fic, all about the younger brothers :)

You can read the fic here


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I was reading someone's fic, and this is just something I drew for them. Posting it here since I am trying to keep all my stuff in one place. Vaguely NSW.

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I signed up for two pieces in the WIP BB. and this is the art for Finding the Way, a story based on Arthur if the Britons, by Trepkos.

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I signed up to do art for the WIP Bigbang, and unfortunately my author didn't get their fic finished - or a title to me. So this was supposed to be the title for a HP fic. Obviously!


I was going with a photo look )

Ah! also

Feb. 8th, 2015 08:57 pm
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So I don't know if you remember, but I managed a bingo in the spn pairs bingo. And? I came second! well my prize was art for one my fics, A Home with Each Other.

a home with eachother_Art
(original art by [ profile] twisted_slinky here)
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Pairing: Dean/Cas, Sam/Gadreel (minor), Samandriel/Ruby (mentioned)
Rating: G
Kinks and Warnings: Fluff, Hospitals, soulmate!AU, AU, Mild Angst, Soulmates, Depression
Summary: Dean’s getting older and his wrist cuff is still empty. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a soulmate; just that he hasn’t met them. But he doesn’t care about that. He has a full and fulfilling life. Doesn’t he?

a/n: this was for the dean/cas Christmas exchange. I am grateful that my recipient liked it, as I read their prompt incorrectly!


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This is my first art for a bigbang. I haven't drawn in a very long time, and then I was lucky enough to get [ profile] safiyabat's Bread and Circus which absolutely kicked me in the feels, and gave me so many ideas.


more pictures below the cut. There are spoilers. )


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